UNISA short courses: price list and requirements

UNISA short courses: price list and requirements

At some point in your profession, you will need to acquire a new skill to get ahead of others in your workplace. Short courses come handy for people seeking to advance their careers without quitting their positions for full-time classes. The need for these skill-oriented qualifications continues to rise even as their significance continue to find a new place in the market. You will undoubtedly find this comprehensive outline of UNISA short courses and fee requirements very resourceful.

UNISA short courses: price list
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UNISA colleges are prevalent academic institutions for short courses under different fields of study. The specialities are highly competitive because they not only update skills and knowledge but also broaden them for lifelong learning. Enrolling for these courses will, therefore, advance your eligibility for promotions and emerging skill-based roles. So, what are the best short courses to do? Below is a discussion of short courses UNISA as they are provided under different colleges at UNISA.

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UNISA short courses 2020

Short courses at UNISA
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Is a short course a qualification? What are short learning programmes? Short Learning Programmes commonly called SLPs are short-term courses that enable individuals, organizations, or the community at large to meet a particular learning need by concentrating mainly on “just enough” and “just in time” learning approaches. These courses target the specific skills required by individuals, society, or organizations. So, what courses do they offer at UNISA, and what are their prices? Below is a detailed breakdown, but follow the link provided on the website to enter the codes and get a quotation of what you will have to pay for any of the courses below.

1. UNISA short courses Business Management - Economic and Management Sciences college

The Centre for Business Management falls under the College of Economic and Management Sciences and offers SLP's in the field of business, management and commerce such as banking, finance, insurance, and marketing, among others. For further details on UNISA business management short courses, you can contact the department through the following alternatives:

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  • Personal Visit:Cnr Walker & Mears Streets

Sunnyside Campus

Eskia Mphahlele Building

Finance Hall

  • Postal address

The Head: Centre for Business Management

P.O.Box 392



  • General enquiries:

Tel: (012) 352 4288

Fax to email: 086 225 4796

Email: cbm@unisa.ac.za

  • Registrations:

Tel: 012 352 4307/ 4322

Fax to email: 086 686 3401

Email: cbmregistrations@unisa.ac.za

The following are short courses in Economic and Management Sciences, with their qualification codes:

Short course in:

  • Business Psychology and Human Behaviour (70475)
  • Employee Wellness (71579)
  • Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases (72036)
  • Organisational Development: Appreciative Inquiry Approach (72362)
  • The Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (1724)
  • Disaster Management (Contact) (76171)
  • Refresher Training for Explosives Workers (76831)
  • Basic Business Finance (71307)
  • Customer Relationship Marketing (71633)
  • Customer Service Management (71641)
  • Writing a Business Plan (7179X)
  • Basic Financial Life Skills (7182X)
  • Public Relations (71897)
  • SMME Management (72087)
  • Retirement Fund Management for Trustees (76905)
  • Applied Risk Management (76929)

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Other short learning programmes in this UNISA college include programmes in:

  • Control of Explosives and Activities (76832)
  • The Introduction to Explosives (76704)
  • Explosives Test and Evaluation (76703)
  • Commercial Explosives, Pyrotechnics and Explosives Legislation (76702)
  • Primary and Secondary Explosives (76701)
  • Public Administration and Management (ODL) (76777)
  • Numerical Skills for Business (70114)
  • Accelerated Public Management Development (76643)
  • International Freight Management and Administration for Importers and Exporters (01929)
  • Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Project Management (Contact) (76279)
  • Disaster Management (Contact) (76260)
  • Local Government Management (Contact) (76090)
  • Local Government Management (ODL) (76082)
  • Middle Management Development Programme for Local Government (Contact) (76074)
  • Disaster Management (ODL) (72532)
  • Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Project Management (ODL) (72524)
  • Applied Organisational Development (1783)
  • Employee Assistance Programme (76989)
  • Skills Development Facilitation (72206)
  • Industrial and Organisational Psychology (70750)
  • Client Service Excellence (70009)
  • Applied Organisational Development (01783)
  • Entrepreneurial Skills (77024)
  • Advanced Business Management (77023)
  • Advanced Safety Management (76914)

Courses in:

  • Local Government Councillor Orientation (Contact) (76023)
  • Explosive Product Assurance (76833)
  • Ethics for Industrial and Organisational Psychology Practice (77010)
  • Facilitation of Organisational Change (77005)
  • Workforce Diversity (70491)
  • Business Continuity Management (77011)
  • Share and Forex Trading (76988)
  • Principles of Effective Leadership (76930)
  • The Fundamentals of Insurance (76902)
  • Managing Training and Development (76803)
  • Human Resource Hiring Practices (76802)
  • Customer Relationship Management Principles for Contact Centre Management (76763)
  • The Introduction to Human Resource Management (76749)
  • Work-Study (76737)
  • International Business Management (76735)
  • Introduction to Storage and Inventory Management (76711)
  • Social Media Marketing (76710)
  • Introduction to Sales and Marketing (76686)
  • Fundamentals of Banking and Risk Management (72176)
  • Basics of Project Management (7215X)
  • Strategic Management (72028)
  • Public Relations (71889)
  • Basics of Total Quality Management (71811)
  • Introduction to Retailing (71722)
  • Retail Buying (71692)
  • The Introduction to Marketing Management (71625)
  • Financial Management (71293)
  • Financial Performance Measurement and Control (71285)
  • International Marketing (71250)
  • Retail Marketing and Merchandising (71137)
  • Customer Relationship Management (71110)
  • Management Principles for First-Line Managers (71099)
  • Labour Relations Management (71072)
  • Personal Financial Management (71056)
  • Marketing Research (7005X)

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Workshops in:

  • Transferable Sport Skills for Professional Athletes (76972)
  • Quantitative Reasoning for Business 2 Workshop (76825)
  • Quantitative Reasoning for Business 1 Workshop (76824)

Advanced programmes in:

  • Marketing (77003)
  • Risk Management (76789)
  • Human Resource Management (76748)
  • Sourcing and Supply Chain Management (71218)

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2. UNISA short courses Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

UNISA short courses
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Below are the short courses at UNISA's College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, with their qualification codes.

Short courses in:

  • Environmental Law & Environmental Management Legal Enforcement (76983)
  • Environmental Law and Liabilities for the Regulated Community (76973)
  • Barista Skills (76901)
  • Community Asset Mapping for Change (76707)
  • The Introduction to Agribusiness Management (72621)
  • Managing Health and Nutrition in Adverse Conditions (72540)

Here are other short learning programmes offered by the same college.

Courses in:

  • Exploring Geographical Information Systems (75515)

Advanced programmes in:

  • South African Tree Appraisal Method (72885)

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Workshops in:

  • Advanced Proteomics (76920)
  • Metabolomics (76919)
  • Basic Beer Taster Education (76918)
  • Sewing Techniques 1: The Basics (76603)
  • Sewing Techniques 2: The Fitted Skirt) (76842)
  • Sewing Techniques 3: The Fitted Dress) (76843)
  • Sewing Techniques 4: The Fitted Blouse) (76844)
  • Sewing Techniques 5: Fitted Pants) (76845)
  • Sewing Techniques 6: The Fitted Jacket) (76846)
  • Sewing Techniques 7: Working with Knits) (76847)
  • Advanced Sewing Techniques Tailoring (76848)
  • Baking Assorted Cookies and Rusks (76849)
  • Baking Artisan Bread (76850)
  • Baking Budgeting and costing for sustainability (76841)
  • Composting Excellence (76828)
  • Childhood Diseases Identification and Treatment (76827)
  • Baking 1: Measuring for Success) (76826)
  • Nutrition and Food Safety (76602)
UNISA short courses
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3. UNISA short courses Education

Here are UNISA short courses in education.

Short courses in:

  • Youth Advocacy and Participation (77008)
  • Moderation of Assessment (76935)
  • Student Support And Academic (76933)
  • Teaching Accounting in Further Education and Training (FET) Phase (77027)
  • Supporting ICT assistants in managing ICT equipment in schools (77020)
  • Youth Leadership Development in Schools (77014)
  • Common Wealth Youth Entrepreneurial Education (77009)
  • Teaching Methodologies in Education (76981)
  • The Support of Children at Risk (76977)
  • Teaching Biodiversity: Life Sciences Grades 10-12) (76952)
  • Moderation of assessments (76951)
  • Braille Literacy for Teachers and Practitioners (76950)
  • Short Course in Norms and Standards in Early Childhood Education (76949)
  • Short Course in Integrating Information Communication and Technology in teaching and Learning (76936)
  • Multigrade Teaching Methodologies and Assessment in Schools (76816)
  • School History Enrichment (76597)
  • Sports Management (72168)
  • The Design of Integrated Assessment for Learning Programmes (71021)
  • Mentoring, Guidance, and Support of Teachers and Trainers (71013)
  • Short course for Planning and Conducting Assessment of Learning Outcomes (71005)
  • Introduction to Leadership, Administration, Governance, Law and Policy Practise (76934)
  • Functional School Governing Bodies, Parent and Stakeholder Partnership (76821)

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Other SLP's in this college include:

Courses in:

  • Support for Neurophysical Disabilities (77012)
  • Curriculum Adaptations, Accommodations and Modifications for Inclusivity (77007)
  • Curriculum and Assessment Differentiation (77006)
  • Teaching Deaf Learners (76994)
  • Inclusive Education (76987)
  • Teaching Learners with Autism Spectrum Disorder (76979)
  • Life Skills Teaching (76851)
  • Teaching Foundation Phase Mathematics (76819)
  • Christian Counselling (7036X)
  • Education Management in Early Childhood Development (70271)
  • Basic Counselling (70262)
  • School Management (70858)
  • Mathematics Education (Intermediate and Senior Phase) (70807)
  • Human Rights and Healthy Lifestyle (70564)
  • Sport Psychology (70556)
  • Dealing with Problem Behaviour of Children (70440)
  • Course for Environmental Educators (70289)

Programmes in:

  • Language Teaching in Foundation Phase (70386)
  • Grade R Teaching (76522)
  • Training Practices for Educators and Trainers (72060)
  • Mathematics Teaching (Further Training and Education Band) (70394)
  • Counselling Children and Adolescents (70343)
  • Advanced Counselling (70254)
  • Technology Education (70203)
  • Online teaching and learning for TVET Lecturers (77021)

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Programmes for:

  • Career Guidance Practitioners (70378)
  • Mathematics Literacy for FET Teachers (71544)
  • Practitioners in Early Childhood Development (70297)
  • Physical Science Teachers (70211)

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4. UNISA short courses Human sciences

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UNISA offers the following Human Sciences short courses.

  • Capacity Development: Building A Successful Non-Governmental Community Organisation) (75760)

Short courses in:

  • Care for the Caregiver (75779)
  • Developing and Applying Interpersonal Skills (75787)
  • Community Journalism for Beginners (70106)
  • Practical Guidelines in Building Stakeholder Relations (76852)
  • Victim Empowerment and Support (75809)
  • Logotherapy Meaning-Centred Living, Counselling and Psychotherapy: Advanced) (75876)
  • Logotherapy Meaning-Centred Living, Counselling and Psychotherapy: Train-The-Trainer) (75884)
  • The Psychology of Mentorship (76815)
  • The Identification and Management of Substance-Related Disorders (76912)
  • The Orientation and Background to HIV Aids Care and Counselling (76968)
  • Training Trainers in HIV and Aids Care and Counselling (76969)
  • Practical skills for HIV Aids Care and Counselling (76970)
  • The Introduction to Creative Writing (72052)
  • English for Speechwriting (76908)
  • Intensive English for Foreign Language Speakers Upper Intermediate (76965)
  • Intensive English for Foreign Language Speakers Pre-intermediate (76966)
  • Intensive English for Foreign Language Speakers Intermediate (76967)
  • Intensive English for Foreign Language Speakers (76986)
  • Basic Communication Skills in Zulu (72761)
  • Basic Communication Skills in Venda (7277X)
  • Basic Communication Skills in Xhosa (72788)
  • Basic Communication Skills in Tswana (72796)
  • Basic Communication Skills in Tsonga (7280X)
  • Basic Communication Skills in Southern Sotho (72818)
  • Basic Communication Skills in Shona (72826)
  • Basic Communication Skills in Swati (72842)
  • Basic Communication Skills in Northern Sotho (72850)
  • Basic Communication Skills in Afrikaans (72869)
  • Developing a Project Plan for an Advocacy Campaign on HIV and AIDS (72567)
  • Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS into Academic Development, Research and Community Engagement (75523)
  • Interpreting the Gospel of Mark in Context (76909)
  • Entering Youth Ministry (76910)
  • Basic Latin Grammar and Syntax (77001)
  • Advanced Latin Grammar and Syntax (77002)
  • Biblical Hebrew Beginners (77032)

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Other SLP's in this college include:

Workshops in:

  • Advanced Archives and Records Management (AARM) (77704)
  • Intermediate Archives and Records Management (IARM) (77703)
  • Basic Archives and Records Management (BARM) (77702)
  • Trauma Intervention and Crisis Management with Children (76788)
  • Introduction to S** Therapy and Counselling (76787)
  • Introduction to Bereavement Counselling (76786)
  • Stress Management (76771)
  • Business Writing Skills (76198)
  • Mobilising Community Members for HIV Prevention and Healthy Lifestyles among Refugees and Asylum Seekers (76775)
  • Mainstream of HIV and AIDS into Community Development and Outreach (76774)
  • Seminar on the Core Principles and Interventions in Couple Therapy (77030)
  • Trauma Counselling and Management (76839)
  • Emotional Intelligence Workshop: Self in Relation to Others (76785)
  • Emotional Intelligence Workshop: Barriers to Emotional Intelligence (76784)
  • Emotional Intelligence Workshop: Self Awareness) (76783)
  • English Empowerment Workshop (76801)

Programmes in:

  • Children and Youth Librarianship (76853)
  • Archival Studies (72419)
  • Using DHIS2 for Health Management (77031)
  • Cultural Policy and Management (7070X)
  • Pastoral Narrative Therapy (71725)
  • Urban Ministry (71724)

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Advanced programmes in:

  • English for Research Writing (76907)

Advanced courses in:

  • The Art and Science of Psychological Practice Management (76814)
  • Facilitating the Development of Emotional Intelligence Trainers (76768)

Courses in:

  • English for Academic Research Writing (76906)
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults (71987)
  • Court Interpreting (76733)
  • Skills for People-Centred Community Development (71196)
  • Foundation Music Theory (76998)
  • Ancient Greek (77004)
  • HIV/AIDS and Spiritual Care (71718)
  • Teaching Biblical Studies (71723)
  • Ministry and Community Service (71720)
  • Human and Environmental Issues (71719)
  • Correctional Ministry (71717)
  • Biblical Studies for Christian Leaders (71716)
  • African Christian Leadership (71715)
  • Course for the Marriage Officer (71721)
unisa short courses 2020
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5. UNISA short courses in Law

Below are short courses that will add value to your law profession.

  • Advanced Corporate Law and Securities Law (76228)
  • Short Course in Pension Funds Law (72729)
  • Short Course in Refugee Law and Humanitarian Support (72877)

Other SLP's under this college include:

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Courses in:

  • Corporate Law (76917)
  • Law for the Music Industry (77035)
  • Deceased Estates Practice (76252)
  • Practical Labour Law (72710)
  • The Introduction to Corporate Governance (71978)
  • Security Practice (72486)
  • Anti-Corruption and Commercial Crime Investigation (7246X)

Advanced short courses in:

  • Business Rescue Practice (76790)
  • Intellectual Property Management and Innovation (76818)

Programmes in:

  • Advanced Labour Law (72737)
  • Provincial and Local Government Law (1732)
  • Provincial and Local Government Law (01732)
  • Security Management (72494)
  • Classification of Media Content in South Africa (76960)
  • Programme fundamentals aspects of children's rights (76961)
  • WIPO-Unisa Intellectual Property Specialisation Programme (7621X)
  • Advanced Programme in Children s rights (76959)

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6. UNISA short courses Science, Engineering, and Technology

This college offers the following short courses.

Short courses in:

  • I-SET Robotics Problem-solving, Data, and Debugging (76984)
  • I-SET Robotics Components and Pedagogy (76820)
  • Essential Computer Literacy Skills For The Business Professional (76954)
  • Mobile Technology in Teaching and Learning (76810)
  • Applied Information Security (76809)
  • Applied Project Management in an Information Technology Environment (70467)
  • Advanced Information Security (76808)
  • Introduction to Visual C#.Net (76804)
  • Introduction to Information Security (70610)
  • Introduction to Visual Basic.Net Programming (70122)
  • Introduction to Internet and Web Design (70076)
  • Strategic Information Systems Planning in Practice (75566)
  • Database Implementation (7554X)
  • Database Design (70041)
  • Developing Web Applications with PHP (72095)
  • Designing and Implementing Telecommunication Networks (70157)

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Other SLP's include:

Programmes in:

  • Industrial Engineering (76837)

Workshops in:

  • Digital Proficiency (76915)

Courses in:

  • District Health Information Systems 2 Foundation (76834)
  • The Introduction to Java Programming (70602)
  • Information Technology in Electronic-Commerce (70483)
  • C++ Programming (70181)
  • Computer Networks (70025)

7. Short Learning Programmes in the College of Accounting Sciences

This UNISA college offers a number of short courses and programmes as listed below.

  • Advanced Programme in Taxation (75744)
  • Advanced Course in Value Added Tax (70963)

Programmes in:

  • Forensic and Investigative Auditing (71315)
  • Taxation: A Strategic Approach) (70947)

Courses in:

  • Accounting for School Governance (72192)
  • Taxation (70971)
  • Value Added Tax (70912)
  • Practical Bookkeeping (70904)
  • Administration of Estates (70874)
  • Fundamental Accounting (70866)

8. SLP's UNISA College of Graduate Studies

This college only offers the Programme in Management of Democratic Elections in Africa -76780 as a short learning programme.

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9. Other, Administration and Professional SLP's

Here, the following short learning programmes are offered:

  • Advanced Course in Analytical Thinking in Governance (76999)
  • Workshop in Research Methodology (76978)

Courses in:

  • Good Governance in Africa (77701)
  • Policy Making and Analysis for Africa 's Development (76923)
  • Afrikan Feminist and Gender Studies (76817)
  • Thought - Leadership for Africa's Renewal (76764)
  • Africa and International Trade - Building an African Developmental State (76738)
  • African Political Economy - The African Economic Challenge (76734)
  • The management of ward committees (76976)

Programmes in:

  • The management of rural and district development (76975)
  • Public policy processes (76974)
  • State Leadership, Accountability, Ethics and Governance (76971)
  • Financial Management (76964)
  • Performance Management and Monitoring (76963)

UNISA nursing short courses and graphic design short courses UNISA

With the comprehensive list of all UNISA short learning programmes above, there are no specific UNISA nursing short courses and graphic design short courses UNISA according to their website. You can contact the institution to inquire or choose one of the short courses above that will do good to your nursing or graphic design profession.

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UNISA short courses fees and other requirements

UNISA is a cost-friendly higher learning institution offering a world-class education. You will be charged nothing to apply or register for the short courses and learning programmes. To find out the exact amount of money that you will need to complete your course, calculate your quote today on the institution's website, or you can contact the specific college and find out.

Short courses application requirements

UNISA SLP applications are done online only for particular courses, and within the time frame given. You need the following to apply for UNISA short course and other learning programmes:

  • One working e-mail address and a mobile phone number
  • Scanned and uploaded copy of school qualifications, a copy of the official tertiary academic record(s) (if applicable) Copy of ID for RSA students and ID/Passport for international students, a copy of your marriage certificate or divorce decree if applicable, and sworn translations of documents if they are not in Afrikaans or English. These documents (in either PDF, DOC, or TIF formats) should be uploaded as individual files and not together in one file. Note that the files should not exceed 2MB (2048KB) each and that strictly black and white documents can be submitted.

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UNISA short courses price list and requirements

The University of South Africa is one of the most prosperous learning institutions in the country right now. Enrolling for a short course at the institution is therefore advantageous in the career market given its long-held reputation of graduating competent learners. The diversity of its course comes at varied payable fees based on the department and course training requirements. The institution advises interested learners to access the short learning portal for specific fee quotation among other course requirements.

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UNISA short courses are recommended for everyone interested to increase their knowledge and skills. Both professionals and fresh graduates can always find a relevant short course to enrol at UNISA. It is not surprising that some people take these courses as a mantle for their careers while others use them as a spice for their career advancement and majors. Join UNISA today and take advantage of 2020 entry short courses to advance your career and skill set. Happy learning!

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