Starlife Mismatched: cast, plot summary, full story, theme song, teasers

Starlife Mismatched: cast, plot summary, full story, theme song, teasers

In recent times, lovers of Hindu-based romantic series have had Starlife to thank for an array of educative and entertaining drama. Mismatched is one such intriguing drama with intelligent plot twists around everyday social life. Society is majorly streamlined into two genders. Although men and women have been coexisting from time immemorial, there is a constant replay of conflicts surrounding roles and aspirations between them.

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Mismatched is a Hindu-themed romantic soapie that draws its storylines from Sandhya Menon’s book titled When Dimple Met Rishi. However, certain characters and plots are included for a robust entertainment experience for the viewers. Continue reading to find out more about the series’s cast and plot summary, among other things.

Plot summary

A man and a woman with conflicting opinions about gender roles in society fall in love with each other. The man is a professor at the institution where the lady is learning to become a computer guru. Ironically, for a professor, the man has a traditional outlook of how ambitious the female gender should be.

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The professor believes that a woman should have little education and must be dedicated to staying at home to look after the family while the husband goes out to earn a living. It becomes his tough luck when the lady he falls in love with is the kind that values education and advocates for it. The two must meet themselves in the middle while finding a way to solve the puzzles of loving each other.

Mismatched full story

Shaurya Sabherwal comes from a wealthy and educated family in the Chandigarh society. His father, the Sabherwal Institute of Arts and Commerce (SIAC) owner, is a lecturing professor. He left his first love, Shagun, at the altar after the latter decided to place her education at Cambridge University above being a full-time housewife.

Shaurya is a fervent believer in the traditional roles that society has fixed for both genders. However, this belief stems from the happenings in his life while growing up. Apparently, his mother had left him in the care of his father's relative so that she could pursue an educational career. The tales from his foster parents, especially his aunt, ignited a revival against liberation in him.

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As fate would have it, Shaurya's belief is put to the test when he is lovestruck by a female student in the institution where he teaches. The girl's name is Anokhi. Anokhi is an intelligent lady whose love for technology is almost unrivaled in the school, and she is also a staunch advocate of female independence.

However, she must overcome some obstacles to reach her goals. One of such obstacles is that her father is hellbent on marrying her off to an alcoholic known as Monty. Her insistence on being free of the marriage to further her studies gets her into trouble with her father, and she is locked up in a room.

Anokhi's close associates, Rama and Babli, find out that Monty does not deserve their friend, and they help her escape from her captivity. Thanks to the help of Aastha, Shaurya's mother, Anokhi gains admission into the Sabherwal Institute for Arts and Commerce.

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Settling into the education system of the institution is another issue for Anokhi as her colleagues at school bully her. The fact that one of her professors does not see eye to eye with her benefactor, Aastha, makes it even worse. This is because Aastha, who also works at the institution, will always support Anokhi, and Shaurya, who dislikes his mother, will always do anything to undermine her.

Several conflicts of interest between Anokhi, Shaurya, Aastha, Devi, and Shagun will eventually lead to a love story between a man who thinks female education is a waste and a woman who is all for females' liberation.


The characters in the Mismatched Indian drama are played by highly professional actors and actresses with sound interpretations of their roles. Below is a list of Mismatched cast:

  • Anokhi Bhala: The female liberation advocate and Shaurya’s future wife;
  • Shaurya Sabherwal: The misogynistic professor who falls in love with Anokhi and marries her;
  • Devi Sabherwal: Shaurya’s aunt and foster mother who instigated the boy against his mother;
  • Tej Sabherwal: Shaurya’s uncle and foster father who heads the Sabherwal institution;
  • Shaan Sabherwal: He is the biological father of Shaurya, who became an alcoholic after his wife left him;
  • Aastha Kashyap: Anokhi’s benefactor and the biological mother of her future husband;
  • ACP Aahir: Rivals Shaurya for Anokhi’s love;
  • Pawan Bhalla: Anokhi’s elder brother.

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After the end of each episode, some of the questions that you may find yourself asking may be based on how Anokhi and Shaurya will settle their opinions of gender roles to surf the wave of love. Nevertheless, the Mismatched teasers help to whet your appetite and sharpen your curiosity about the series.

The beautiful thing is that currently, two episodes air on your favourite station StarLife every day at 7 p.m (Central Africa Time).

Theme song

What is an Indian series without a good theme song that can make you emotional and get you nodding your head or wriggling your waist simultaneously? Well, you are not about to find out in the Mismatched series because the theme songs can spark the flames of love in viewers. You can listen to some of the original Mismatched theme songs online.

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If you have read this article, you must have fallen in love with the series already. So, what do you like about the Mismatched series if you are already a fan? Do you think the conflicting beliefs about gender roles should be enough to hinder Cupid's shot of love? As you watch the series, you will get to know more.

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As you will find out from the post, the show is an original South African series on Netflix whose production has surpassed many Hollywood heavyweights.

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