Nick Evans Saves Frightened Domestic Worker from a Spitting Cobra in Bedroom

Nick Evans Saves Frightened Domestic Worker from a Spitting Cobra in Bedroom

  • South African snake catcher, Nick Evans, once again came to the rescue as he helped a family who had an unwelcome spitting cobra in the home
  • Evans says the Mozambican spitting cobra managed to slither into a bedroom and says he found the dangerous creature exiting the house
  • Many South Africans are now encouraging the snake catcher’s bravery in rescuing the serpent and protecting the family in Malvern

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Famous South African snake catcher Nick Evans recently saved a terrified domestic worker from a Mozambican spitting cobra. The brave snake catcher says the crawling creature slithered into a bedroom of a family in Malvern.

Evans says he met the serpent as it was trying to move out of the house. He explains that the worker was so terrified and even tried to use Jeyes Fluid as a repellent. Evans penned a lengthy post on Facebook, saying dishwashing liquid had to be used to wash the snake.

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He wrote on his social media account:

“This 90cm Mozambique Spitting Cobra slithered into a bedroom yesterday, in Malvern. I suspect to escape the heat. Of course, it wasn't welcome, probably to its surprise! The terrified domestic worker had poured Jeyes Fluid all around the doorway, thinking it would prevent it from exiting. Shame. She was trying to help me I suppose. It didn't work though. Fortunately, I got there just as it was coming out.
“Jeyes Fluid is widely used as a repellent. However, pouring it around the property to keep snakes out is a waste of time. Using it in situations like this also is a waste of time. The snake stank of the stuff, so my friend Andrew Dorning and I gave it a rinse with dishwashing liquid and water. Dishwashing liquid works best at getting it off.”
Nick Evans, Saves, Frightened, Domestic Worker, Cobra
Snake rescuer Nick Evans has saved a family from a spitting cobra. Image: @NickEvans/Facebook
Source: Facebook

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The post reads:

@Zainab Davids said:

“Beautiful, glad to hear the lady and snake are ok. Thank you Nick.”

@Karen Moodley said:

“Thank you for educating us about Jeyes Fluid, glad all went well and the snake was released safely.”

@Vamnessa Nayak said:

“Thanks Nick for the assistance in capturing it. My domestic worker was traumatised as she is petrified of snakes. But all's well that ends well. Thanks again.”

@Heather Fraquhar said:

“Poor snake, if only people would not do things like that, I understand many are scared, surely they realise to call you or someone who helps snakes... Glad snake ok.”

@Marisa Van Der Walt said:

“I live in the Netherlands and tell everyone about our beautiful snakes in South Africa. In a discussion, an Italian person told me that milk with sugar draws snakes... I thought eish, is it true. I never saw a sweet tooth mamba.”

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@Sharlock Da First said:

“I once came face to face with a green mamba as it was coming through the door somewhere in Nelspruit. We both fled in opposite directions. I'm so terrified of these things.”

Nick Evans explains how a big black mamba scared a local family: "A crazy sight"

In a previous post, Briefly News reported that South African snake rescuer Nick Evans has thrilled more reptile lovers after heading online to share a post about how he managed to save another Durban family from a large black mamba that had entered their house via the kitchen.

"Yesterday afternoon, in Reservoir Hills (Durban), a family were in the kitchen going about their day, when they suddenly heard a noise at the front door. They looked up and saw a massive Black Mamba entering the house. I'd imagine this is the worst nightmare for many people," he wrote.

He then went on to explain how after contemplating hitting the snake with a chair, the dad decided that the best thing to do was call Nick who arrived shortly to find that the snake had slithered further into the scared family's home.


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