Cosmic Armor Superman: All you need to know about Thought Robot

Cosmic Armor Superman: All you need to know about Thought Robot

If you are thrilled by superhero movies and TV series, you must have come across Cosmic Armor Superman. The Thought Robot is a 4-D Superman woken up in a body of pure thought. He is powered by symmetry, memories, duality, possibilities, and probabilities. This is a doomsday machine that the monitor's engineer to defend against the ultimate evil. It also has the capabilities of adapting instantly to counter any threat that may occur in the future.

Cosmic Armor Superman powers
Thought Robot in action. Photo: @Baatart
Source: Instagram

The Cosmic Armor Superman is known to be the defender of the DC multiverse. He is covered with a sentinel suit designed for a single purpose, to offer protection all existence against the ultimate enemy and every individual who lives in the universe. His role became famous after he featured in Final Crisis as Mandrakk's undertaker. His role was to push the show's plot forward exclusively. Read more about the Cosmic Armor Superman powers and abilities in this article.

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What can Cosmic Armor Superman do?

It is of importance to know that Thought Robot is the most robust character in comic history. He has a speed faster than a bullet and is super powerful, like a gigantic locomotive. His sole mission is to protect and fight creatures that cause harm through evil powers, and he does that with the utmost aggression.

He has a propelled recollections, steadiness, opposition, probabilities, and possibilities. Cosmic Armor is a sturdy machine designed to shield against a definitive threat. The Armor is equally fit and flexible to adjust in a flash to counter a possible threat. Read more about his powers and his comparison with other superficial creatures.

Cosmic Armor Superman vs Rune King Thor

Thor, just like Cosmic, has a defining strength to use his power to see everywhere. He takes advantage of his gift to locate his opponents and take them down with ease, such as Ygradasil and Managing. This makes Thor be regarded as a distractive monster. Nevertheless, he is not an equal measure to Cosmic Armor, who eliminates him in a dreadful fight.

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Cosmic Armor Superman vs Goku

Goku's strength is unmatched and can destroy a solar system and a universe. Besides, he can as well shoot beams of energy that do enormous damage. Also, he has the power to predict opponents' every move and dodge it. Despite his immense powers, Cosmic Armor is still tough to bring down. In one of their bloodiest battles, Cosmic crashed Goku effortlessly.

Cosmic Armor Superman vs Mandrakk

The war between Cosmic and Mandrakk is considered one of the most gruesome wars between superficial creatures. Theirs is the ultimate test of Cosmic's strength. Armor managed to put his opponent down, literally removing his opponent from the comic book. This makes him be considered a legend and remains the most potent fighting force to date.

Nevertheless, Mandrakk is equally lethal. He once made Armor sustain serious injuries. He crashed at some point in their fights, leaving his fans wondering how Thought Robot would die. Luckily, Cosmic is immortal.

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Cosmic Armor Superman feats

Cosmic Armor Superman feats
Cosmic Armor showing his might. Photo: @Baatart
Source: Instagram

Unknown to many, Cosmic has mortality type 1 and 2 with a regeneration power that helps him survive any injury, no matter how serious it is, in a matter of seconds. That aspect alone makes him way more potent and better than Thought Robot and adding to his wrath and destruction. He has ranked the most brutal comic creatures in DC's multiverse.

Below are his other special abilities:

  • Superhuman physical characteristics
  • Reactive evolution
  • Plot manipulation
  • Quantum manipulation
  • Causality manipulation
  • Higher-dimensional manipulation
  • Conceptual manipulation
  • Abstract existence
  • Regeneration
  • Matter manipulation

Cosmic Armor Superman Beyonder

Can Cosmic Armor Superman beat the Beyonder? No. Thought Robot is two infinities greater than a multiverse. Beyonder is only a million times greater than a multiverse that does not even expand. Beyonder's best feat was shaking a multiverse while he was inside it.

Cosmic Armor Superman Superman Prime

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Is Superman Prime stronger than Cosmic Armor Superman? Superman Prime one million is just Superman with enhanced abilities, reality-warping, and a green lantern ring. Thought Robot is way beyond that. Thought Robot is the strongest incarnation of Superman to date. He is beyond even the DC multiverse and becomes stronger when the plot demands it.

Frequently asked questions

Below are the frequently asked questions about Thought Robot. The info given is accurate, having been derived from credible sources.

Is Cosmic Armor Superman weak to Kryptonite?

Thought Robot is immune to Kryptonite because Superman is a robot and does not have any weakness. A standard version of Superman is not immune to Kryptonite; thus, he can be killed or hurt by Kryptonite.

Is Cosmic Armor Superman canon?

Thought Robot appears in a current in-canon event story, but it was a special one-off issue in the middle of the larger story. But the bad guy tied back into the end of the event and was important. So Cosmic is very canon.

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Is Cosmic Armor Superman actually Superman?

The robot itself consists of an amalgamation of the minds/spirits of Superman and Ultraman. Therefore, Cosmic is not Superman. It is a machine built by Dax Novu powered by the minds of an amalgamation of him and Ultraman.

How did Cosmic Armor Superman die?

Thought Robot did not die. He was damaged a little between the fight, and since he has regeneration power, he was fixed in seconds. He is immortal, bearing type 1 and 2 immortality.

Can Superman beat Joker?

Though Joker is almost always a Batman villain, he has beaten the Man of Steel several times. Despite this, DC has proven that the Joker can beat him, even without powers. In the popular Injustice storyline, Joker completely breaks Superman after tricking him into killing Lois Lane.

Cosmic Armor Superman, better known as the Thought Robot, has an impulsive size which makes him multi-skilled. That aspect, combined with his different abilities such as speed, flexibility, and an intimidating body, gives him a higher edge against his opponents. With his superior features, it becomes hard for any other supernatural creature to bring him down.

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