Jerome Booysen biography: son, son name, wife, brother, family cars, house, net worth and latest news

Jerome Booysen biography: son, son name, wife, brother, family cars, house, net worth and latest news

Gang attacks in the suburbs have become rampant and the individuals living in these areas are slowly making peace with the fact that it has become the norm. There have been claims about two gangs that have proven to be notorious and have been alleged to be related to the many attacks on the region. Besides these allegations, there are claims that Jerome Booysen is linked to one of the gangs; the Sexy Boys Gang. You might want to find out more about this troubling topic.

Jerome Booysen latest news
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For the past few years, Jerome Booysen has topped the headlines for being attacked by people whose identity he does not like to comment about. In 2018, he was attacked severally, and in most of these occasions, he would be wounded. When asked to describe his attackers, Donkie would often brush it off. And when the latter was asked whether there were multiple attempts to have him killed, he does not provide full details. The media has been left to make good out of the available information to try and solve the puzzle that still looks like a mystery.

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Jerome Donkie Booysen

Jerome Donkie Booysen is one of the men whose life has been at stake for the past few years. He has experienced a series of attempted murder by people whose identity is still not clear. The motive of the attempts to have him dead are still not so certain. The most recent attempt to end his life happened a few months ago at the Spur in a Kuils River mall. The shooting left him wounded on his left arm.

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Donkie Booysen association with the gang stronghold

Jerome Booysen latest news
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According to a series of reports that have been compiled by News24, it is alleged that the suburbs have for the longest time been a fortress for the Young Gifted Sexy Bastards gang. The Young Gifted Sexy Bastards gang is alleged to be associated with the Hard Livings gang which is known for being notorious and could be responsible for the attacks on Jerome.

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Years ago, it is claimed that the Hard Livings gangsters were linked to nightclub security business. It is during this time that Cyril Beeka, the National Intelligence Agency operative and 'underworld kingpin' was murdered. By then, Cyril Beeka used to run a bouncer business whose target market was Cape Town's city centre. It is during this period you can see the link between the notorious gang and the latter that left him dead in 2011.

A few years ago, when investigations into the murder of Cyril Beeka started, Jerome "Donkie" Booysen was named as the prime suspect by an investigator from Hawks. However, no evidence has been tabled that links Jerome Booysen to the crime.

Jerome in the nightclub security business

After Beeka was killed, several businessmen, among them Jerome's brother; Colin Booysen, Andre Naude and Mark Lifman; who is facing a R388 million lawsuit for tax evasion came together for a common goal. They wanted to venture into the lucrative business. The three joined forces to run a company whose aim would be to provide security doormen for most of the nightclubs in Cape Town.

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According to News24, Nafiz Modack, who is famous for being an 'underworld kingpin' took over the security business after claims that the Booysen brothers were not in terms. Colin joined Nafiz in the business. The police claim that the split is the cause of the rivalry in the business, with each one of the two sides trying to fight for power in the business. However, Colin was arrested in 2017 for claims of being part of a group that was involved in nightclub extortion.

Jerome Booysen attacks

Jerome Booysen news
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According to the records that News24 has compiled, the most recent attack on Jerome was the sixth in the list of the plots that have been implemented in attempts to end his life. The incident occurred at the Spur in a Kuils River mall whereby a man approached the victim and shot on his left arm before his gun jammed. Seconds later, a second man appeared and shot the guy whose firearm had jammed in the head after which he fled. Sources claim that if it had not been the jammed firearm, Jerome would have been killed.

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Months before the attack at the Spur in Kuils River mall, Jerome had been attacked at Cape Town airport. According to the reports that were compiled by News24, the latter was pursued and shot at as he got into the airport. He was shot by men who are alleged to have followed him there. During the incident, two other people were wounded as a result of stray bullets getting at them. This incident was the fifth in the number of times that the latter had been attacked. The police termed him as a target for whoever it was that was trying to pursue and kill him.

Even though the series of events have paused as a threat to him, Jerome still affirms that he does not want to make speculations about the identity of the person who could be responsible for the attempts to end his life. During an interview that he did with News24, when asked to comment about the threats that had been posted on his life, he said that he did not want to talk about the reason why he was being targeted and whoever it was that was targeting him.

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Refuting the claims of gangsterism

He went further to state that he had gotten over believing in gangsterism and had chosen to devote his focus to his business in the property industry. Even though he claims to have invested in the property industry, it is difficult to evaluate Jerome Donkie Booysen net worth. He also said that he was focused on his children. This is the only instance that the latter speaks about Jerome Booysen family, so if you were wondering about Jerome Donkie Booysen wife and whether Jerome Booysen wife exists, this statement speaks volumes. Also, since he mentioned about his children, he could be referring to Jerome Booysen son.

He went further to address the issue regarding his name being dragged into gangsterism. He stated:

"Where the people come on with this gangsterism and gangster stuff, they must come and prove it to me because maybe I don't have a lot of friends in the police and that's why they can point fingers because they [are] pointing the finger away from them,"

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There has been a series of attacks on the alleged kingpin of the Sexy Boys Gang, Jerome Booysen. In most of the attacks, he has been left injured whereas there are those that he survived death. So far, one of the attackers has been arrested and is awaiting to be charged.


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