William Booth: what we know so far about the prominent criminal attorney

William Booth: what we know so far about the prominent criminal attorney

The judicial world can be an unforgiving place, especially if your life is dragged into your endeavours in your career. William Booth, a renown advocate who has shown his prowess and courage in handling some of the most high-profile cases, has faced a life-threatening ordeal. What happened to him and what could have instigated the matter?

William Booth high-profile cases
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The South African judicial system has had to deal with the most threatening cases, which have culminated in bloodshed. The past five years have been faced with shocking incidents of some members of the judicial system being killed. Even though the murder of some of them is still a puzzle, the attempted assassination of William Booth is a matter that has drawn the country's attention.

William Booth attempted assassination

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On 9th April 2020, at around 7:30 in the morning, William Booth lawyer got involved in a life-threatening encounter when two men dressed in surgical masks attempted to assassinate him. The ordeal occurred in his home in Higgovale, Cape Town. According to Col Andrè Traut, the police spokesperson, the two men fired at the lawyer but missed their shots and fled.

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Sources have it that detectives are scrutinising footage from different camera recordings to try and identify the getaway vehicle. Apart from examining the recordings from the camera systems, the detectives are also looking into the recordings of the Licence Plate Recognition camera systems. The recordings of the LPR camera systems might play a key role in tracking the movements of the getaway vehicle. The two assassins are still on the run and have not been arrested.

William Booth famous cases

Although the circumstances of the shoot out is a matter that is still under investigations, there are speculations that it could be related to one of William Booth attorney cases. Booth is one of the top organised-crime lawyers in Cape Town. William Booth cases deal with such clients as Mark Lifman, who was alleged to be an underworld figure, and Andre Naude.

Who has William Booth represented?

William Booth clients
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Andre Naude, Mark Lifman, and Jerome are renown rivals in the nightclub security business which is controlled by Colin Booysen and Nafiz Modack, who alleged to be underworld figures. The courts have become the battlegrounds for the control of the security business for Cape Town’s underworld feuds.

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In the most recent years, allegations have been made in court to insinuate that the crucial systems have been compromised. Claims about the criminal justice system and the police are being used to execute the arrests of those involved in the business have been brought up. Lawyers like William Booth have come up to prove that their clients are victims of injustice.

In November 2016, Noorudien Hassan was the first lawyer to be murdered in what was believed to be an assassination. In October 2018, Mihalik, another lawyer, was killed in Green Point, outside his children's school. By then, Mihalik was Nafiz Modack's lawyer in an extortion case that questioned the police investigation on his client. Mihalik purported that the investigation was a conspiracy that involved the police and his client's rivals.

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William Booth attorney

Although he came out of the shoot out unharmed, this incident is a call for alarm since William Booth has been involved in a series of high-profile criminal cases.

Although no arrests have been made regarding the attempted murder of William Booth, the police and detectives are hopeful that the investigations will be fruition. The country has its eyes on the matter and the man behind the crime.


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