8 most expensive furniture brands in the world

8 most expensive furniture brands in the world

Furniture is among the essential items of every household. Most pieces of furniture reflect the emotions and personalities of their owners. The world has millions of different types of furniture, each with specific prices. This article compiles a list of the eight most expensive furniture brands in the world.

high end modern furniture brands
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Luxury furniture brands in the world are known to make the highest quality of furniture. The high-end pieces are classic and elegant, and they justify their high prices. So, what are the highest quality furniture brands? Read on to find out the 8 most expensive furniture brands in the world.


Most expensive furniture brands
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Henredon Furniture is a luxury store best known for producing high-quality products. The store is considered as the most expensive furniture brand in the world. Having been in the field since 1945, Henredon continues to revolutionize their style into classy designs. The exceptional talent and effort exhibited by the staff of the brand maintain Henredon's legacy. The designs of the brand are timeless, making them worth their high prices.

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Boca Do Lobo

What are high end furniture brands?
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Boca Do Lobo is a company that is keen on expressing emotions through unique and classy designs. The staff of the store exhibit a great passion for their work. More so, the designers of the brand have mastered a unique art of encouraging sensational experiences through their great artisan’s wisdom. Boca Do Lobo designs are handcrafted in Portugal. It is, therefore, not surprising that the store is among the 8 most expensive furniture brands in the world.

Fendi Casa

What are the highest quality furniture brands?
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Fendi Casa is a vastly known luxury store licensed under Luxury Living Group. Their pieces display great style and charm, making the brand befit the title as one of the most expensive furniture brands in the world. Since 1989, the luxury furniture company produces stylish pieces using unique and classy Italian designs. The products are mostly handcrafted by Italian artisans who preserve a unique flavour of Italian style. By using the finest materials, Fendi Casa products whisper a great sense of prestige, glamour, and exclusivity.

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What's the most expensive furniture?
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The Edra furniture brand was established in 1987 in Tuscany. When you mention Edra, you think of excellent comfort, elegance, and classy designs. The skilful designers integrate traditional designs with contemporary looks. Moreover, the craftsmanship used in creating the products maintains a sense of emotions to give a homely feel. The designs at the store preserve a rich Italian heritage, making the store among the most expensive furniture stores in the world.

Restoration Hardware

Luxury furniture brands
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RH, which was previously known as Restoration Hardware, is an American home-furnishing company, and its headquarters is in California. The company has several outlets in the United States and Canada. Being among the newest brands in the market, RH has gained so much popularity within a short time. The company brags of comfortable and beautiful designs that make them stand out.

More so, the company allows for consultations before making customized pieces. Their highly-skilled team of designers is always ready to give unique pieces of advice in creating customized plans. Apart from furniture, the store offers lighting, high-end décor, and textiles of high quality.

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Best luxury furniture brands
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Delightfull luxury brand is an expensive furniture company that is keen on lighting décor. Their lighting designs stand out by reflecting a sense of personality and emotions. Each detail of their pieces is uniquely crafted to achieve elegance. The designers at Delightfull maintain a mid-century lighting design in rafting their pieces. The classic 40s to 70s touch are integrated with modern décor to mak exclusive designs.


Most expensive furniture stores
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Poliform is an Italian luxury brand that produces high-end products. The store tries to minimize the traditional look in their designs. For modern style lovers, Poliform is one of the high-end modern furniture brands. The company uses contemporary designs to maintain elegance and luxury. The store befits the title of one of the best luxury furniture brands in the world.

Thomas Blakemore

Best furniture in the world
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Thomas Blakemore is a company that was established in 1847 in Staffordshire England. The company focuses on making classic pieces of interior design products. Thomas Blakemore uses the world’s finest semi-precious stones such as Sodalite, Malachite, Red Jasper, and Rock Crystal. With these precious materials, the store produces classic home décor pieces such as lamps, vases, mirror frames, and pillars. Their stylish lamps are ideal for 5-star hotels and elegant homes.

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The above-mentioned eight most expensive furniture brands of the world keep surprising their customers with their new designs. The stores have different pieces of furniture with different price tags. All these stores produce unique and attractive designs to promote elegance in various rooms. Their attractive designs and detailed finishing make them create the best furniture in the world.


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