Xander Bylsma age, parents, recording and case

Xander Bylsma age, parents, recording and case

Being accused of murder is one of the top criminal offences in the world today. Unfortunately, murder cases across the globe, South Africa not exempted, have been increasing in recent years. Xander Bylsma, a young man, allegedly killed two gorgeous girls, one of whom was his former girlfriend. Since the ugly incident, he has been in the media, and the ongoing court case is now widely publicised.

Xander Bylsma trial
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It is difficult to imagine that two best friends could die together in a gruesome way. Unfortunately, this happened to Sharnelle Hough and Marna Engelbrecht, who were both students at Stella High School. The girls were allegedly killed by Xander Bylsma, who once dated Sharnelle Hough. The killings attracted the attention of many people from all over the world. Similarly, numerous people are interested to know more details about Zander Bylsma.

Who is Xander Bylsma?

The young man came into the limelight in late May 2018 after he allegedly murdered his ex-girlfriend and her best friend. There are very few of his personal details in the public domain. However, the public knows that he is an avid hunter who has been going on hunting adventures ever since he was a young child. As of the time of the cruel murder, he was 19 years old. Xander Bylsma today is 20 years old and is still a trending topic in many people's conversations.

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Xander Bylsma parents

The young man's mother is called Mercia, while his father's name is Monte. After the murder of the two girls happened, Xander Bylsma mother looked distraught as she explained that her only child is a sensitive and emotional boy who has a kind heart. She asserted that he was not a demon and that she raised him in a loving Christian environment, where people saw him as a hero.

She further stated that her child is respectful to everyone and is a well-mannered boy. Monte did not speak much to the media. However, it is known that he is a generous and kind man who helps anyone who is in need. Monte and his son often went on shooting competitions together.

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Recoding and case

Sharnelle Hough, a then 17-year-old blonde teenager who was very bubbly, dated Xander Bylsma Verhoor for about a year. The two broke up afterwards, but the young man did not take the split easily. He, on several occasions, sent threatening messages to Sharnelle and her best friend, Marna Engelbrecht, but they were considered harmless.

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On the 26th of May 2018, in Stella, a small town in North West, both Sharnelle and Marna were found dead in one of the hostels in Hoerskool Stella. The house matron found the body of Sharnelle hanging by the staircase balustrade the morning after she was murdered and alerted the authorities. A short while later, the police discovered Marna's body in a bathroom upstairs.

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According to the Xander Bylsma latest news, the young man entered the hostel at Stella Hoërskool in the very early hours of the day. He had been out drinking and then later slipped into the hostel when the best friends were asleep and strangled both of them to death. He tried to make it appear like the girls committed suicide.

By the evening, the young man had been taken into police custody, where he recorded a statement admitting that he had murdered the girls. His trial started soon afterwards and is still ongoing to date. At the time of the murder, the two girls were alone in the hostel as the rest had gone home for the weekend. The young man took the police to the scene of the crime and demonstrated to them what he did to the girls.

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Xander Bylsma latest news
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Xander Bylsma trial

Earlier, the young man had confessed to killing the two girls. However, he pleaded not guilty in November 2018 at the Vryburg Magistrate's Court. He reported that he had earlier admitted to the crime because investigator Chris Saunders had pressured him to do so. He alleged that Saunders threatened to murder his parents, Monte and Mercia, if he did not confess.

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The young suspect further said that he had received a call alerting him that Sharnelle had committed suicide, so he took ten tablets of an anxiety drug that made him look drunk, tired, and disoriented. He confessed to the crime in this state.

According to the Xander Bylsma latest update, the trial has been postponed because his attorney decided to withdraw from the case. He did not issue any explanations to the court or the media. When the media reached out to him, attorney Moolman Wessels declined to make any comments about his decision.

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Xander Bylsma Facebook

Currently, it is hard to verify the young man's personal Facebook account because there are several profiles with the same name. However, it is reported that the young man often posted images from his hunting trips on this social media platform.

Did Xander Bylsma kill Sharnelle Hough and Marna Engelbrecht? That is the question that many people across the world are asking themselves, and the court is yet to give a final verdict on the case. The 20-year-man is the primary suspect in the murder of the two girls, which happened in a hostel at Stella High School.


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