Top 30 most haunted places in the world you should never visit

Top 30 most haunted places in the world you should never visit

An unquenchable thirst for the unknown has driven most travellers to some of the most thrilling corners of the world. Some locations have the creepiest history of being haunted by ghosts! Yes, if you thought ghosts were an imagination, the details of the most haunted places in the world will prove you wrong.

Most haunted place in the world
Most haunted place in the world. Photo: @mj_hypnocoach
Source: Instagram

Over the years, there has been a controversy on ghosts' reality despite the claims of UFO sightings in Transylvania and spirits wandering the halls of British castles. If you are a fan of paranormal activities, this list has many interesting details. Meanwhile, these are the most haunted places in the world.

Top 30 most haunted place in the world

Regardless of their history, these destinations have garnered a thrilling reputation for the uncanny or supernatural. Interestingly, they have attracted curious adventure seekers. You could dare to explore them.

1. Casa de la Poesia, Bogotá, Colombia

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Casa de la Poesia
Most haunted place in the world. Photo: @manuelpachecopoesia
Source: Instagram

Casa de la Poesia is the home of José Asunción Silva, a great modernist poet who passed on at the age of thirty. José Asunción is said to haunt his won house, and visitors claim to hear poetic muttering under his breath from other rooms. Casa de la Poesia is a listed national monumental location in Colombia.

2. Kellie’s Castle, Batu Gajah, Malaysia

Top 30 most haunted places
Kellie’s Castle, Malaysia. Photo: Education Images/Universal Images Group
Source: Getty Images

Kellie’s Castle is an unfinished mansion in Malaysia, alleged to have been bought by a Scottish planter for his wife. When he died, his wife and children could not return the property; hence, it was left to become derelict. Photographers visiting it claim to see ghostly figures standing by the window frames, and the owner is said to haunt the second-floor hallway.

3. Chaonei Church, Beijing, China

Top 30 most haunted places
Chaonei Church. Photo: @7SinSanctuary
Source: Twitter

Chaonei Church was built in 1910 as a school to transform Mandarin Chinese into missionaries. One gruesome theory suggests that it was home to an official of a Chinese National Party. Visitors have alleged that they came across the mistress of the government official who killed herself. Others have alleged that they saw a group of three construction workers who broke into the building and were never seen again. Interestingly, the temperature of the house is said to be colder than the rest of Beijing, even during summer.

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Currently, the house is still abandoned and is left undisturbed by the residents of the town. The residents consider it to be the most haunted place in Beijing.

4. Carl Beck House, Ontario, Canada

Carl Beck House
Most haunted place in the world. Photo: @lindastravelhut
Source: Instagram

Carl Beck House was built by Carl Beck, a Canadian lumber magnate. After the death of his wife, his eldest daughter took over as the head of the family. However, she did not receive a single dollar form her father's will despite her efforts to raise her siblings.

The house's sinister thing is that guests have spotted a man in a suit being chased by an angry woman dressed in a dark-coloured skirt and blouse. The house is currently an Airbnb, and it frequents the list of the most haunted Airbnb you can stay in.

5. Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai, India

Taj Mahal Palace
Most haunted place in the world. Photo: @lucky_farhan_03
Source: Instagram

The Taj Mahal Palace is arguably one of the grandest hotels in Mumbai. It is alleged that one of the hotel's architect threw himself from the fifth-floor balcony. The tragic twist of fate culminated in his ghost wandering the halls and the old wing of the luxurious hotel. Taj Mahal Palace is also one of the most haunted places in India.

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6. Teatro Tapia, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Teatro Tapia
Scariest places in the world. Photo: @antonio.rivera_oficial
Source: Instagram

Teatro Tapia, an Italian-style horseshoe-shaped house, was built in 1824 and has been the centre of cultural life. However, its supernatural connection is one of a kind.

The hotel is alleged to be haunted by an actress who died due to a fall during a performance. It is claimed that she returned to haunt the venue and can still be heard singing from the stage. There have been reports of doors being slammed at the podium. Teatro Tapia is one of the most haunted places in the world, although it hosts earthly events like most ballet performances.

7. The Langham Hotel, London, England

The Langham Hotel
Scariest places in the world. Photo: @jamesbondlocations
Source: Instagram

The Langham Hotel is an old hotel and staple of the high life in London. It has also served as a set for movies such as A Scandal in Belgravia. Despite the luxury standards that it has set, reports suggest that there are at least five ghosts in the establishment. Out of the 500 rooms, room 333 is alleged to be the most haunted.

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Given its massive size and lengthy history, you could potentially stumble upon several spirits. Napoleon III, the first president of France, is said to have committed suicide in the hotel. The Langham Hotel was rebranded as the Langham Hilton, and it remains to be one of the most iconic hotels in London.

8. Jazirat Al Hamra, United Arab Emirates

Jazirat Al Hamra
Scariest places in the world. Photo: @petra_sarta
Source: Instagram

Jazirat Al Hamra, which was a flourishing pearl fishing village, was abandoned in the '60s. It is alleged that the ruins were haunted by evil djinns who wander the roads disguised as animals. Visitors hear ominous noises and spot apparitions in the mud-coral houses. Currently, the ruins serve as a set for filming Hollywood shows like Michael Bay.

9. La Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires, Argentina

La Recoleta Cemetery
Scariest places in the world. Photo: @pospyip
Source: Instagram

La Recoleta Cemetery is regarded as one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the world. It is full of elaborate sculptures, ornately-designed tombs and mature shady trees. Eva Perón, the first lady of Argentina, was buried at the cemetery.

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There are reportedly several spirits wandering aisles of Recoleta. The most famous story is that of Rufina Cambaceres. Scratch marks were found on the inside of her coffin lid, raising claims that she was buried alive and woke up in her coffin after suffering a catalepsy case. La Recoleta Cemetery is still a functioning graveyard and a popular tourist attraction.

10. The Separate Prison, Port Arthur, Australia

The Separate Prison
Most haunted place in the world. Photo: @jade_davis
Source: Instagram

The Separate Prison in Tasmania housed some of Britain's most brutal criminals. It operated a silent system where prisoners were tortured to the point of killing each other. It is alleged that hundreds of hooded inmates wander the halls at night.

Currently, the Separate Prison is a historic site museum. It also offers nightly ghost tours for those who feel brave enough.

11. Poveglia Island, Italy

Poveglia Island
Scariest places in the world. Photo: @andreyheimonen
Source: Instagram

Poveglia Island in Italy is the location where mainlanders fled to seek refuge from invaders. In the 14th century, the natives of the land were infected by the Bubonic plague, and when they died, they were burned on giant pyres.

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Any local in Poveglia Island will agree that the island is full of ghosts and unhealthy spirits. Visitors complain of strange voices and screams, and some have reported spotting dark and fleeting shadows. Some even complain of an oppressive evil feeling once they set foot on the island.

12. Banff Springs Hotel, Alberta, Canada

Banff Springs Hotel
Scariest places in the world. Photo: @ginnywark
Source: Instagram

Banff Springs Hotel is reported to be one of the most haunted buildings in Canada. According to history, a bride fell from the staircase and broke her neck, and her dress caught fire. She is often spotted in the ballroom dancing with flames emanating from her burning dress. Another eerie event is that of a family that was murdered in 823. The ghosts of the family members are seen in the hallway outside the room.

Another spectral event is Sam Macauley, who served the hotel in the '60s and '70s, although he still likes helping guests up to their room. The sinister thing is that whenever you try to make conversation or try to tip him, he disappears!

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13. Hell Fire Club, Montpelier Hill, Ireland

Montpelier Hill, Ireland
Montpelier Hill, Ireland. Photo: @StormHour
Source: Twitter

The Hell Fire Club was built in 1925, and it is believed that the stones of the buildings were from ancient passage tombs, which angered the devil. Some of the eerie events include tales of cloven-hoofed men, animal sacrifice and black masses. The most famous story involves the visit by a satanic creature discovered when one of the players dropped a card, and upon picking it, the guest had cloven feet. Currently, Hell Fire Club is a popular stopping point for a walking trail.

14. Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town, South Africa

Castle of Good Hope
Most haunted places in Africa. Photo: @akai_tabito_tabi
Source: Instagram

The Castle of Good Hope was built in the 17th century and is considered the oldest building in South Africa. It is also regarded as one of the most haunted places in South Africa.

The first ghost was spotted in 1915 when an apparition of a tall gentleman was seen jumping off the castle wall's side. Another ghost, The Lady in Grey, was often seen running around while covering her face with her hands and crying hysterically. Other unexplained events include the ghost of a black dog pouncing on unsuspecting visitors and the bell tower ringing to its own accord.

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15. Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire, England

Ancient Ram Inn
Scariest places in the world. Photo: @ukabnormalparanormal
Source: Instagram

The Ancient Ram Inn is on two ley lines, places believed to have spiritual energy from Stonehenge. It is also thought to have been a scene for devil-worshipping and child sacrifice. The Witch Room in the building is said to be haunted by a woman accused of being a witch. A centurion on horseback has been spotted walking through the walls. A high priestess has also been sighted on a bed. Even though it is one of the most haunted places in the world, it has been featured on TV programs such as Ghost Adventures and Most Haunted.

16. Dragsholm Slot, Denmark

Dragsholm Slot, Denmark
Dragsholm Slot, Denmark. Photo: @Iadyvampire
Source: Twitter

Dragsholm Slot, also known as Dragsholm Castle, is one of the oldest mansions in Denmark. It is also reported to be one of the most haunted places in Europe! The castle is home to more than 100 ghosts, like the husband of Mary Queen of Scotland, who passed on as a prisoner in the castle. Another famous spirit is that of the White Lady, whose skeleton was found encased in a wall. Currently, Dragsholm Slot is a luxurious hotel for those interested in having a terrifying experience.

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17. Myrtles Plantation, USA

Myrtles Plantation
Scariest places in the world. Photo: @lorriehopkins
Source: Instagram

According to history, it is alleged that more than ten people were murdered at the Myrtles Plantation, and several ghosts have been sighted. The most famous one is called Chloe, and she had her ear cut off by her lover, and she wears a green turban, peering at guests at night!

Another eerie thing is that a photo of Chloe was captured in a photograph! Photographers also captured a photo of another young girl called Ghost Girl peering through the house's window. Other ghosts include a child bouncing on a bed, a voodoo priestess, a soldier and the previous owner of the house staggering down the stairs! Myrtles Plantation is arguably the most haunted house in America.

18. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan, India

Bhangarh Fort
Scariest places in the world. Photo: @travelyatrii
Source: Instagram

Bhangarh Fort is made up of royal palaces, several temples and is one of the most haunted places in India. According to history, the ghosts in the fort are a wizard called Singhia and a princess called Ratnavati, who turned down Singhia's advances. It is alleged that she threw away the enchanted oil he hoped to use to make her love him; hence, he cursed the palace.

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Bhangarh Fort is currently an archaeological site and is referred to as the House of Ghosts, and locals believe that whosever spends the night in ruins is never seen again.

19. Monte Cristo Homestead, New South Wales, Australia

Monte Cristo Homestead
Scariest places in the world. Photo: @macarthurrrr
Source: Instagram

The Monte Cristo Homestead is arguably the most haunted house in Australia. The house has a gruesome past of a child thrown down the stairs, a stable boy who burned to death and a maid who fell from a balcony. The most active ghost is a caretaker's son who was found curled up next to his mother's dead body.

20. Château de Brissac, Maine-et-Loire, France

Château de Brissac
Scariest places in the world. Photo: @laura_bllng
Source: Instagram

Château de Brissac is dubbed as the Giant of the Loire Valley, and it is one of the highest castles in France. The most active ghost in the house is La Dame Verte, popularly known as Green Lady, alleged to be King Charles VII's illegitimate child. Her husband allegedly murdered the Green Lady after he caught her having an affair. She is frequently seen in the chapel tower dressed in a green dress, with gaping holes on where her nose and eyes should be.

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21. Hoia-Baciu Forest, Romania

Hoia-Baciu Forest
Top haunted places. Photo: @hoiabaciuforest
Source: Instagram

Hoia-Baciu Forest is often referred to as the most haunted forest in the world. The clearing in the woods is the creepiest place in the forest. It defies research from soil scientists and attracts sword-wielding Americans, Romanian witches and those trying to cleanse the forest of evil through yoga.

22. Whaley House, San Diego, CA

Whaley House
Scariest places in the world. Photo: @pacificparanormal
Source: Instagram

Thomas built the Whaley house in 1857. Shortly after he moved in, he allegedly heard heavy footsteps of a drifter and thief who was reportedly hanged at the site four years before the house's construction. Later, Whaley's family ended up in a series of tragedies, deaths and suicides, many of which occurred at the house. According to reports, some of the family members still haunt the house, often accompanied by the smell of heavy perfume and cigar smoke.

23. Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Edinburgh Castle
Scariest places in the world. Photo:
Source: Instagram

Edinburgh Castle is considered one of the most haunted places in Scotland. Visitors have reportedly spotted sightings of colonial prisoners from the American Revolutionary War. Others have reported sighting the ghost of a dog wandering the castle's dog cemetery.

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24. Oriental Theatre (formerly Iroquois Theater), Chicago

Oriental Theatre
Scariest places in the world. Photo: @establishedinamity
Source: Instagram

Ghosts are said to haunt the Oriental Theatre, where more than 600 people perished after a fire outbreak in 1903. Even though the theatre was rebranded, the spirits of the dead remained. Apparitions have been spotted at Death Alley, the street behind the theatre, where bodies were stacked up after the tragedy.

25. The Forbidden City, Beijing, China

The Forbidden City
What is the most haunted place in the world? Photo: @billboehm
Source: Instagram

The Forbidden City is a renowned tourist attraction site, although it has quite a reputation, especially for supernatural enthusiasts. It has a history of murders, from concubines poisoning each other to executions performed at the emperor's behest. There have been reports of strange phenomena, and the most common story is that of a woman dressed in white roaming around the hallway sobbing.

26. Larnach Castle, New Zealand

Larnach Castle
Where is the most haunted place in the world? Photo: @jetstarnz
Source: Instagram

Larnach Castle was built in 1887 by William Larnach. The castle has a 3,000-square-foot ballroom that William gifted his daughter for her 21st birthday, who later died when she turned twenty-six. She is reported to haunt the ballroom. The building has been featured on Ghost Hunters International.

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27. Isla de las Munecas (Island of the Dolls), Mexico

Isla de las Munecas
Where is the most haunted place in the world? Photo: @mac_snaps
Source: Instagram

Isla de las Munecas has a world status as a UNESCO World Heritage site, although it has another interesting side. The site is famous for hundred of dolls with doll parts hanging on trees and some scattered in the grass. The island used to be the residence of the late Julian Santa Barrera, and after finding a dead girl in a canal, he displayed the toys to ward off evil spirits. Isla de las Munecas remains to be one of the scariest places on earth.

28. Borgvattnet Haunted Vicarage, Ragunda, Sweden

Borgvattnet Haunted Vicarage, Ragunda, Sweden
Borgvattnet Haunted Vicarage, Ragunda, Sweden. Photo: @horizoncultures
Source: Twitter

Borgvattnet Haunted Vicarage was built in 1876, although since 1960, weird happenings have been reported at the building. Guests have reported hearing music, footsteps and the sound of three crying women coming from the inn.

29. Aokigahara Forest, Japan

Aokigahara Forest
Where is the most haunted place in the world? Photo: @all_thats_interesting
Source: Instagram

Aokigahara Forest, which looks like a serene forest on Mount Fuji's foot, has a tormenting past. Most people refer to it as the Suicide Forest since it has been the site of more than 500 reported suicides in the '50s. Some blame the trend on the forest's association with demons in Japanese mythology.

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30. First World Hotel, Pahang, Malaysia

First World Hotel, Pahang, Malaysia
First World Hotel, Pahang, Malaysia. Photo: @DaytonSuperior
Source: Twitter

The First World Hotel is a massive hotel and a location for paranormal activities like ghost hunting. Most legends involve wandering ghost of high-rolling gambles who took their own lives after losing everything to gambling. There have been reports of unseen forces pressing onto your body while you are asleep.

If you have doubted the existence of ghosts and evil spirits, this list of the most haunted places in the world must have proven you wrong. If not, you might want to consider visiting the locations for proof.

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