Silvervale: age, face reveal, real name, songs, merch, profiles, net worth

Silvervale: age, face reveal, real name, songs, merch, profiles, net worth

Silvervale is an American Virtual YouTuber (VTuber). Her character is based on a wolf-girl who embodies a sakura spirit. She is famous on YouTube for her incredible personality and generally good vibes. She has built an entire community, but do we know what Silvervale's real identity is? Get a glimpse at her online persona here!

Silvervale VTuber
The popular VTuber has an impressive social media following of 600k+. Photo: @Oyazuly
Source: Twitter

Silvervale's avatar is a stunning anime wolf girl, but she has done a pretty good job at hiding her true face. So, what is the story behind her avatar Daiya? Find out everything there is to know about her mystical world below.

Silvervale's profile

  • Nickname: Silver
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: August 12th, 1997
  • Silvervale's age: 23
  • Avatar name: Daiya
  • Debut Date: July 30th, 2019
  • Redebut date: November 24th, 2020
  • Character Designer: Jjinomu
  • Affiliation: VShojo
  • Silvervale's twitch: @Silvervale
  • Silvervale's Twitter: @_Silvervale_
  • Discord: Silvervale
  • Business email:
  • Height: 165cm (5'5")
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo

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Silvervale's fictional universe backstory

Aeons ago, on a planet just like Earth, a female deity all alone chose to create a family: a boy (a devil spirit) and a girl (a sakura spirit). The girl's goal was to spread love and joy to the world, but the brother came to destroy it and failed. The sakura spirit imprisoned him in a tree where wolves took shelter many years later. Unfortunately, the dark energy of the demon took over the tree causing the wolves to flee.

The female deity used her remaining strength to fuse with the Wolf spirit after longing for her companions who had left her lonely; she summoned the wind to blow her away to another world. This is the beginning of Daiya.

Is Silvervale a fox or a wolf?
Daiya is a result of the fusion of a sakura and a wolf spirit. Photo: @tenyuukun
Source: Twitter


Silvervale became a virtual YouTuber as a result of her obsession with technology. She became even more in tune with the idea of having a virtual persona after the creation of tech that can track your movements and give you a virtual avatar.

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As she created her Twitch profile, she realised that her username was already taken and instead used the name @X_Silvervale_X. She later changed it to @Siivervale. Unfortunately, her confusing username made it difficult for her fans to find her. Luckily, she made Twitch partners in no time after building her base and at the end of her 2020 birthday stream.


As her following grew, her videos intro evolved. She would begin her live shows with a 2D Gif of her anime character, waiting for more people to join the stream. She would then chat to her viewers against the photorealistic background of her room. In the last minutes of her stream, usually after playing a game live, she would be back talking to the viewers.

In November, she told her fans that she would join VShojo. It is a VTuber agency, and she would be part of its first team. Some other VTubers associated with VShojo include Ironmouse and Projekt Melody.

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In 2021, she advanced her avatar type using ARKit full facial tracking, which ensures it captures her authentic expressions with surgical precision. She also began doing collaborations with her comrades at VShojo as well as her friends and family.

Silvervale's merchandise

Silvervale falls, Silvervale real life
She became very popular that she got her own special on the VShojo highlights on YouTube. Photo: @cutesexyrobutts
Source: Twitter

In 2021, she got her own special on the VShojo highlights YouTube channel, further pushing her into the limelight. She also launched unique merchandise lines that were summer and anniversary-themed at this time.


Silvervale is present on several social media websites and creates consistent content for all of them. As a result, she has a massive following, with more than 600k followers on all the major social media platforms combined.

Live streams

She follows the same routine for a typical live stream. As she waits for the audience to gain numbers, the song Sakura Stroll plays. She will then come in and talk about her day and anything she feels like touching on.

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After the game is done, she will thank whoever she played with and touch on whatever game she played that day. Finally, she thanks the audience for any donations. The streams would typically last from 3 to 5 hours.

YouTube content

What she posts on YouTube is typically clips from her previous live streams, the let's play series with collaborations, MikuMIkuDance music videos, and various announcement videos. The MikuMIkuDance videos are posted once every month, while the let's play videos are posted every three days.

Silvervale's songs

The VTuber branched into music at the start of 2021 when she launched an original, Home. Her next song was a dedication to her mother; she also did a cover of KDA's song More. She also released a lofi album Sakura Beats. She has remixes of some of her streams as well. You can find all her music on Spotify @Silvervale.

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Silvervale real face
She has an impressive music collection on Spotify. Photo: @_silvervale_.
Source: Instagram

Who is the real Silvervale?

Unfortunately, there will be no Silvervale face reveal. She has a plan to never disclose that to the public.

Are Veibae and Silvervale dating?

Veibae is another popular female VTuber just like Silver. Yes, they were dating virtually and even had a virtual wedding ceremony. Sadly, the pair divorced in 2020.

Who made Silvervale's avatar?

The talented Jjinomu made her avatar. Jjinomu is an artist who draws anime characters.

That is everything there is to know about Silvervale, the anime girl who has refused to reveal her true face.

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