10 most expensive beers in the world today

10 most expensive beers in the world today

Drinking alcohol is one of the oldest ways to relax. Indeed, you will find that in many social gatherings, whether it is a birthday party or a wedding, there will be alcohol. It brings people together. The preference of the type of alcohol taken depends on the person, and most prefer to take beer, making it one of the largest industries in the world. The manufacturers put in the effort to reach the satisfaction of their customers. Quality, of course, comes at a price. Here are the ten most expensive beers in the world.

Most expensive beers in the world today

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Brewery firms try their best to make their product as unique as possible to make it special for their consumers. Here is a compiled list of the most expensive beer 2020, expensive beer brands, and their prices.

What is the most expensive beer in the world?

This list contains some of the most exotic brews in the world by which the manufacturers have guaranteed that each bottle is worth every penny.

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1. Antarctic Nail Ale

Most expensive beers in the world today

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This strictly limited-edition beer is one of the world’s purest having been made from a melted block of Antarctic ice. In an auction, Nail owner-brewer, John Stallwood, said that the money raised from sales of 30 bottles of the beer would go to the anti-whaling Sea Shepherd Campaign.

After the block of ice was taken to the port in Hobart, it was melted and taken to Stallwood in Perth, where he produced 20 liters of his signature Nail Ale, using a pilot brewery at Edith Cowan University. The first bottle of 500ml auctioned at $800 while in the following auction, the second sold at $1850, making it the most expensive beer ever.

2. The End of History

The most expensive beers in the world today

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The name is derived from a famous philosopher, Francis Fukuyama’s work, ‘This is to Beer What Democracy is to History.’ The company behind the making of this 55% beer is Brew Dog that has a passion for its making and has pushed its limits to meet quality.

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The End of History should be taken cold and in small servings, and a bottle of 330ml goes for $765, making this the second most expensive bottle of beer worldwide.

3. The Lost Abbey Cable Car Kriek

Most expensive beers in the world today

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This masterpiece is of the American Wild Ale manufactured in California, United States. It has an ABV of 7%. However, the brew is no longer being made, thus making it one of the rarest to find. The drink is one of the most expensive beers on earth, one 750ml bottle going for $923.

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4. Carlsberg Jacobsen Vintage

10 most expensive beers in the world today

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This brew right here is one of the worlds most expensive beer going for the $400 for 375 ml. The developer of the drink is Carlsberg, who is Danish. The beer type is Barely wine, with its origin being Copenhagen, Denmark.

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5. Schorschbräu’s Schorschbock 57

Most expensive beers in the world 2020

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This beer is of German descent and its creator is Schorschbrau. The brew being one of the strongest in the world is of Eisbock type and is filled with caramel and cherry cognac notes to give the drink its sweet, rich, alcoholic taste. Other features of this brew include its amber color, an aroma of Tobacco, leather, raisin, and walnut, with an appearance of chestnut. Its ABV is 57%, and a bottle of 330ml is sold at $275, thus earning the title of the most expensive bottle of beer.

6. Samuel Adam’s Utopias

Most expensive beers in the world

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With an ABV of 28.0%, The Ale type brew is the pioneer of the practice of barrel aging to ensure that the final product maintains its deep creamy malty smoothness. The brewers utilized several yeast strains during fermentation, including one typically reserved for champagne and ninja yeast created for its ability to survive and continue fermenting in an environment with a high alcohol level.

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One of the unique ingredients in the manufacture of Utopias is Vermont maple syrup. The beverage is considered the best beer in the world by its fans, and considering how much effort is put into the making of the masterpiece, then the title is deserved. A 750ml of the Utopias goes for $150.

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7. The Ambassador Reserve

Most expensive beers in the world today

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Crown Ambassador Reserve is one full-bodied, rich larger-style beverage. With its deep amber color and perfectly carbonated nature, once poured, the ale is capped with a creamy, frothy head derived from careful in-bottle fermentation. To get a distinctive taste, the Crown Ambassador reserve to have more extended maturation. The beer has an ABV of 9.2 %, therefore not as strong.

The lager is exquisitely packed in a 750ml champagne-style bottle, each costing $95.99, each bearing the signature of Master Brewer, John Cozens. What makes the Crown Ambassador Reserve special is a limited vintage release, and this is a unique gift idea or a long time investment.

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8. Tutankhamun

The most expensive beers in the world today

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This ancient brew came up after the discovery of its recipe in the Queen Nefertiti’s royal brewery in Egypt. The development was made by Dr. Barry Kemp, a Cambridge archaeologist, in 1990. Just 1000 bottles of the beverage were made according to the recipe by the researchers and Scottish brewer Jim Merrington. This answers the question, what is the rarest beer in the world?

The first bottle sold for $7,686, but the price eventually went down to around $52. Merrinton’s brewery was closed, having the most expensive beer can.

9. Westvletern XII

The most expensive beers in the world today

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This Belgian drink was expertly prepared by 26 monks who lived in a monastery. It is considered one of the most exclusive with prizes in various competitions both in the United States and Europe. The Trappist Monks community entirely makes the beverage. The Westvletern XII is dark brown and has delicate and persistent foams and aromas of caramelized malt, plum, and vanilla.

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Presently, the manufacturers have hired three workers, but most of the work is done by 26 monks to maintain quality making the Westvletern XII the most expensive Belgian beer on earth. If you want to buy this beer, you have to book in advance and the price is up to $75.

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10. Sapporo’s Space Barley

most expensive beer can

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The Space Barley is made from space-grown barley by Japanese. The barley seeds were rocketed to the International Space Station and planted abroad in the Zvezda Service module. After five months, the barley was brought back to earth, where Sapporo fermented it into the world’s first space beverage. A six-pack cost $110; it is cheap considering it was grown not on earth.

There you have it, the ten most expensive beers currently for all the beer fans. It is, however, of the utmost importance to remember that excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful to your health and not to drink and drive.

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