The River Season 3: Teasers - July 2020

The River Season 3: Teasers - July 2020

The River Season 3 (on 1Magic) is one of South Africa’s most popular local soapies. The show has lately attracted many viewers from all around South Africa. Do you know what is going to happen to Kedibone? Read on to find out! Here are the latest The River teasers for the entire month of July.

The River 3 teasers for July 2020
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The River for July 2020 are finally here. What is going to happen to the cast of characters this season? Find out in this article!

The River Season 3: Teasers - July 2020

Here are all the twists and turns coming your way in the first half of the month.

Episode 103: Living for the Brave – Wednesday, 1 July

A beleaguered woman has to make a difficult decision when an enemy starts getting closer to her, and two romantic partners are surprised by their friends and relatives.

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Episode 104: It Started Out So Well – Thursday, 2 July

A couple has a happy moment cut short by sadness. Elsewhere, Lindiwe attempts to embarrass a relative into revealing her latest plot.

Episode 105: I’ve Done It All – Friday, 3 July

Kedibone is gravely shocked, and Nomonde and Veronica advance things to the next step.

Episode 106: Nomonde! – Monday, 6 July

Zweli struggles to rescue somebody she cares about as Kedibone is left emotionally hurt by the news she receives.

Episode 107: A Reason to Fight – Tuesday, 7 July

A lady decides to rescue the man she loves, and a spouse elsewhere gets an ultimatum that threatens to put an end to her marriage.

Episode 108: Not Without a Fight – Wednesday, 8 July

Kedibone puts her foot down to save somebody’s life, and Veronica and her partners pull off a big scam.

Episode 109: To the Rescue – Thursday, 9 July

A well-outlined plan goes wrong when one of the involved people refuses to follow the instructions, and Kedibone successfully gets her voice acknowledged.

Episode 110: Done with Her! – Friday, 10 July

A young woman receives a harsh bit of news that she was not ready for.

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The River 3 teasers for July 2020
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Episode 111: Cry Wolf – Monday, 13 July

Veronica gets some news, and Kedibone does everything possible to rescue somebody.

Episode 112: Is Anybody Out There? – Tuesday, 14 July

The Dikana family members live their best lives while one of them is suffering away from home.

Episode 113: That Bahiya Lady – Wednesday, 15 July

Veronica has to sit down and think about a deal she made with somebody from the Dikana family.

The River Season 3: Teasers - July 2020

The drama continues throughout the second half of the month!

Episode 114: Mantwa’s Prison – Thursday, 16 July

Kedibone and Nsizwa venture into unfamiliar grounds for the first time. The Dikana family continues to live it up in their mansion even when one of them continues to suffer.

Episode 115: Bloodcurdling – Friday, 17 July

People around Kedibone enjoy her happiness, while Zweli’s greatest fears become real.

The River 3 teasers for July 2020
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Episode 116: Hard to Believe – Monday, 20 July

Kedibone and Zweli do everything in their power to rescue the people they care about.

Episode 117: All Kinds of Clues – Tuesday, 21 July

The recent events are threatening to send Kedibone into a nervous breakdown. The Dikana family is divided following Lindiwe’s antics.

Episode 118: Amandla! – Wednesday, 22 July

Kedibone comes up with a plan that will get everybody’s attention, and Zweli finds out more information about Nomonde.

Episode 119: GPS – Thursday, 23 July

The courage that Kedibone shows makes her a target. An enemy of the Dikana family is sent into a panic after finding out she is going to fail an influential business partner.

Episode 120: Memorandum – Friday, 24 July

Kedibone causes Refiliwe to become bothered while Zweli comes dangerously close to losing another one of her children.

The River 3 teasers for July 2020
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Episode 121: Stunning News – Monday, 27 July

Zweli tells everybody farewell and leaves their hearts broken. Meanwhile, Cobra receives an unexpected guest that can change everything for him.

Episode 122: A Tale of Two Reunions – Tuesday, 28 July

Cobra and Andile have their own separate but emotional reunions.

Episode 123: Insecure – Wednesday, 29 July

One of the characters fights to keep a secret from somebody. Elsewhere, Cobra finds out that being a parent is not as easy as it seems.

Episode 124: Team Player – Thursday, 30 July

Njabulo comes very close to revealing everything to Andile while Cobra continues his search. Dimpho looks everywhere.

Episode 125: Two-Faced – Friday, 31 July

Njabulo receives some shocking information, and one of Cobra’s relatives makes an impression on Refilwe.

The River 3 teasers for July 2020
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What happens to the characters this season?

Here are the exciting highlights of all the drama coming up in Season 3 of The River:

  • Kedibone – She does everything she can to save the lives of the people she cares about, proving she has a lot of character. This is despite everything seeming like a lost cause.
  • The Dikana family – This season, they are shown to be absorbed in their wealth and uncaring about their own. They celebrate and have parties in their mansion while one of them is suffering elsewhere.

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The River Season 3 - July

The show airs every weekday (Monday to Friday) at 8 pm on 1Magic.

That is it for the exciting hints of what is to come in The River in July. The rest you will have to watch yourself! Let us know what do you think of the show's events in the comments section below.


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