How to apply for a job at the South African navy: process, requirements, documents

How to apply for a job at the South African navy: process, requirements, documents

If you have always cherished the desire to serve in the South African Navy, here is everything you need to know to actualise your vision. Before you pick up and fill the South African Navy application forms, there are some basic specifications that you must be familiar with as stipulated by the South African Defense Intelligence. In this article, we will discuss the processes, requirements, and documents besides other vital information. Keep on reading.

South African navy
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The South African Navy (SAN) is one of the primary arms of service in the South African National Defence Force (SANDF). The SA Navy is a modern, balanced, and credible Navy that commands international respect and contributes to the outstanding safety, security, and well-being of South Africa in times of peace and war.

South African Navy role

The South African Navy's core business is to "fight at sea," thereby protecting and defending South Africa's coastlines and marine resources by South African Navy seals by maintaining and providing prepared and supported maritime combat forces, services, and facilities.

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The mission of the SA Navy is to win at sea.


The vision of the SA Navy is to be unchallenged at sea.

The SA navy is an attractive employer of choice that aims to recruit suitable candidates to satisfy its requirements. The SA navy strives to attract the right quality and quantity of skilled or potential employees/members (uniform or civilian) to meet the Departments' strategic and operational objectives.

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The South African navy
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Requirements needed to join the South African Navy

The Navy Military Skills Development programme is a two-year voluntary service system. Recruits are required to sign up for a period of two years during which they will receive military training and further functional training. If you are looking forward to being in the South African Navy uniform, there are specific requirements that you must meet up with one of the categories.

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a) All applications must comply with the following:

  • South African Citizen (Relinquish any other citizenship)
  • Proof of criminal records by the Criminal Record Bureau for verification
  • Not be area bound
  • Preferably single
  • Compulsory medical fitness (applicants will have to undergo the prescribed SANDF military health examination)
  • Be free from physical disabilities and not suffer from claustrophobia or a fear of heights
  • Compulsory psychometric test with proof

b) Minimum requirements for applicants with Matric/Grade 12 only:

  • Combat applicants aged between the age of 18 and 22 must have completed Grade 12 with Mathematics and Physical Science with at least Level 4 or both subjects.
  • Engineering and Technical applicants aged between 18 and 22 must have completed Grade 12 with Mathematics and Physical Science with at least Level 4 for both subjects.
  • Support applicants aged between 18 and 22 must have completed Grade 12.

c) Requirements for Graduates:

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  • Graduates applicants aged between 18 and 26 must have a completed Grade 12 with a Degree, National Diploma, or N6 with Trade Test Certificate in Mechanical, Marine, or Electrical Engineering.
  • Have completed the National Senior Certificate (Grade 12)

Being one of the South African Marines is not easy; applications complying with the minimum requirement will be subjected to further screening. After that, the shortlisted candidates are identified are then invited to go through the selection process.

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The South African Navy
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Joining the SAN is also done through the MSDS. It features careers in:

  • The protection force
  • Engine room attendants
  • Public relations
  • Human resources
  • Physical training
  • Hospitality
  • Fire-fighting
  • Logistics
  • Communication
  • Maritime reaction squadron
  • SA Navy divers
  • Combat officer
  • Student engineer, and
  • Student naval technical officer

A few of these opportunities require mathematics and physical science at level 4. A brochure for these SAN opportunities can be seen here.

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Applying for jobs at the SA Navy

How do I join the South African Navy? After you have checked all the requirements, here is your step-by-step guide on how to apply for employment at the Navy.

  1. Visit the Department of Defense's official website.
  2. Download the SA navy application form or the SANDF application form.
  3. Submit your following documents with your application form:
  • A valid copy of your ID card or proof of identification
  • A copy of your grade 12 certificate
  • Your up-to-date curriculum vitae
  • A certificate of your highest academic qualification obtained so far

4. Once you have completed the form, you can submit your application with the required documentation to

SA navy postal address

The department of defense

SA navy headquarters (recruitment center) private bag X104



Anyone applying for any of the career functional areas must first successfully complete the Military Skills Development programme.

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Recruitment applications process closing date of the form is February of each year, which means that every time you want to apply, you have to be fast about it.

South African Navy training

Basic Military training is compulsory to all uniform personnel of the SA National Defence Force and is presented at the Air Force Gymnasium Boston over a period of approximately 13 weeks.

The South African Navy
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SA Navy salary ranges from R 9,310 to approximately R 11,461 per month in South Africa. But there are other entitlements included in South African Navy salary allowances, disbursements, and other benefits in respect of their service.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I apply for the Navy?

To apply for the SAN, you need to download the SA Navy or the SANDF application form from the Department Of Defence's Official Website. Once you have completed the form, submit your application with the required documentation.

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South African Navy
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How many ships does the South African Navy have?

SAN has got several ships, about 54 under the Combat and Support fleets.

What qualifications do you need to be a soldier in South Africa?

  • Must be a South African Citizen with no dual citizenship
  • Applicant aged between 18 and 22 with Grade 12 or 18 and 26 for applicants with tertiary qualifications (national diploma/degree/post-graduate diplomas and post-graduate degrees)
  • Successfully completed grade 12 with a university entrance
  • Leadership potential
  • Not area bound
  • No criminal record
  • Comply with medical fitness requirements
  • Be prepared to serve in the uniform and to undergo basic military and functional training

From the information discussed so far, it is apparent that you need to meet all the requirements to join the South African Navy forces. Once the necessary documents and information are submitted, you are one step forward towards your military career.


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