Best tenderised steak recipe South Africa

Best tenderised steak recipe South Africa

Learning this tenderised steak recipe is the wisest thing to do if you are at home with your family and wondering what you should cook next. It is always hard to choose the best meal for your family and prepare it well so that everyone enjoys it. You can find several tenderised steak resepte in South Africa. The resepte you choose will depend on the ingredients you have and what you would like to test.

Tenderised steak recipe

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The recipe you choose will determine the end results of your tenderised steak meal. Do you want to prepare mouth-watering steak? Read on to find out how to cook tenderised steak.

Tenderised steak recipes

There are many types of tenderised steak resepte you can prepare at home. The tenderised steak recipe you choose depends on the ingredients present and what you would like to taste. The following are the most common steak resepte.

1. How to cook tenderised steak and brown gravy

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This is the best recipe if you want something quick but delicious. The meal can be prepared in about 55 minutes.

What you need

You will need the following ingredients for at least four people.

  • Tenderised meat (4 medium pieces)
  • Cooking oil (1/2 cup)
  • Seasoning (4 tablespoons)
  • Kitchen bouquet (1 tablespoon)
  • Dry onion mix (1 package)
  • All-purpose flour (1/2 cup)


Below is a simple procedure to follow

1. Apply the seasoning on both sides of the meat.

2. Dip the seasoned meat in flour.

tenderised steak in oven

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3. Heat 1/2 cup of cooking oil in a deep pan until hot.

4. Place the meat in the hot oil and let it cook for about 10 mins until both sides of the steak are golden brown.

Tenderised steak recipe

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5. Pour water in the meat until it is completely covered.

6. Add the kitchen bouquet and onion soup mix in the meat and slightly stir.

7. Let the mixture boil and then reduce the heat. Simmer for about 30 mins until the meat is tender.

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Tenderised steak recipe

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8. Serve over the steamed rice, mashed potatoes, or as desired.

Tenderised steak recipe

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2. How to cook tenderised steak with mushrooms and cheese

This is a simple process that will take less than an hour to prepare.

What you need

The following are the ingredients you will need to prepare the tenderised meat that can serve at least three people. You can increase the amount proportionately if you are serving a large number of people.

  • Tenderised meat (3 pieces)
  • Brown onion soup (1 packet)
  • Black pepper.
  • Mushrooms (8)
  • Dry white wine (½ cup)
  • Cheese (grated)


1. In an ovenproof baking dish, place the foil.

2. Take half the brown onion soup and sprinkle it directly on the place where you will place the steaks.

3. Take the black pepper and sprinkle on the meat (both sides) and then place them on the foil. The black pepper will improve the taste of the steak; therefore, you will not need to add salt.

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4. Take the remaining brown onions soup, sprinkle them on top of the meat, and then fold the foil.

5. Put the folded tenderised meat in the oven.

6. Bake for at least 35 minutes on 180°C.

7. Remove the meat from the folded foil.

8. Take the dry white wine and mix it with the sauce in the foil.

9. Add the quartered mushrooms to the wine mixture and then sprinkle black pepper.

10. Cover the mushroom mixture in the foil and bake for about 7 minutes.

11. Put the baked mushroom mixture and grated cheese in a serving dish.

12. Place the baked meat on the serving dish with the grated cheese and the mushrooms.

13. Serve with sauce and pap.

Tenderised steak recipe

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How do I tenderise steak?

You will only enjoy eating meat if you can easily chew it. Hard meat needs to be chewed for longer before being swallowed. How do you make your meat tender?

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1. Pound with a meat mallet

Your meat will become tender if you pound it lightly with a meat mallet. Pounding ensures that the tough muscle fibers in the steak are broken down.

2. Marinade with acid

Acid effectively breaks down the hard proteins in meat, and, at the same time, adds flavor. Common acidic ingredients that make meat tender are vinegar, buttermilk, and lemon juice.

3. Use salt

Salt is an excellent flavoring ingredient, as well as a good tenderizer. You should salt both sides of the meat before cooking it.

4. Cook it slow and low

Cooking steak under low temperatures for an extended period will break down the hard proteins and connective tissues, leaving your meat soft.

5. Marinade with fruit enzymes

Fruits like pineapples, pawpaws, Asian pear, and kiwi have powerful enzymes that can make your steak tender. You are required to puree the fruit to make marinade and then dip your meat inside for a short while. Leaving the meat inside the marinade for long will result in a mushy steak.

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The above tenderised steak recipe will help you prepare steak that your family will love. You do not have to go to the best restaurant to get tasty steak meals.



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