Daspoort tunnel history, parties, directions, images, shooting, latest news

Daspoort tunnel history, parties, directions, images, shooting, latest news

The situation with Covid-19 has caused most people to adjust the way they live their lives. To curb the spread of the infection, the government has put up measures to ensure South Africans' safety. However, some of the citizens have not been compliant with the protocol. The most recent case that has received backlash from the authorities and citizens has been the case at the Daspoort tunnel. How about reading on for more details?

Daspoort tunnel party
Daspoort tunnel. Photo: Saartjie Klipkop
Source: Facebook

The Daspoort tunnel has for the past months been associated with not so good incidents. The security of its location has been a concern since it has been one of the locations where hijackers have been attacking road users. Apart from the killings, there have been controversies regarding a video of people partying in the location while flaunting health protocols. These details will fill you in on why the matter is a concern.

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Daspoort tunnel history

The Ollie Deneyschen Tunnel, known to many as the Daspoort tunnel, is a road tunnel situated in Pretoria. It was constructed and commissioned on 10th August 1972, and it joins Danville and Claremont. Its construction cost R1.7 million, and it took 40 months for the construction to be completed.

An observation by A.P. Deneyschen, the then Pretoria City Councillor prompted the construction. The councillor realised that Iscor workers who resided in Hercules were forced to travel long distances to access their workplaces and homes.

Daspoort tunnel directions

The tunnel spans for 573 m and is 11.6 m wide and 7.5 m high in the middle and 13.6 m in the end. It holds up to 6,000 vehicles per day, and it lies on the R55 regional route. It is situated in Pretoria, South Africa. It lies north-west of the Pretoria CBD.

Daspoort tunnel shooting

The idea of coming up with the tunnel was to save the residents of Hercules from travelling long distances. Its nature and location, have, however, been a disadvantage for its users. Cases of violence and shooting in the Daspoort tunnel are not a new thing. In September 2019, a lady was assaulted in the tunnel. She succumbed to the injuries that she got due to the attack.

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In March 2020, another resident from west Pretoria was shot at in the ear. He claimed that he was a bystander when the shootout occurred. According to the victim, the shoot out ensued between the hijackers and Tracker SA officials and it left two of the hijackers wounded.

Daspoort tunnel parties

The past couple of hours have seen social media platforms flooded with a video of young people partying without complying to Covid-19 health protocols. The video has prompted the Gauteng government to raise the alarm about the issue. The government has also issued a new set of protocols that will be adapted to contain the situation.

Daspoort tunnel latest news

Over the weekend, groups of youngsters were allegedly seen partying, taking alcohol, and dancing along the Mabopane highway into the Daspoort tunnel. The most saddening part about the videos is that the youngsters did not comply with Covid-19 regulations. The Gauteng government termed the practices as "careless behaviour".

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Enforcing the stipulated Covid-19 regulations

On 23rd December 2020, Panyaza Lesufi, the acting Gauteng premier, announced new rules that would be employed to contain the risk that people are exposing themselves to. Lesufi declared that law enforcement agencies would be up to ensure that citizens comply with the national disaster regulations during this festive season.

According to the acting Premier, some of the measures that residents should expect include the inspection of retail stores, roadblocks, bars, and restaurants.

Lesufi said that law enforcement agencies will be out in full force to ensure compliance with the national disaster regulations. He went further to remind the residents of the region about being cautious during the festive season while celebrating with friends and family.

Condemning the risky behaviour

On 22nd December 2020, Fikile Mbalula called out the risky behaviour referring to it as "dastardly". He could not hide his frustrations as he stated,

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We are equally appalled by video clips of disgraceful behaviour by young people in what is referred to as a Dinho convoy along the R80 Mabopane highway into the Daspoort tunnel. They were partying, drinking and blocking the road in large numbers.
These dastardly acts invariably end in tragedy, as was the case with the Mabopane incident.

Daspoort tunnel images

If you have heard of the tunnel and have not had the chance to visit its location, you do not need to worry. These images will help you visualise how it looks like.

It looks so interesting

Daspoort tunnel baby
Daspoort tunnel. Photo: pixelbarcamera
Source: Instagram

If you are in Pretoria, you might want to have the experience of driving through the tunnel. You will be appalled by how cool it is.

The architects and constructors must have outdone themselves

Daspoort tunnel maintenance
Daspoort tunnel. Photo: Rekord
Source: Facebook

The size, structure and design of the tunnel is one marvelling thing that will strike you once you see it. You will be blown by the technology that was employed to construct it. The 40 months of labour are worth the structure that came out, considering its size.

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What are your thoughts on the new measures that are being put in place to ensure that health protocols are adhered to? Do you think the people who went partying at the Daspoort tunnel were doing the right thing? Make sure to leave your comments about your thoughts.

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