Free CV template in South Africa and tips on how to write it in 2022

Free CV template in South Africa and tips on how to write it in 2022

A curriculum vitae (CV) is one of the documents you will be asked to present whenever you seek employment. All job seekers need to have an updated CV as potential employers use it to know your qualifications and experience. You can use a CV template in South Africa to create this important document within minutes.

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cv template in south africa
A person working on their curriculum vitae. Photo:, @cottonbro
Source: UGC

Is there a specific CV template in South Africa? There is none, so you can create your curriculum vitae in different ways. Although the templates may vary in appearance, they contain the information employers in various fields need.

Free CV template in South Africa

If you feel unsure about the best CV format in South Africa, fret not. We will explore three simple formats you can use to create a comprehensive but simple document that will impress potential employers.

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How to write a CV in South Africa

Have you been wondering how to write a CV in South Africa in 2022? There are numerous templates available online, ranging from simple to complex. This article will explore three ways to create or update this document without much strain.

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Chronological/ traditional CV template in South Africa in 2022

If you are looking for a free CV template in South Africa, you will come across the traditional or chronological style. It is structured in sections written or typed in reverse chronological order, i.e. the most recent events come first, as shown below.

free cv template in south africa
The traditional/ chronological curriculum vitae format. Photo:
Source: UGC

This is ideal for people who can match their qualifications, work experience and skills directly to the criteria required by the employer and role. If a job advert has a detailed and precise personnel specification and you can directly relate yourself and your experiences, this is the best option for you.

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  • Ensure you present the dates correctly and that there are no missing gaps in your history.
  • Your academic qualifications should meet the requirements for the role.
  • In the work experience section, focus your information on short examples of how you fulfilled your responsibilities and achievements.
  • Do not forget to include details of additional knowledge, memberships, and skills.
  • Make yourself unique by capitalising on your interests and extra-curricular activities to show other skills relevant to the role.

Functional style template

The functional CV style focuses more on your professional skills instead of each job you held and when you held it. It emphasises your skills rather than career progression. This style is ideal for people making career changes, job seekers with gaps in their employment history, or those with a highly developed skillset.

latest cv format in south africa in 2022
The functional curriculum vitae format. Photo:
Source: UGC

In this style, you group your experience under the skills category than job titles. As you write or type each skill category, ensure you use bullet points to highlight examples of the skills you possess.

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  • Use your skills to design a unique CV. For example, ff you are applying for an artistic job, you can use creative visuals to grab attention.
  • Your summary should highlight your most impressive professional achievements and skills.
  • Make your work experience section shine by targetting each bullet to the particular job you want.

Hybrid/ combination style template

While it has been used for years, the combination style is arguably the latest CV format in South Africa in 2022 because more people are using it. The style blends the chronological and functional approaches to writing a curriculum vitae.

It contains a detailed skills section that groups your skills into categories. Each category should have bullets underneath to show examples of how you used the skill practically. All information is also written chronologically, as shown below.

how to write a cv in south africa in 2022
The hybrid/ combination curriculum vitae format. Photo:
Source: UGC

The style is a fantastic choice for people who have already developed a strong set of skills and have experience utilising those skills. It is not ideal for fresh graduates who barely have work experience.

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People changing their careers and wanting to emphasise their transferable skills can also follow this template. It is also ideal for those with a well-developed set of technical skills.


  • Find a way of integrating your key skills into your professional history section.
  • Note the skills listed by the employer as required in the job description and prioritise them.
  • If you are making a career switch, ensure you highlight your transferable skills.

What are the 5 main things your CV should include?

The must-haves are contact details, CV profile, work experience, education history, and skills. You may also add associations, certifications, languages, conferences, extra training and courses, publications, and awards.

What should you not put in a CV?

You should not put irrelevant information, meaningless introductions, or misleading information. You should also not have typing and grammatical errors.

Which is the best CV format in South Africa?

The best format is one that brings out the best in you. If you need to highlight your technical skills, for example, the combination style is ideal.

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It is not uncommon to find someone looking for the best CV template in South Africa. Before you complete your curriculum vitae, know what you need to highlight most to secure you a job. Thereafter, you can use the chronological, functional, or hybrid template to create one.

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