Uncle Iroh: 15 things you should know about the Avatar character

Uncle Iroh: 15 things you should know about the Avatar character

Uncle Iroh is a popular character in Avatar: The Last Airbender, one of Nickelodeon's franchises. He is known for his nuanced narratives and Uncle Iroh's quotes, and fans never seem to have enough of his humour and intelligence. Despite being a favourite, most die-hard fans do not know much about him; hence, here are 15 facts about the character.

Is Uncle Iroh the strongest Firebender?
Uncle Iroh's obsession with tea. Photo: @my_beautiful_martha
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Uncle Iroh is the most significant character of the Avatar series. He is Zuko's mentor and Lu Ten's overprotective father. He is also a fierce fighter known for his tactics and impeccable personality. These 15 facts unpack more exciting details about Uncle Iroh.

15 facts about Uncle Iroh

Is Uncle Iroh good or bad? The character is privileged to play critical roles in the animated series. These facts unveil his contribution to the franchise.

1. He is a minute avatar

Best believe Uncle Iroh is not the avatar since Roku was the last Fire Nation avatar. However, he embodies the avatar in several other ways.

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Can Uncle Iroh bend lightning? He has an affinity for spirits; therefore, also understands the connection between the four elements and how they operate. He studied water bending and can redirect lightning.

2. Where is he from?

Iroh has several parallels in the animated series, and he plays different archetypal roles. He is not an alien in any way. However, his qualities are similar to those of Royal Uncle Cao.

3. How old is Uncle Iroh?

How old is Uncle Iroh?
How old is Uncle Iroh? Photo: @Nick India
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Throughout the animated series, Uncle Iroh gets co much screen time. However, not much is known about his backstory. Nonetheless, he leads the siege of Ba Sing Se when Lu Ten dies.

However, his personality and details from his past are difficult to decipher. Nonetheless, the focus is on Iroh's current life and not what he did as a young man.

4. He is open about his emotions

Uncle Iroh might exhibit different qualities, but he is not stoic. When in battle, he gets serious and looks fixedly at his opponents. He gets offended when tea is served cold or when Zuko knocks it out of his hands. On the flip side, he is easy to please and complements people if need be. He is extroverted and is not ashamed to show his sadness.

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5. He was once strict

During the early designs of the animated series, Uncle Iroh was not supposed to be the ordinary funny uncle. He was supposed to be strict, unlike his brother Ozai. However, things change, and he is only serious when stakes are high. He loses his cool when Zuko struggles to make up his mind in the final episode of the second season.

6. He is a typical uncle

The series has many uncles, including Unalaq and Bumi, and some are funnier than others. Bumi and Iroh have one thing in common, quirky behaviour. They spend time doting on their nephews and nieces.

7. He is a renaissance man

Uncle Iroh's character depicts a multifaceted man. He is a general, skilled fighter, and bender. His interest in art, history, food, Uncle Iroh's tea and music give the other spectrum of his character. He is obsessed with historical foibles surrounding them, myths, and legends. The knowledge plays a crucial role in helping him track his enemies and allies. Musically, he is skilled to play several musical instruments, and music is his greatest pleasure.

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8. Why Uncle Iroh is the best?

Uncle Iroh: 15 things you should know about the Avatar character
Avatar: The Last Airbender. Photo: @saturdaymorningsketchbook
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Uncle Iroh has an admirable reputation around the fire nation. His ability to breathe fire earns him the name The Dragon of The West. However, Iroh claims he got the title from slaying the last living dragon. Shaw and Ran, the dragons, are the first fire benders, and they teach him their secrets.

9. Iroh, the imperial fire lord

Iroh was not supposed to be the fire lord. His imperial fire lord role does not match his peaceful image. However, after the hundred-year war, he momentarily holds the title.

He lands the title of fire lord because Zuko was searching for his mother; hence, he takes on the mantle. During his reign as the fire lord, he leads a national holiday to recognize his love for tea.

10. Why Uncle Iroh is the best

In The Legend of Korra, an avatar disappears into the spirit world and goes back to her childhood self. She gets lost in the woods and stumbles upon Uncle Iroh, whom she met at the incarnation. From this point, he remains a regular advisor to Korra. He uses their connection to communicate to Zuko, telling him he is still alive.

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11. The Siege Of Ba Sing Se

Iroh boasts of unmatched prowess when it comes to his calmness. His long line of military minds influences his nature. However, the Siege Of Ba Sing Se is his biggest failure and his most significant achievement yet.

In a vision, he sees himself conquering the city. Even so, a personal tragedy sends him to grief; hence, he fails to destroy the Earth Kingdom city.

12. How did Uncle Iroh's son die?

The Ba Sing Se siege was supposed to be the character's most significant achievement; his biggest one is his role as Lu Ten's father. However, his joy is short-lived since Lu Ten falls on the front lines of the siege. The tragedy crushes him so much that it culminates in the failure of the siege.

Lu Ten's death significantly influences his friendship with Prince Zuko. He becomes his surrogate father since Zuko has a shaky relationship with his father.

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13. His association with the White Lotus

The Last Airbender.
The Last Airbender. Photo: @manu7ciotta
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The White Lotus personifies the character's philosophy. This secret society believes that knowledge and love for philosophy know no boundaries. White Lotus also protects the avatar.

The character joins the other members of the White Lotus to fight and overthrow Ozai's fascist reign.

14. How did Uncle Iroh die?

Why can Uncle Iroh see spirits? His interaction with the dragons enlightens him about the spirit world. He is conversant about the spirits in the North pole and their powers.

Before his death, he transfers his soul to the spirit world, where he lives for the rest of his life, as revealed in Avatar: The Legend of Korra.

15. Who voices Uncle Iroh?

Who played Uncle Iroh? Unlike most characters in the Avatar series, he has more than one voice portraying him. The first Uncle Iroh's voice actor name is the late Mako Iwamatcu. Maku is also famous for his role as Aku in Samurai, and he passed on in 2006.

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After Mako's passing, Greg Baldwin, his longtime friend, takes over as Uncle Iroh's voice actor in the series. Baldwin voices the character's role to the last season of the animated series.

Apart from his tea fixation, these facts create a clearer picture of Uncle Iroh and his contribution to the series. The details also clear doubts about his role.

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