SABC TV licence pensioners discount: All the details you need

SABC TV licence pensioners discount: All the details you need

Because of the concession that citizens who receive social grants from the government of South Africa, many people are concerned if there is a SABC TV licence pensioners discount or not. With that in mind, the purpose of this article is to show you what SABC's concessionary TV licence is about and how it applies to you as a pensioner. Then, you will also get to know how you can benefit from it as well as how to apply for the licence, among other things.

SABC TV licence pensioners discount
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Based on the regulations of the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), there is a provision for some categories of citizens to enjoy discounted rates on their television licence. These include those who receive social grants from the state, people who are 70 years or older, disabled people, and war veterans. While you may get this discount as a pensioner, there are certain conditions where it may not apply to you and the most important out of them is if you still receive a pension from the government. So, as you read on in this article, you will discover more information that you need to know about this discount.

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Do pensioners pay TV license?

Well, as a pensioner, you are expected to pay TV authorisation just like other people do. The only special consideration that you can enjoy is that, as a pensioner, you can be considered for a concessionary TV licence from the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). But then, this will only work if you receive a social grant from the government, or based on your age or health status (being a disabled person).

However, there is a note of caution here. If your partner has also submitted an affidavit to the Corporation, he or she may not be permitted to hold another television authorisation. Then, as an applicant, if you share a home with another family, you will only be granted the special benefit if the family has its own valid TV authorisation that has been fully paid for.

How much is TV Licence for pensioners?

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By the reason of the concessionary TV licence that you get as a pensioner, this means that instead of paying R265.00 as a standard fee per annum, you will pay R74.00 per annum, thereby saving R191.00. But you should also note that the Corporation expects that while other citizens are allowed to pay monthly after the first annual payment that they make, as a beneficiary of a concessionary TV licence, you can only pay a lump sum of the money annually.

More so, whatever discount that you get can only apply to your permanent residence which is where the television set is being used. This means that if there are TV sets in a holiday home or at any additional residential premises of yours, you will be required to pay the full authorisation fee on them. This is why, when you get the concessionary TV licence, it is endorsed to reflect your residential premise.

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How much is TV Licence for pensioners?
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TV license application for pensioners

When you are applying for a television authorisation as a pensioner who is a beneficiary of the concessionary TV licence, the following are what you need to do:

1. You would be required to fill the form and after which you will pay the full annual fee of R74.00.

2. There are certain documents that you are also expected to provide and they include the following:

a. Valid proof of identity which could be a National ID or Passport

b. Proof of your physical address and postal address together

c. Valid contact numbers

d. If you are receiving a social grant from the State, then you need to submit a letter that you were given from the Department of Social Development. This letter is expected to indicate the date from which you started receiving the grant.

e. However, if you are 70 years old or older, you will have to submit a duly completed and certified affidavit which can be a sworn/solemn statement confirming your living condition.

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If you have any further questions to ask, it is advisable that you put forth a call to the SABC office on 011 330 9555, or you send them an e-mail with this address:

How do you check if your TV Licence is paid?

Whether you want to check if your TV licence has been credited or you want to confirm your balance, there is a sure way by which you can do that conveniently. Simply, follow the process below:

  1. Log in to the SABC television licence official website.
  2. Once there, you would be required to input your ID Number or TV authorisation account number.
  3. Then, click the "Submit" button and wait for a response.

From all that has been discussed so far, SABC TV licence pensioners discount is not automatic; it can only work for you if you receive social grants from the government or you are disabled. If you fall into either of these options, you will qualify for a concessionary TV licence from the Corporation. However, if you still receive your pension, you will have to pay a full fee just like other citizens.

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