All you need to know about Dracula Parrot: facts and photos

All you need to know about Dracula Parrot: facts and photos

What comes to your mind at the thought of a parrot? Do you imagine a red, green or blue-coloured bird with a special kind of intelligence that can be kept as a pet? If you were not aware, these birds are more diverse than what you think you know about them. They exist in 393 species, and each one of them exhibits different characteristics. Have you ever heard of the Dracula Parrot? If not, read on for more details.

Dracula parrot wingspan
Psittacines. Photo: kimthestrange
Source: Instagram

The Dracula Parrot would best be described as a massive bird which size from the beak to the tail stretches up to half a metre and weighs close to one kilogram. Its feeding habits contribute its bulky physique as it exclusively feeds on figs. According to researchers, its feeding habits have significantly influenced its semi-bald head. How about reading on for more details about the bird?

The Dracula Parrot

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What is a Dracula Parrot? Dracula Parrots are the primary member of the Psittrichasinae subfamily of the Indian Ocean island parrots. This explains why they are unique, even in their kind. Their distinctive features are their grey and black chests, strokes of bright red feathers and pitch-black beaks.

Dracula Parrot diet

The same way vultures lose their feathers due to feeding on bloody carcasses, and scientists presume that the birds do not have feathers around their eyes and beaks because of their diet. The birds feed on sticky fruits, and the lack of feathers around the eye and beak area is an adaptation such that they avoid their face into a mess.

However, it is interesting that most of the fruit-eating parrots do not have bald headedness. This species feeds on particular species of figs and fruits; this explains why they are immigrant.

Dracula Parrot size

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Dracula parrot flying
Psittacines. Photo: yad_animals
Source: Instagram

Unlike most birds, the Dracula Parrot is a relatively large bird. On average, it weighs between 600g and 800g, although in some cases, it can go up to one kilogram. Lengthwise, from its beak to tail, it stretches up to 50cm. Its big head, bare face and long and hooked beak make it look so much like a vulture, and this reason explains why most people refer it to as vulturine parrot. However, please do not get carried away by the name because it is a non-flesh eating bird.

Interestingly, male and female Dracula Parrots look nearly the same; hence, it is difficult to differentiate them. However, males have a red spot behind their ears, whereas females do not. Unlike other parrots that climb from one branch to another, this parrot moves by jumping, rapidly flapping its wings, and taking short glides.

Dracula Parrot lifespan

This frugivore birds roost in groups, especially in places where they are unhunted. It is not uncommon to find a group of up to ten Dracula Parrots in one tree; they root in groups of not less than two. They nest in large hollow trees and lay one or two eggs at a time. Their lifespan is estimated to be between 20 to 40 years.

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Unfortunately, according to the IUCN's Red List, this rare species of birds has been listed among the most vulnerable animals. Poaching poses as a threat to their existence because of their feathers which are worth a dime. They also face the risk of habitat loss. Their population currently ranges between 20,000 and 50,000.

Buy Dracula parrot

Dracula parrot for sale
Psittacines. Photo: corndog_god12
Source: Instagram

Interestingly, the birds are native to the hill and mountainous rainforest in New Guinea. However, their existence is threatened by poachers, and their numbers keep going down by the day. The IUCN has listed them as a vulnerable species. Therefore, you cannot buy this species of birds.

Frequently asked questions

Have you been thinking about Dracula Parrot price and how you can obtain the bird? If that is the case, you might want to check out the answers to these questions. They will enlighten you more about the highly sought-after bird.

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Can Dracula Parrot be pets?

So, can you own a Dracula Parrot? Certainly not. The International Union for Conservation of Nature has listed the birds as an endangered species that face the threat of extinction. Therefore, it is not legal to buy them or even pet them.

Where can you get a Dracula Parrot?

Before you even think about domesticating these birds, it is prudent to note these species are wild birds. Therefore, they cannot be domesticated. They live in the hilly and mountainous regions of the New Guinea, although they are highly susceptible to poaching and face the risk of extinction.

What does the Dracula Parrot eat?

This species of birds is in most cases referred to as the vulturine parrot. Interestingly, they are fruit-eating birds that feed on a few species of figs and sticky fruits. Their feeding adaptation explains their lack of feathers around the eye and mouth area.

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Can Dracula Parrots talk?

Most people keep pets for companionship, and parrots are the most wonderful pets as they can do more than just be fed and taken care of. Unlike most pets, parrots have the remarkable ability to talk back. This explains why most people prefer this species of birds as pets.

How long can parrots live?

One thing that makes parrots stand out is their long lifespan, which differs from one species to the other. The average lifespan of parrots can vary greatly, from as little as 20-30 years for smaller species, up to 50 years or more for larger species. For instance, the Caiques species can live up to 50 years.

Which is the most beautiful parrot?

The most beautiful species include the sulphur-crested cockatoo, the bronze-winged parrot, the eclectus, dusky, lory and galah. Others include the yellow and blue macaw, the hyacinth macaw, the scarlet macaw and the sun parakeet. Each of these species has distinctive features that make them stand out.

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By now you ought to have learnt a thing or two about the Dracula Parrot, a special kind of birds. You could play your part in ensuring that the species is not extinct by educating those around you about the bird.

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