9 outrageously expensive things owned by Dj Cleo

9 outrageously expensive things owned by Dj Cleo

When you become famous and super-rich, you develop a liking for expensive things. For South Africa’s most popular house and kwaito producer, money might not be an issue. He likes to spend it to buy some ridiculously pricey items. You can be sure that there are several outrageously expensive things owned by Dj Cleo.

Expensive things owned by Dj Cleo
Image: instagram.com, @djcleo1
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From posh cars to expensive shoes to even his watch collection, Dj Cleo knows how to spend his millions to live a luxurious life. Below are some of the most expensive things owned by Dj Cleo 2020.

List of expensive things owned by Dj Cleo

With money, you can have everything you desire. Talk of living in leafy suburbs and cruising in expensive machines, the following are nine things owned by the star:

1. Mansion

The producer has a state-of-the-art mansion in Johannesburg. He was able to purchase this expensive property from the market due to his deep pockets.

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Dj Cleo house has five bedrooms, six washrooms, balconies, a kitchen, an ultra-modern living room, a swimming pool, and quite expensive furniture. Though the real value of the house is unknown, it is reported to be worth several thousand dollars.

2. BMW Z4

Another expensive asset that Tious Cleopas Monyepao, Dj Cleo's full name, owns is the 2020 model of BMW Z4. The car has a powerful engine, a posh cabin, and refined handling.

How much does this luxurious car cost? The 2020 BMW Z4 has a base price of $49,700.

3. Toyota Quest

Expensive things owned by Dj Cleo
Image: instagram.com, @djcleo1
Source: UGC

Dj Cleo won this automobile during a competition in South Africa. When asked about it, the producer said that he had entered the competition by mistake.

He cited how he had played Lotto, Powerball, and lots of competitions since childhood but never won anything before. The car is estimated to be worth R278,600 to R327,300.

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4. Jeep Wrangler

The producer has another classy car in his garage. He probably purchased the Jeep Wrangler for off-road purposes.

The vehicle offers an array of comforts and sophisticated powers that were considered as fiction about five decades ago. Not only does it have niceties such as power-operated windows and air conditioning but also has remote keyless entry.

It can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/hr in 8.5 seconds. The jeep is worth $29,790 in the current car market.

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5. Watch collection

The South African producer loves wearing the best watches. This love has made him purchase lots of them from popular brands.

Though the watches are not necessarily the most expensive in the world, they are worth a few thousand dollars. Some of the watches are from the Raymond Well Genève brand.

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6. Range Rover

This is one of the great cars in Dj Cleo’s car collection. It is powered by a V8 engine that delivers an incredible 376 horsepower.

Its luxurious interior consists of five leather seats, which enhance comfort when traveling long-distance journeys. Its price is estimated to be over $80,000.

7. Mercedes Benz CL 500

The CL-class model of Mercedes Benz does not shout to passers-by like other sports cars. However, it offers luxury, technical advances, comfort, and performance.

This car has nearly everything one needs from an automobile. The car is worth $50,000.

8. Shoe collection

Dj Cleo flosses around in great sneakers and sports shoes from renowned brands. He has been previously spotted in pair of sneakers from Adidas, Nike, and Air Jordan.

9. Audi S8

Cleo’s Audi S8 is estimated to have cost him a whopping $116,875. The car features a state of the art V8 engine and a luxurious interior.

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The automobile has a top speed of 250 Km/hr. It can accelerate from rest to 100 km/hr in 4.2 seconds.

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DJ Cleo songs and record labels

Expensive things owned by Dj Cleo
Image: instagram.com, @djcleo1
Source: UGC

The producer has sung and produced lots of hit songs in South Africa. This has contributed a lot to his fame and net worth. Below is a list of Dj Cleo record labels:

  • Es'khaleni - Will of Steel Productions 2004
  • Es'khaleni Ext. 2 - Will of Steel Productions 2005
  • Es'khaleni Zone 3 - Will of Steel Productions 2006
  • Es'khaleni Phase 4 - Will of Steel Productions 2007
  • Es'khaleni Unit 5 - Will of Steel Productions 2008
  • Es'khaleni 6 - Will of Steel Productions 2009
  • Es'khaleni 7 - Will of Steel Productions 2010

Dj Cleo net worth

Tiou Cleopas is a top producer in South Africa. A good share of his earnings come from his music career. His net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.

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Gone are the days when local producers, celebrities, musicians, and actors used to be broke. Today, most of them live a life of kings and queens, thanks to the changes in the entertainment industry. The above nine expensive things owned by Dj Cleo are but a few ridiculously costly items ever bought by the producer.

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