Interesting topics to talk about with a girl to avoid losing her attention

Interesting topics to talk about with a girl to avoid losing her attention

Looking for topics to talk about with a girl to make her concentrate on what you are saying? As a matter of fact, talking to the girl you like is not rocket science, but, at the same time, it is not easy either. Why do you think talking to a girl is not as easy it may sound? Well, they say that men are from Mars while women are from Venus and both speak varying languages.

Interesting topics to talk about with a girl to avoid losing her attention

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Have you ever been talking or chatting on the phone with a girl you are interested in and you are stuck and think to yourself ‘what do I say now?’ I am sure this has happened to you once or twice What are good topics to talk about? We have put together a list of awesome topics to talk about with a girl that we believe are effective when relating with and attracting ladies.

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What to talk about with a girl

When a guy is talking to a new girl that he is interested in, all the talks that they have are pretty much like a little game of poker. The ultimate goal is to get the girl to invest an equal or greater amount of effort into the conversation to avoid making her bored, but instead make her want to know you more. So, how do you make a conversation interesting? Here are tips on how to talk to girls and make them interested.

1. Tv shows, movies, books, music and art

What do you talk about with a girl online? It is not easy to get a woman to open up to you and share her dreams, hopes, and deepest fears at the the very first stages of the relationship. This is why you need to find something to talk about that will create a comfortable rapport with her before she can let you in. You can start by asking things like her favourite movies, Tv shows, music genre, books and arts. However, the trick is not just to ask for too little but to go in depth of her likes.

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For example, Game of Thrones is one of things to talk about with a girl. Ask her if she loves the show and if she say yes go in deeper by asking her which house of nobles she is rooting for in the show and who her favourite character is. It will not only keep the conversation going, but in a way, it will charm her into putting more effort into the conversation and help you discover common similarities between you two.

2. Relationships

Interesting topics to talk about with a girl to avoid losing her attention

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Among the topics to talk about with a girl that will surely spark interest includes all relationship related issues. This is because ladies not only love listening to relationship stories, but also love coming up with solutions to relationship issues. So the next time you hear anyone around you is having relationship issues with their lover be sure to take note of it and bring it up when you talk to the girl you are interested in. You will be surprised how attentive and interested she will be in the story and the entire conversation.

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3. Individuals around you

Whenever you run of what to talk about with your girlfriend during a date, just look around at people in your surroundings. I am pretty sure that you will discover various things to talk about as well as topics to talk about with a girlfriend that will last you an entire day. For instance, you can decide to place the ‘what’s their story’ game. This game is played by picking a stranger at random and attempting to narrate their story. You can then ask your date to give her version of the story she believes suits the stranger. This is a nice way to come up with imaginative and ridiculous stories that will keep you both entertained.

4. Travelling

Conversations about travelling are one of the things to talk about with a girl that gets them excited and happy. This is because just like most people, ladies also love to travel and even if they cannot travel, they love day dreaming about having the finances and time to travel. To make your conversation engaging, ask her more than just her favourite travel destinations.

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For instance, you could ask her to tell you about the most exciting place she has travelled to, and what she liked most about the trip. Or better yet, ask her where she would like to disappear to for a month if given a chance. Such topics will get any girl fired up and help you see her imaginative aspect.

Interesting topics to talk about with a girl to avoid losing her attention

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5. Observations about her

Some dating experts that teach how to talk to a girl you like claim that a guy should never compliment or show interest in a woman when trying to get her attention. But, we disagree with this school of thought as we believe that to seduce and attract a woman you need to make her feel that she has won you over. Take point of unique things about her and when talking to her, let her know that you appreciate them, not in a creepy way though. Most girls are observational creatures and men are not, so when you notice such things about her that other men rarely see, you will create a powerful effect on her and she will start to get closer to you.

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Does your girl possess a unique fashion sense that other girls do not have? When talking to her about what I like about you, make sure to point that out, and do not forget to say what you find most attractive on her.

6. Her Goals, passion and dreams

When was the last time anyone showed sincere interest in your ambitions and dream? It is a nice feeling chatting about things that are closer to your heart with someone that is genuinely interested in them. The best part is that after developing some level of trust and rapport with a girl, all you need to do to know about her dreams and goals in life is to ask her about them. Girls feel invigorated by your interest in their lives and will always cherish what you made them feel when talking about such things that they are obsessive about.

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What should I talk about with my crush? This should not be a problem any more because armed with the above topics to talk about with a girl, we guarantee that within no time she will be hooked on you. You will no longer have to put in much effort as there will be equal effort from both ends. Best of luck!



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