How old is Frieza from DBZ? Just how old is he in each saga?

How old is Frieza from DBZ? Just how old is he in each saga?

If you are a martial arts or action movie lover, watch Goku and Frieza beat villains on the Dragon Ball series. It is one of the most-viewed animated series globally. In 1984, Bruce Lee's 1973 movie entitled Enter the Dragon inspired Akira Toriyama to create Dragon Ball, a Japanese media franchise. The martial arts fanatic wrote and illustrated the first manga weekly releases for the American Shōnen Jump magazine from 1984 to 1995. Read on to know how old is Frieza from DBZ in each saga?

How old is Frieza
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Frieza joined DBZ in Season 3 in 1991 and has appeared in Namek, Frieza, Trunks, Gods of the Universe, and Golden Frieza sagas. Today, millions of people worldwide watch Dragon Ball movies and animated television series and play DBZ video games. Frieza's father is King Cold, and he also has a brother named Cooler. Additionally, he has a son called Kuriza. In the Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) saga, his actions lead to Goku arriving on Earth, and a war breaks out between the two. Frieza was recently chosen to replace Good Buu in representing Universe 7 in the Tournament of Power.

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How old is Frieza in DBZ?

His species lives longer than the Saiyans and human beings. King Cold's youngest son is over 70 years old but is still fighting Goku over the galaxy's leadership. Goku does not want him to rule the galaxy. Interestingly, the two sometimes unite to fight common enemies. Here is Frieza's age in every saga:

The two years old Frieza takes control of the Frieza Force in Age 732

He is born in Age 730. At the age of two, he is full of Namek power and demands an army of his own from his father, King Cold. Although he has not been trained to suppress his power, King Cold's youngest son is mature enough to challenge Goku in the World Martial Arts Tournament at three. The super-intelligent, destructive, and impatient boy neither wants to stay at home with his mother nor attend the regular Frieza Race school.

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How old is Frieza from DBZ? Just how old is he in each saga?
King Cold's youngest son and Goku fighting. Photo: @HeavnlySage
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The 7-year-old Frieza destroys Planet Vegeta in Age 737

The Saiyans and Tuffles have supernatural powers because Planet Vegeta is larger, denser, and has ten times more gravity than Earth. It is a desert covered with a yellow or red sky. The Saiyans feel mistreated by the Tuffles; hence, they start a war against them and take over the planet. King Cold and his subjects, the Arcosians, discover the Saiyans later and subdue them.

The king hands over power to his youngest son and uses the Saiyans to destroy other races on Planet Vegeta and the other planets to help the 7-year-old son rule the entire universe. Planet Vegeta becomes a military base for the fighters under King Cold's son and the Saiyans.

The 32-year-old Frieza fights Goku on Namek in Age 762

King Cold's son brags to his men, the Z fighters, that he never loses a fight because no one can match his power. He also tells that that he is neither trained nor does he control his powers. The boy describes Goku as a foolish Saiyan who tried to challenge him but could not stop him from destroying Planet Vegeta. Goku becomes a Super Saiyan and confronts Frieza.

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How old is Frieza
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Goku and Vegeta run rings around King Cold's youngest son. He is 32 years old when he fights Goku on Namek. Frieza foolishly and recklessly leads his force in the battle against Vegeta and Goku. He could have killed Goku if he had not shifted his focus on Goku's friend, Krillin. King Cold's son ends up murdering Krillin and Goku's father, Bardock. He also causes a genocide to the Saiyan species.

The 34-year-old Mech Frieza gets killed by Future Trunks in Age 764

Gohan, Goten, and Trunks arrive and give Goku their power to help him defeat Frieza. Baby Vegeta tries to run into the spaceship to escape when Goku knocks him down. Goku blasts him into oblivion and sends him into the Sun, which incinerates him.

Goku kills Frieza and King Cold in Trunks' timeline. However, in the main timeline, he did not have to kill them since he felt Trunks' and Grieza's energy drop to zero after Trunks kills King Cold's youngest son.

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The 43-year-old Frieza fights in the Tournament of Power - Age 773

The enemies, Goku and Frieza, team up to win the Tournament of Power and save Universe 7. After fighting fierce battles, Goku, Frieza, Jiren, and Android 17 survive at the end of the tournament.

How old is Frieza
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Frequently asked questions

Team Universe 7 and other races, including the Frieza race, lose in the Tournament of Power. They come back to life when other universes are restored. Most Dragon Ball fans wonder how old King Cold's son is if he keeps returning to life. These are the answers to your frequently asked questions:

How old is Frieza now?

It would be strange if he were 1000 years old because he has never fought a Buu or a Legendary Super Saiyan. He would have to train to fight these supernatural beings since they are as powerful as him. King Cold's youngest son has more than 70 years now.

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How old is Frieza in Dragon Ball Super?

He is over 70 years old in Dragon Ball Super. However, his fans generally assume that since his father, King Cold, had over 700 years old when Frieza arrived on Namek, he must have been a few centuries old too at that time.

How old is Frieza
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Can Frieza die of old age?

He might be immortal because other characters killed him multiple times, but his powers brought him back to life.

Is Frieza older than Goku?

Goku is physically 32 and psychologically 39 in Dragon Ball Super: Broly. King Cold's youngest son makes his first debut in the series at a tender age.

How old is Frieza in the Broly movie?

He is two years old when he appears in the series in Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

How old is Frieza in Super?

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He would be at least 43 years old in the Age 780. In Dragon Ball Super, Frieza is in his early 40s if you count his age without taking note of his deaths.

Who is older Frieza or Cooler?

Cooler is Frieza's elder brother. He is much taller, more masculine, and has deep-purple skin, unlike his brother's pure white skin.

How old is Frieza from DBZ? Just how old is he in each saga?
The heroes and villains from MOTU clashing with Universes 7. Photo: @TheSlapcat
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How long does Frieza's race live?

These aliens' lifespan is known to live longer humans, as King Cold's youngest son did not visibly age until he was over 25 years. He is at least 70 years old now.

Now that you know how old is Frieza and learned a few things about the Dragon Ball series, will you watch the films again? DBZ movies are available on Japanese Netflix only because of content distribution policies. However, you can access them from any country through your Netflix account. Use a Japan VPN like Express VPN, Surfshark, and NordVPN.

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