Amanda Rosenberg: age, spouse, career, pictures, profiles, net worth

Amanda Rosenberg: age, spouse, career, pictures, profiles, net worth

Celebrity women get into the limelight differently. Some work hard to build a famous brand, write a notable book, or release a hit song. Others are lucky to be born into fame or marry a prominent public figure. But, unfortunately, others find themselves at the center of a media maelstrom after having an affair with a renowned personality. Such is the story of Amanda Rosenberg.

Amanda Rosenberg's bio
Amanda Rosenberg is a former Google executive who used to work in the marketing department. Photo: @ceemeagain
Source: Twitter

Amanda Rosenberg is best known for her love affair with Sergey Brin. The matter shook Google's structure and broke some homes and relationships. Here is everything you need to know about this forbidden romance and the beauty at the center of it all.

Amanda Rosenberg's profile summary

  • Year of birth: 1987
  • Place of birth: Hong Kong
  • Nationality: British
  • Ethnicity: Chinese Jew (Chew)
  • Profession: Comedy Writer
  • Book: That's Mental: Painfully Funny Things That Drive Me Crazy About Being Mentally Ill
  • Famous as: Google Glass's face and Sergey Brin's mistress
  • Husband: Pavel Vodenski
  • Child: 1
  • Gender: Female

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Amanda Rosenberg's bio

Amanda was born in 1987 in Hong Kong. She is yet to reveal the exact date she celebrates her birthday, which is why Amanda Rosenberg's age is still up in the air. Nonetheless, judging from the year, she is believed to be 33 or 34 years old.

What is Amanda Rosenberg's ethnicity? She is a Chinese Jew. Her mother, whose specialty was banking, is Chinese, and her father, an advertising guru, is British. She is yet to reveal more than this about her early life.


Amanda Rosenberg's career
Amanda Rosenberg is popular as the public face behind the Google Glass project. Photo: @jiasming12341
Source: Twitter

Amanda, a Marlborough and Leeds University alumnus, began her career in Google's marketing department in their central office in London. Then, in 2012, she got an offer to transfer to Google's headquarters in California, still in the marketing department.

Excited, she packed her bags and reported for duty. Her impressive work performance saw her quickly rise through the ranks over time. She was soon appointed the public face of Google's project Google Glass.

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Google Glass is a computerized pair of 'smart' spectacles equipped with a camera and internet. Amanda Rosenberg's Google Glass role caught the attention of most tech titans, and soon enough, she found herself interacting with Sergey Brin, one of Google's co-founders.

Sergey Brin and Amanda Rosenberg's affair

After Rosenberg found herself embroiled with Brin, the two became extra close and started an affair. Sergey Brin co-founded Google with Larry Page in 1998 after closing paths at Stanford University.

Google went viral in 2004. Interestingly, at the time of her affair with Brin, Amanda was also romantically involved with another Google employee, a high ranking member of Google's Android team, Huggo Barra.

Barra was in the dark about her love interest's fledgling affair with Sergey. But, since Barra was planning to move to Hong Kong to accept a job with a Chinese cellphone company, he asked Amanda to accompany him.

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Amanda Rosenberg's affair with Sergey Brin
Amanda Rosenberg (L) had an affair with one of Google's co-founders, Sergey Brin. Photo: @DerangedRadio
Source: Twitter

Unfortunately, she turned him down. Even worse, she broke things with him months later. News of their affair surfaced after Brin's then-wife, Anne Wojcicki, found emails between the two that did not sit right with her.

Following the affair, Anne Wojcicki moved out of their home, and they split in 2015. The romance is also said to have caused some problems between the two Google co-founders.

What happened to Amanda Rosenberg?

It seems that the former Google executive switched careers. She is now a comedy writer. In addition, she has published her memoir entitled That's Mental: Painfully Funny Things That Drive Me Crazy About Being Mentally Ill.

In this read, she recalls her psychological breakdown when she worked at Google's headquarters in California. In addition, she details her battle with mental health, an aspect her family has not come to terms with. Even so, she opens more about this in this book.

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Amanda explains that she was an embodiment of success and everything her mother wanted her to be from the outside. However, from the inside, she crumbled and was often scared and confused. The book is very insightful about mental health issues and has, as a result, attracted a large audience.

So, what is Amanda Rosenberg's net worth? Unfortunately, again, this information is unavailable. It is also hard to obtain Amanda Rosenberg's LinkedIn details and Amanda Rosenberg's Instagram handle.

Amanda Rosenberg's book
Amanda Rosenberg has published a book: That's Mental: Painfully Funny Things That Drive Me Crazy About Being Mentally Ill. Photo: @theweekendbooker
Source: Instagram

Is Amanda Rosenberg married?

Yes, she is. Amanda Rosenberg's husband is Pavel Vodenski, a tech guru. He was also a Google employee who worked as a software engineer. He is currently working at X, the Moonshot Factory, as the Tech Lead Manager. The two have been blessed with a daughter and are yet to reveal her name.

Amanda Rosenberg is a former Google executive who is the face of Google Glass. She is known as Sergey Brin's mistress and the cause behind the split of Brin and his wife, Anne. She has switched careers and is currently a comedy writer.

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