Africa Magic Riona series cast, crew, storyline, teasers

Africa Magic Riona series cast, crew, storyline, teasers

Riona is one of the best shows Africa Magic has ever aired. Soapie lovers across the continent cannot help but praise the new series from the bottom of their hearts. The show's fame is gradually breaking the borders of Africa to other continents. Riona generates a fair number of views from other continents because foreigners cannot ignore its captivating way of presenting beautiful African traditions to the world.

Africa Magic Riona

Africa Magic Riona. Photo: ImCaptain_Sam (modified by author)
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Watching Riona cast in action gives viewers an illusion of the ancient evening storytime sessions before televisions landed in Africa. The show replicates the breathtaking folktales grandparents narrated to their grandchildren while sitting around the fire with stars decorating the sky and the moon shining upon them. The show is pronounced as Riy-OW-Naa. However, if you find the pronunciation of Riona challenging, keep in mind that it is an Irish female name that means a Queen.

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Riona storyline

In summary, a village is under siege when its brutal leader, Ofotokun, sentences people to death in an attempt to save his future. The prophecy about a child born under the rising of a dark moon coming to destroy him and to bring to an end his leadership shakes his entire being.

King Ofotokun orders the killing of children to avert the prophecy, but two of the targeted children survive. Tsema and Aghan cross paths by chance, for they are children born under the dark moon and destined to bring down Ofotokun's dictatorship.

Who are Riona cast and crew members?

The cast of the Riona Africa Magic series has famous Nigerian actors. It is no secret that West African countries are leading filmmakers on the continent. The skills of these actors blend in that the series feels like a real-life story.

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Frank Konwea as King Ofotokun

Africa Magic Riona

The heartless king. Photo: frank.konwea
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His subjects understand the selfish heart behind his smile and laughter. Ofotokun's iron hand crushes everyone who stands in his way, and he dares to fight the gods when they pronounce harsh judgments upon him. The king loses control over his anger when news about the prophecy falls into his ears. He kills his favorite wife, Onlyemofe, in cold blood to cool his temper and save his skin.

Elvina Ibru as Atigbi, the forest witch

Africa Magic Riona

The kingdom's witch. Photo: JustNewsline
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Everyone in the village but the king fears the mouthpiece of the gods. She has magical powers to transform herself and anyone or anything into any living and non-living thing. Her vast knowledge and wisdom about the past, present, and future overwhelm people.

Amarachukwu Onoh as Prince Atseaghan

Africa Magic Riona

The prince of the land. Photo: Unveiled_Series (modified by author)
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Prince Atseaghan is the future king. He learns about his role in the kingdom at a tender age because he is groomed to take up the throne when his father is gone. However, Aghan despises his father's oppressive leadership and strives to replace it with democracy. He has to sacrifice his relationship with his father and many other people to make his dreams come true.

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Maggie Isiobor as Tsema

She is the king's worst enemy because she is destined to save her people from bondage. Her father, Aso, is a noble and virtuous man, and he raises Tsema into a respectable woman. Tsema knows her value, and she is proud of her family even though they are the least respected and most underprivileged people in the entire community.

Jeff Nweke as Toghanro

Africa Magic Riona

The actor was a banker in real life. Photo: jeffbankz
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The Nollywood star quit banking when he came to the limelight on Big Brother Naija. He brings the Riona series to life with his peculiar acting talent. It would be best if you tuned in to find out what makes him stand out from the rest of the cast.

Jide Alabi as Chief Ofoeyeno

Africa Magic Riona

A member of the king's council. Photo: jide_alabi_official
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The veteran returns to the screen full of energy and charisma. He has been on legendary Nigerian TV shows like Papa Ajasco, Super Story, and Schemes since 2000. Jide took a break from acting when an award-winning broadcasting career knocked on his door. His role, Chief Ofoeyeno, on Riona is perfect for him.

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Preach Bassey as Amaju

Africa Magic Riona

The head of the royal guards. Photo: preachbassey
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He is a brave, humble, compassionate, and loving husband. Amaju also portrays the same values while carrying out his roles in the palace as a guard. The village respects his title, "the strongest soldier in the land."

Soibifaa Dokubo as Omereyon

Africa Magic Riona

Soibifaa Dokubo. Photo: soibifaadokubo
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Soibifa Dokunbo is a theater veteran and professional photographer. In Riona, he is the king's most trusted chief, friend, and ally. Omereyon knows Ofotokun's deepest fears and weaknesses, and as the king's advisor, he plays a significant role in the predicaments the kingdom is facing.

Africa Magic's Riona has a set of talented actors who are fully armed with the best acting skills to capture the viewers' attention from the beginning to the end. The series makes viewers appreciate the African culture and perhaps inspire them to preserve it.

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Learn more about Nigerian culture by watching the Africa Magic drama series on DStv. The channel has another breathtaking series entitled Enakhe. The series explores Benin culture, and its production is also set in the same city. brings you the real names of the Enakhe cast and the show's plot summary.

Watching traditional-themed television shows based in African countries will show you the cultures of different communities. You also will find it easy fitting in anytime you travel to those countries after learning the simple dos and don'ts in their cultures.


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