Top Pharmaceutical Companies in South Africa

Top Pharmaceutical Companies in South Africa

The role of pharmaceutical industries cannot be underestimated in any given country; South Africa not exempted. Considering several ailments that have been recorded until date, we can appreciate the effort of these companies in making sure that the high rate of sick people is reduced to the barest minimum. And as such, this article considers some of the notable pharmaceutical companies in South Africa.

Pharmaceutical Companies in South Africa
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In South Africa, various killer diseases like tuberculosis, HIV Aids, Hepatitis A and B, and Lassa fever have claimed some lives untimely. This is a reason why these pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in South Africa work tirelessly to come up with the best medications that can help cure some of these ailments.

And apart from them, there are veterinary pharmaceutical companies who also seek to provide medical support for animals too. A list of pharmaceutical companies in South Africa is, therefore, discussed below.

Pharmaceutical Companies in Midrand South Africa

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What are the major pharmaceutical companies? The following are some of the notable pharmaceutical companies that we have in town.

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1. Genop Healthcare

Located at 72, Morkels Close, Capital Hill Commercial Estate, Corner K 101 &Le Roux Road, Midrand, South Africa, Genop Group is one of the top-rated pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in South Africa with more than 90 years of experience. As a healthcare organisation, their impact is tremendously felt considering the roles they play in improving the standard of health in the country.

2. Pharmafrica (Pty) Ltd

Pharmafrica is a manufacturing healthcare organisation that has been in existence since 1995 before it became a part of Litha Group in 2010. The company is situated at 106 16th Rd, Halfway House Estate Midrand, 1685, South Africa, and it is proud to be an approved GMP manufacturer.

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Pharmaceutical Companies in South Africa
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3. Aviz Laboratories

Aviz Laboratories specialises in manufacturing products for personal care, health and wellness, and also for cosmetic industries. The pharmaceutical company in Midrand Johannesburg has more than fifty years of experience in the industry. Aviz Laboratories manufacture effervescent tablets as well as the production of ointments soaps and creams. You can visit them at 733 16th Rd, Randjespark, Midrand, 1685 South Africa.

Medical suppliers South Africa

4. Allergan Pharmaceuticals (Pty) Ltd

Allergan is one of the foremost medical wholesalers in South Africa. Located at Allandale Building, Magwa Cres, Waterfall City, Midrand, 209, the company markets a portfolio of best-in-class products made by leading brands. Their products address medical aesthetics and dermatology, the central nervous system, women's health, gastroenterology, and anti-infective therapeutic categories.

5. United Pharmaceutical Distributors (UPD)

UPD is a division of New Clicks South Africa (Pty) Ltd. It has more than forty years of experience in healthcare wholesale and distribution in the pharmaceutical industry. The company is located at 20 Bolt Ave, Montague Gdns Ind, Milnerton, 7441, South Africa. Then, as a pharmaceutical wholesaler, they supply private hospitals, retail pharmacies, retail health stores, and dispensing doctors.

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Pharmaceutical companies in Cape Town

6. Mundipharma (Pty) Ltd

With an understanding of the importance of quality health, Mundipharma makes provision for medicine and healthcare solutions that can improve the health of patients. Mundipharma (Pty) Ltd ranks as one of the best pharma companies in Cape Town.

7. Cipla Medpro Pharmaceuticals

Cipla Medpro Pharmaceuticals is a company that manufactures world-class generic medicines at affordable prices. As a global organisation that has been operating for eighty years, they are one of the few pharmaceutical companies South Africa is proud to have in the country. Cipla's head office is at Parc du Cap Office Park, Building 9, Mispel Street, Bellville, 7530, Cape Town, South Africa.

Pharmaceutical companies in Cape Town
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8. SDV Pharmaceuticals

SDV Pharmaceuticals import and distribute health and skincare brands. As one of the most reliable medical companies in South Africa, the company also manufactures products and supplies to retailers, wellness centres, beauty salons/spas, and others. However, those who are supplied to are proven qualified health and skincare professionals. You can check them out at 7 Camellia Close, Bergvliet, Cape Town, 7945, South Africa.

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Pharmaceutical companies in Gauteng province

9. Key Oncologics (Pty) Ltd

Key Oncologics is a South African pharmaceutical company that majors in the care of cancer and allied diseases. Located at 39 11th Ave, Houghton Estate, Johannesburg, 2198, they also have experience in the registration, sales, marketing, and distribution of cancer products in the South African market.

10. Portfolio Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd

Portfolio Pharmaceuticals manufactures, distributes, and also markets pharmaceutical products following the latest international quality. The company is located at 203 Main Street, Benrose, Johannesburg, 2094, South Africa.

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Veterinary Pharmaceutical companies in South Africa

11. MSD Animal Health South Africa

MSD Animal Health is a leading animal health company that is dedicated to researching and developing high-quality animal health products and feed additives. They operate from 20 Spartan Rd, Spartan, Kempton Park, 1619, South Africa.

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12. Bayer (Pty) Ltd

With more than 50 years in operation, Bayer offers innovative drugs as well as novel therapeutic approaches in different therapeutic areas like Cancer Therapies, Cardiovascular and Blood diseases, and Neurology. Bayer is located in South Africa at 27 Wrench Rd, Isando, Kempton Park, 1600.

13. Wildlife Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd

Wildlife Pharmaceuticals specialises in medicines that game managers, zookeepers, wildlife veterinarians, and others use. The company focuses on the development, manufacture, and registration of products that support the effective manipulations of wildlife ethically.

Having discussed some of the pharmaceutical companies in South Africa, it is worth noting that those mentioned above are not the best that we have; some other renown companies that manufacture quality products also exist in the country.

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