How much is an NBA assistant coach salary in 2021? All you need to know

How much is an NBA assistant coach salary in 2021? All you need to know

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a popular athletics game across North America. The league has 30 teams comprised of the best basketball athletes in the world, and each season has 82 games. The game is made great by various people ranging from players, coaches, and executive staff. NBA is also known to pay some of the highest salaries in the world of athletics. This article takes a look at the average range of an NBA assistant coach salary in 2021.

NBA assistant coach average salary
How much does an assistant coach make in the National Basketball Association league? Photo: @Mitchell Leff
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What is the role of an assistant coach in basketball? Their primary duty is to support the head instructor and often learn from them so that they can one day be promoted to the head coach position. They are often involved in recruiting top talent, preparing for games, having a constant presence, etc. However, their salaries are not as high as those of head instructors and other top National Basketball Association officials.

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How much does an assistant coach make in the NBA?

Jason Kidd salary as assistant coach
Jason Kidd became the highest earning National Basketball Association assistant coach in 2019. Photo: @Mike Ehrmann
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The amount they take home is influenced by experience and skill. The average NBA assistant coach salary in 2021 is about $39,226.

The team's location is also a huge factor in determining how much they earn. Some regions are known to pay their assistant National Basketball Association coaches higher salaries than others. Below is the NBA assistant coach salary list in 2021 for the top 10 cities that pay higher amounts and their approximate values.

  • Napa in California: $56,000
  • Cottage Grove MN in Minnesota: $49,000
  • San Antonio in Texas: $48,000
  • Urban Honolulu in Hawaii: $44,000
  • New Brunswick in New Jersey: $41,000
  • New London in Connecticut: $39,000
  • Eugene in Oregon: $39,000
  • Kingman in Arizona: $39,000
  • Detroit in Michigan: $39,000
  • Burlington in Vermont: $38,000

NBA G League assistant coach salary

The G League is the National Basketball Association's official minor league where young talent is developed for the NBA. It also acts as the basketball league's research and development laboratory.

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How much are the NBA assistant coaches' salaries in the G League? It is not clear how much they earn, but the average G League salary for players is around $35,000.

How much do D1 assistant basketball coaches make?

Colleges across the United States compete according to division. College basketball is divided into three NCAA divisions, and D1 is the highest level of competition. The D1 tournament is comprised of schools with the largest budgets and student bodies.

College assistant basketball instructors earn about $57,730. The highest amount one can make is $79,958, while the lowest is about $46,800. Various factors determine the amount received, including experience, skills and education.

What is the average salary of an NBA coach?

NBA assistant coach salary in 2021
Gregg Popovich (pictured) is the highest earning National Basketball Association head coach. Photo: @HopefulSpursFan
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National Basketball Association coaches are some of the highest-earning professionals in USA athletics. On average, they take home about $3 million per season. The amount one earns depends on the number of games played in a single season. The lowest average salary is about $2 million ($25,000 per game) if their teams play all 82 games. As of 2021, Gregg Popovich of the San Antonio Spurs is the highest-earning National Basketball Association trainer and takes home about $11 million per year.

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How much do NBA GMs make?

General managers in the National Basketball Association are paid an average of $1.5 million per annum. The highest salary can reach up to $11 million, while the lowest amount is about $80,000 per year. The amount one gets depends on experience and skills. Miami Heat's general manager and president, Pat Riley, is the highest-earning GM and takes home about $11 million annually.

NBA assistant coach salaries may not be high, but they are crucial elements in ensuring the success of basketball teams. They are expected to have high moral standards since they have constant interactions with NBA players, and they often get promoted to the head trainer position after some time. This is a huge motivation for them to work hard at their level.

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