A list of Pretoria Technical College courses

A list of Pretoria Technical College courses

A technical college is a learning institution where the main focus of education goes to the technical courses and the arts. Usually, the certificates from the technical colleges are required when trying for a particular job. For Pretoria Technical College (PTC), it is one of the best leading private TVET colleges in South Africa. If you are considering furthering your studies here, then read the article below to get all the information you need. You will learn about the courses offered, the location of the various campuses and much more.

Pretoria Technical College courses

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This college was founded in 1998 because of the growing need to further educate and equip the youth in the society with the necessary skills needed to join the job market. Since then, this college in Pretoria has only grown and now it provides South Africa with a steady workforce. In this article, we will show you what courses they offer here and more.

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Location of Pretoria Technical College

PTC college has four campuses located in both Pretoria and Durban.

In Pretoria

  • PTC City Campus, Ground floor 429 Helen Joseph Street, Pretoria Gauteng
  • PTC Fedsure Forum Campus, located on the 1st Floor of Fedsure Forum Centre at 268 Lilian Ngoyi, Pretoria Gauteng

In Durban

  • PTC Gardiner Campus, situated in the Natal Bank Building at 71-77 Gardiner Street, Durban KwaZulu-Natal
  • PTC Field Campus, located on the 5th Floor, United Building at 58 Field Street, KwaZulu-Natal

Pretoria Technical College courses offered

The courses offered in Pretoria Technical college are very diverse and they cater for several fields. The list of the courses offered is as listed below.

Health care department

  • Ancillary Health Care, NQF Level 2, SAQA ID 49606
  • Community Health Work, NQF Level 4, SAQA ID 64697
  • Social Auxiliary Work, NQF Level 4, SAQA ID 23993

Policing department

  • National Diploma in Policing, NQF Level 6, SAQA ID 61729
  • Media, information and communication department
  • National Certificate in Journalism, NQF Level 5, SAQA ID 58978
  • National Certificate in IT: Technical Support, NQF Level 4, SAQA ID 78964
  • National Certificate in IT: System Development, NQF Level 4, SAQA ID 78965
  • National Certificate in IT: End User Computing, NQF Level 3, SAQA ID 61591

Engineering department

  • National Diploma in Civil Engineering (N4, N5 and N6)
  • National Diploma in Electrical Engineering (N4, N5 and N6)
  • National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (N4, N5 and N6)

Business Studies department

  • National Diploma in Human Resources Management (N4, N5 and N6)
  • National Diploma in Business Management (N4, N5 and N6)
  • National Diploma in Financial Management (N4, N5 and N6)
  • National Diploma in Public Management (N4, N5 and N6)
  • National Diploma in Marketing Management (N4, N5 and N6)
  • National Diploma in Public Relations (N4, N5 and N6)

Secretarial studies department

  • National Diploma in Management Assistant (N4, N5 and N6)
  • National Diploma in Medical Secretary (N4, N5 and N6)
  • National Diploma in Legal Secretary (N4, N5 and N6)

Hospitality studies department

  • National Diploma in Hospitality Studies (N4, N5 and N6)
  • National Diploma in Tourism Studies (N4, N5 and N6)

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Pretoria Technical College online application

Applying for this college could not have been made easier for anyone wishing to join. All you need to do is first go to the official website online. Once that is done, click on registration, and decide if you want the Pretoria or Durban campus. After that you need to fill in the forms given. It is a straightforward process, adding to the charm of this college.

Pretoria Technical College contacts details

The official contacts for Pretoria Technical college are as follows:

  • The official website is Pretoria Technical College @www.pretoriatechnical.co.za
  • The general e-mail is info@pretoriatechnical.co.za
  • The accounts e-mail is accounts@pretoriatechnical.co.za
  • The general fax is 086 425 5238
  • The fax for the Pretoria campus is 086 535 7603
  • The fax for the Durban campus is 086 651 8952
  • The official whats app number for the college is 073 635 0987
  • The official facebook account for the college is @Pretoria Technical College - PTC @www.pretroriatechnical.co.za

Contact details for each Pretoria Technical college campus

When you need to learn more about each campus or the PTC college fees, you can reach any of the various campuses listed in the numbers below:

  • PTC City Campus (PTA technical college): 012 320 3600
  • PTC Fedsure Campus (PTA): 012 320 0034
  • PTC Gardner Campus (DBN): 031 304 9000
  • PTC Field Campus (DBN): 031 823 9183

For those with the dream to join Pretoria Technical College, your goals are just a few clicks away. The college even gives PTC college bursaries for the lucky students who will apply for the 2019 intake. So go and apply and who knows, you may be the lucky winner.


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