KOO South Africa: Everything to know about the brand owned by the Tiger company

KOO South Africa: Everything to know about the brand owned by the Tiger company

KOO South Africa is a food brand that has been in operation for more than eight decades now. It set the pace for canned food brands in South Africa through its versatile canned foods available at affordable prices. Apart from convenience in accessing food products, the brand has impacted the country's economy by creating employment opportunities.

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KOO South Africa is topping the headlines after it recalled approximately 20 million cans of products. The move has led to a significant economic impact on the brand. Apart from the loss that KOO South Africa has incurred, the decision has impacted its share price. Why was the move necessary? Read on for more details and what you should do.

History of KOO South Africa

Who started KOO? KOO is the best-known canned food brand and is a company owned by Tiger Brands South Africa. It started in 1940 as a farmer cooperative and currently offers a product portfolio spanning across ten categories. KOO South Africa has its headquarters in Bryanston, Gauteng, South Africa. It has 1,320 employees, and its annual turnover is approximately R3.6 billion. KOO canned products have been in the market for more than eighty years now.

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KOO canned foods

Is KOO a South African brand? KOO is a rainbow brand for a rainbow nation. The products reflect different flavours and tastes from Soweto to Sandton, Die Bloukrans to Boksburg, Cape Town to Chatsworth, Thabanchu to Mafikeng, and Kwa Mashu to Makhadu. The brand sources its products from established farms and delivers the best quality of products.

The wide and versatile range of KOO canned products includes:

  • Samp and beans in curry sauce.
  • Peach slices in fruit juice.
  • Speckled sugar beans in brine.
  • Peach halves in syrup.
  • Fresh garden peas in brine.
  • Cucumbers and Gherkins.
  • Baked beans in tomato sauce.
  • Grated and spiced beetroots.
  • Spaghetti in cheese flavoured tomato sauce.
  • Spicy and mild chakalaka.

KOO vacancies

Who owns KOO? KOO brand is owned by Tiger Brands, which deals with a wide range of brands. Therefore, if you would like to work with the KOO company, reach out to the company for vacancies. Currently, the brand offers a young talent mentorship programme.

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KOO contact details

  • Telephone number: +27 (0) 860 100 891
  • Email: Tigercsd@tigerbrands.com
  • Address: Tiger Brands Limited, 3010 William Nicol Drive, Bryanston

Why is KOO being recalled?

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On 26th July 2021, Tiger Brands, South Africa's biggest food manufacturer, announced its decision to recall approximately 20 million KOO and Hugo's canned products. Concerns due to potentially defective cans triggered the move. The 20 million cans account for about 9% of the brand's annual production, worth R650 million. The decision to recall the cans caused a 6.40% drop in Tiger Brand's share price.

What is wrong with KOO cans?

The issue of defective cans was discovered in May 2021. According to the brand, the cans had a deficient side seam which caused the 18 cans in a Tiger Brand's store to leak. The batch came from a supplier. While several others were not released for trade, a probe on the defective batch confirmed the problem.

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Tiger Brand conducted a transport and handling test on 287,040 cans, and out of the batch, a side seam leak developed in two cans; hence, the recall. According to the brand, the leak presents a risk of secondary microbial contamination. Therefore, the brand recalled the canned vegetable products manufactured between 1st May 2019 and 5th May 2021.

Which KOO products are being recalled?

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The financial impact of the recall includes the cost of the potentially affected stock, transport, and storage costs, and it is estimated at R500 million and R650 million. These are the KOO products that have been affected by the recall.

KOO pilchards and KOO canned fruits are not among those affected.

Meanwhile, check out KOO website on how to identify the recalled cans. The website also provides further clarification about the matter. KOO South Africa has highlighted that no health cases have been brought forth, although it is in consultation with the National Consumer Council for further action. Meanwhile, customers are advised to return the cans to supermarkets or the KOO factory shop and ask for a refund.

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