List of travel agencies in South Africa

List of travel agencies in South Africa

Are you planning on taking a vacation to create the most exhilarating memories by touring South Africa and are not sure whether your trip will be worthwhile? There is no need to fuss because the country has some of the reliable agencies that will ensure your comfort throughout your stay. Going through the list of travel agencies in South Africa and their reviews will help you make the best decision.

List of travel agencies in South Africa

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Do you wish to have a funfilled experience in South Africa? Checking out the packages that travel agencies have to offer is one of the easiest ways of landing on good deals that will save you a few coins. It will also help you have a consistent schedule of all the places and activities that you wish to take part in. This is the list of travel agencies in South Africa that have the best reviews. They will guarantee you value for your money and time.

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What do travel agencies do?

Are you hesitant about booking your trip through a travel agency because you do not see the essence? Being informed about what these agencies do might make you change your perception about the same. Travel agencies act as a bridge between the entertainment locations and the client. They work with several entertainment locations and transport firms to come up with packages that are friendly to the clients.

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What is the best travel agency?

When conducting your evaluations on the best South African agencies, there are vital factors that you should bear in mind. The charges of the services should march the services that they offer. To add to it, the schedule should be convenient for you. These are some of the best-reviewed agencies in South Africa;

Travel agencies in Cape Town

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If you are looking for the best-reviewed travel agencies cape town, you do not need to worry because this list will be very beneficial to you. These are by far the most reliable firms that you could consider doing business with;

1. African Eagle Day Tours

List of travel agencies in South Africa

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African Eagle Day Tours is one of the few firms that are determined to provide their clients with personalised services. The firm is also flexible to the taste and preferences of their clients. To top it up, it works with some of the most qualified and motivated staff. If you are worried about the fleet, the firm is one of the well-equipped travel agents Cape Town has ever had. Choosing to work with the organization is probably going to be one of the best vacation hacks.

For bookings and any forms of inquiries, one should feel free to do so through the following contact details;

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  • Phone number: +27 21 464 4266
  • Email:
  • Skype: africaneagledaytours

2. Abang Africa Travel

List of travel agencies in South Africa

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Abang Africa Travel is another established firm among the tour operators. The agency has roots in South Africa and some of the most exciting places on the continent. Being an established and experienced agency, its clients are guaranteed of an exhilarating experience in Cape Town. With this tour operator, you will visit the parks where the big five are located in Cape Town.

For bookings, a prospective client can reach out through these contact details;

  • Phone number: +27 (0) 83 270 2000
  • Telephone number: + 27 (0) 21 276 2323
  • Email:

3. Viva Safaris

List of travel agencies in South Africa

Image:, @Viva Safaris
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Has visiting the Kruger Park been in your bucket list? Have you been wondering about transportation and everything to do with the safari? If that has been your case, you do not need to be troubled anymore, because Viva safari has it all taken care of. The firm is specialised in safaris to the park. The firm boasts of having the best fleet and best trained and specialized and cooperative personnel that will ensure that your experience is fun-filled.

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If were thinking about spending the night in the park, the safari has a lodge inside the park. How would you think twice about the offer that Viva safari has put forth? Reach out to the agency through the following contact details and make arrangements for your trip;

  • Phone number: +27 71 842 5547
  • Email:

4. Cape Town Helicopters

List of travel agencies in South Africa

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Have you ever imagined how exhilarating it would have been for you to tour the most breath-taking places while flying in a helicopter? If not, you need to make arrangements for this epic experience. Cape Town Helicopters is one of the best firms to book with for this kind of experience. The agency has the best crew that is trained to do what they do best. The agency offers clients a wide range of types of flights to choose from.

For inquiries and bookings, one can contact the organization through any of the following contact details;

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  • Cell phone number: +27 (0)21 419 5907
  • Telephone number: +27 (0)21 419 4044
  • Email:

5. Explore sideways

List of travel agencies in South Africa

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If you are not after the rigid agency and are looking for one that will fit in your schedule, Explore Sideways is one of the best options to try out. It is one of the best South African travel agents when it comes t flexibility. The client has the opportunity to select the place that they want to visit and the time stamp of the visit.

If you up for the offer and are willing to book with the organization, you can communicate through any of these platforms;

  • Cell phone number: +27 79 6071978
  • Email:

Travel agents Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth is one of the most fascinating places in South Africa that you ought to visit. It has most of the most mind-blowing sites. Visiting the location is going to be the most epic thing that you would have done to yourself. Not only will you create memories, but also have an experience of a lifetime. These agents are committed to ensuring that you will have a story to tell at the end of your experience;

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6. Sure Maritime Travel

List of travel agencies in South Africa

Image:, @Sure Maritime Travel
Source: UGC

Sure Maritime Travel one of the most established travel agencies. It has a wide variety of packages that one can choose from. They include the leisure travel package. It also has corporate package. It not only operates in Port Elizabeth; you can also travel to Zambia and India.

The contact details of the agency are;

  • Telephone: 041 – 397 3200
  • Fax: 041 – 397 3222
  • Email:

7. Pentravel Port Elizabeth

List of travel agencies in South Africa

Image:, @Pentravel Port Elizabeth
Source: UGC

If you happen to be within the Eastern Cape region or wish to tour the region, Pentravel Port Elizabeth is the agency to work with. The firm has some of the best deals and packages. The packages are not only limited to the region; there are other to exhilarating places like Mozambique.

For more information and inquiries, you can contact the agency through the following contact detail;

  • Phone number: 087 231 2000
  • Email:
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Taking a vacation does not always have to be a burden to you, especially since the country has some of the best firms to take care of the whole experience. Going through this list of travel agencies in South Africa might be the wisest thing to do.


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