The easiest soft roti recipe ever: how to cook, ingredients, video

The easiest soft roti recipe ever: how to cook, ingredients, video

Making the best soft roti depends on the choice of ingredients ratios, cooking technique, as well as rolling method. If you get the method, technique, and ingredients ratio right, you will be assured of the perfect roti of all times. However, mastering all these aspects can be challenging for even the seasoned cook. Here is an easy soft roti recipe that you can adopt at any time.

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How long should chapati rest?
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Roti refers to a flatbread, also referred to as Phulka or Chapati. Its origin is believed to be India, but it is widely recognised in different parts of the world, South Africa included. You can serve the bread with any tantalizing dishes including chicken tikka or curries among others. It takes much patience to prepare the perfect soft roti. To prepare the dough, it is advisable to use boiling water. Before you can start the preparation process, ensure that you have all the supplies you need for the easy roti recipe.

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How to make roti?

What are the ingredients of chapati?

The following are the ingredients that you need for the best roti recipe in SA.

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  • Cuisine floor – 400g
  • Blue band butter – 1 tablespoon
  • Salt – half teaspoon
  • Hot water – 250ml

How to prepare soft roti

Preparing soft roti starts with getting the dough right from the start. Here is how to prepare the dough for the perfect roti:

  1. Use a large bowl to mix the flour, water and salt. Ensure that the water is at its boiling point. Use a spoon to mix the water with the salt and the flour to avoid burning your knuckles.
  2. Mix and knead the dough to make it smooth. Use the fist and knuckles to make the dough as soft as possible.
  3. When it is soft, smear a little oil before covering it with a kitchen towel. Allow it to settle for about 30 minutes before you can start cooking.
  4. Make subdivisions of the dough, which you will roll into balls of the size of lemons.
  5. Smear a little dry flour on the surface and dip the balls there for easy rolling. The flour ensures that the balls do not stick on the rolling pin.
  6. Use light pressure to roll the balls to thin circles with a diameter of between 6 to 7 inches.

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How to cook soft roti

There are three methods you can use to cook soft roti; cooking on the flame, using electric and induction stove, or using a frying pan. Whether you are using the electric/induction stove, frying pan, or the flame, what matters is making sure that the roti cooks evenly and that it does not burn.

Follow the steps below to know how to make soft roti:

African chapati recipe
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  1. Start by heating the pan first.
  2. Ensure that the balls are rolled already before the pan gets hot.
  3. Place the rolled pieces on the pan once it is hot.
  4. When it is half-cooked on one side, flip it to let it cook on the other side.
  5. Press it down lightly using a spatula for it to puff.
  6. At the sight of bubbles, flip the roti to allow the other side to cook up to when brown spots start appearing.
  7. Once ready, remove it and cover it with a towel to ensure that it remains soft for a long time.
  8. Use a muslin cloth to cover the cooked roti after brushing it with ghee. Alternatively, you can cover the cooked roti in aluminium foil to keep them warm.

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While it takes patience and skill to prepare soft roti, it is essential to master all the steps involved. However, before you can start the roti preparation process, gather all the ingredients needed.

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