DStv change of ownership: simplified process, change of ownership form, contact details

DStv change of ownership: simplified process, change of ownership form, contact details

Multichoice is one of the most reliable entertainment companies. The company believes in offering top-notch services as a unifying factor for multitudes. By doing this, it connects people globally by airing both international and local entertainment content. It has diversified its services by introducing the DStv change of ownership option, which ensures that no one is locked out.

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Multichoice aims to ensure that a vast majority of people have access to the services that the company offers. The process of DStv change of ownership is done in the safest way possible. The measures that govern the process have been used to control the cases of theft of decoders. How efficient do you think the measures that have been put in place are? These details will help you evaluate the process and make a judgment.

Change DStv account details

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself whether or not it is legal for you to possess decoder that initially belonged to someone else and the requirements that you would be required to fulfil for you to legitimately possess it? These details demystify how to go about the process appropriately.

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DStv change of ownership process

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In most cases, change of ownership occurs in instances when:

  • You have inherited the decoder from someone else.
  • You have a second-hand decoder that was initially registered to someone else.
  • The decoder that you have was a gift from someone who had already registered it using their credentials.

The first procedure of the process is downloading the DStv change of ownership form 2020. The form will require you to fill in the following details:

  • Smartcard number and the serial number of the smartcard. This category provides a change of ownership of up to four decoders.
  • The package that you wish to activate.
  • Whether or not you are an existing DStv customer. If you are, you will be required to provide your customer number or ID number.
  • The consent of the new owner to prove that they are okay with the change of ownership DStv.
  • The approval of the initial owner to confirm that the transfer of ownership has legitimately been done.
  • A declaration to show that they agree to the terms and conditions of the company.
  • The name, identification number, mobile phone number, email address, and residential address of the new owner.
  • The direct debit authorisation; these are the bank account details of the new owner. If a third party pays for the subscription, the new owner will be required to provide the third party's identification card and bank details.

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Multichoice change of ownership documents

change DStv account details
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After filling in the fields mentioned above on the DStv change of ownership form, the new owner will be required to submit the form alongside the necessary documents to any of the DStv service centres or agencies in the country. Alternatively, they can scan all the documents and send them to help@dstv.com. These are the documents that you should ensure to attach upon submission:

  • The Identification card of the new owner.
  • Proof of purchase; if the decoder is a second-hand purchase.
  • Executor letter if the new owner is related to the previous owner who is deceased.
  • If the subscriber is different from the bank account holder, the bank account holder will be required to fill in the third party authority to debit form, which they will be required to submit alongside the change of ownership forms.

In cases where the new owner has a passport as their identification document, they will be required to visit any of the DStv service centres or agencies to go through the change of ownership process.

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DSTV change of ownership cost

Apart from the documents stated above, a user does not incur any cost during the change of ownership process.

DStv contact details

In case of any inquiries regarding the process, the company has made the following contact details available for users:

  • Telephone number: 011 289 2222
  • WhatsApp number: 060 060 3788

Alternatively, a customer can make use of the DStv app, which is available on Android and IOS.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

These are some of the most common questions that could help you in solving your issues.

Can I change my DStv ownership online?

To change your DStv ownership online, you will be required to download the DStv change of ownership form download PDF and use the PDF filler to select the form that you wish to fill. To provide the details on the form, you will be required to select the Fill Online option.

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Can one person have two DStv accounts?

One person can have one account multiple decoders, especially in cases where they own decoders in holiday homes.

Can I use DStv smart card in another decoder?

If a customer uses more than one decoder, they can insert the smartcard to the second decoder where an E17 message will be displayed. They will then be required to sms the smartcard number to 32443 to "marry" the second decoder to the card.

These details on how DStv change of ownership will put your worries to rest, especially if you are sceptical about owning a decoder that initially belonged to someone else.


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