List of marketing companies in South Africa

List of marketing companies in South Africa

South Africa is a hub to some of the best influencer marketers in the region. These leading companies are increasingly incorporating cost friendly and profitable online trends that are already practiced by their counterparts in Europe and the United States of America. The list of marketing companies in South Africa is steadily increasing, making it difficult for clients to establish the best promotion and advertising companies. Amid the pretty good run, what are the most influential advertising agencies in South Africa? Read on to find out.

List of marketing companies in South Africa
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Digital marketing companies in South Africa particularly remain at the front when it comes to health, fitness, and fashion advertising. The trend has progressively favoured the three promotional niches because of their increased online presence among young people. Better still, there are several other local and online based social influencers that have not only made a name for themselves but also reshaped the advertising landscape in the country.

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Marketing companies in South Africa

What do marketing companies do? The inevitable race for huge discounts amid fierce market competitions is no longer a guarantee for success, but an influential advertising partner is. The current competitive promotional environment is ripe for businesses with a proper grip of the most recent advertising trends.

Top 10 advertising agencies in South Africa

Hundreds of advertising companies in the country are now on a hunt for more clients through evidence-based performance. Provided is a comprehensive list of the 10 best marketing agencies that you could hire in South Africa 2019 for their reliability and high-quality services.

1. BNRY Digital

2. MAGNETIC Creative

3. FCB Global

4. Mirum Agency

5. TLC Marketing UK

6. Zoom Advertising

7. Tradeway

8. Lab

9. NMPi

10. FCB Africa

List of marketing companies in South Africa
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Marketing companies in Cape Town

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There are endless marketing agencies in Cape Town with a thorough understanding of the country’s advertisement and marketing environment. Provided are a few of the best.

  1. Enovation
  2. Dragonfly Marketing
  3. Creative Spark
  4. Techsys Digital
  5. Addon
  6. GSDH Advertising CC
  7. Liquorice
  8. Two Oceans Marketing
  9. Shift ONE Digital
  10. Pure Creative Agency
  11. Rogerwilco
  12. iMod Digital (Pty) Ltd
  13. Shift Digital
  14. Ruby Digital
  15. Online Marketing Guys
  16. Bold! Agency
  19. eServicefinder (Pty) Ltd

Marketing companies in Durban

There are several other advertising companies in Durban and other places in South Africa that will undoubtedly impress you for their quality of services. Here are some of the best rating agencies.

List of marketing companies in South Africa
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  1. Connexit
  2. The Weblab
  3. BP Advertising
  4. Ntilini eConsulting (Pty) Ltd
  5. iKind Media (Pty) Ltd
  6. The No Nonsense Group
  7. Halo Media – Design, Video and Marketing
  8. Manuchar South Africa Pty Ltd
  9. Future Marketing Digital
  10. Salt & Candy
  11. Courtesy Marketing Services CC
  12. Lifetime Media
  13. RCA Marketing
  14. Weaverbird Marketing
  15. Rhilon Media
  16. Whalley Collective
  17. Cannect Digital
  18. Big Eye Branding
  19. Bizzexpose
  20. SGRP Meridian

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Marketing companies in Gauteng and Johannesburg

Various marketing companies in Johannesburg are emerging to become influential in the country where only the most compliant businesses survive in the market. Here are the top 10 advertising agencies in Johannesburg, as well as more advertising companies that will help with boosting your business.

  1. Watson Ferguson Marketing Consultancy
  2. Wunderbrand
  3. WeFuse
  4. Kilmer & Cruise
  5. Amplify Digital Agency
  6. Michelle Wastie Photography
  7. The Greenhouse
  8. Wetpaint Advertising (Pty) Ltd
  9. I Am Media
  10. Prize Voucher
  11. MADE Agency
  12. Prize voucher
  13. Wetpaint Advertisiment
  14. ATKASA – Digital agency
  15. Bakone Strategic
  16. Colab Digital
  17. FourFiveOne Studios
  18. Hero
  19. Prize Voucher Ag
  20. Teciva
  21. toniK digital
  22. Kuyana Media
  23. Atomic Marketing
  24. 64. Creation Lab
  25. Hashtag99 Digital Marketing Agency
  26. Wetpaint
  27. Performance Marketing Company
  28. Lion Marketing
  29. Creative Spark
  30. Gorilla
  31. Flow Communications
  32. Creative Minds Marketing
  33. MO Agency
  34. MVC Marketing
  35. Ebony Ivory
  36. Tradeway Promotions
  37. Flow Communications
  38. The Worx Group
  39. Expanding Branding
  40. Pitch SM
  41. M-Sports Marketing – communications

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South Africa is one of the few African states that take pride in its profitable commercial activities thanks to various innovative advertising companies operating in the country. The list of marketing companies in South Africa is good proof of the country’s competence in the sector. Choose your favorite influencer agency and build your brand starting from today.


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