100+ questions to ask a girl you like

100+ questions to ask a girl you like

In case you want to woo a girl and convince her to be yours, these questions to ask a girl that you are interested in will come in handy. It is not just enough for you to like a girl but to find out if she shares the same feelings with you. You can easily build a relationship when you know that the feelings are mutual. In addition to that, this will give you all the confidence you need to proceed to ask her out on a date.

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As you think of the most interesting questions to ask a girl, you need to factor in a few things. Whether the relationship is new, or you are just trying to get to know each other, asking the right questions opens up a lot of room for discussion. The right questions, deep and shallow, will help you decide if the girl is the right for you. Therefore, you must understand which is the appropriate question to ask a girl on a particular subject. Consider the sensitivity of the question when doing it.

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Things to ask a girl

Girls can be sensitive at times and asking certain things the wrong way could trigger a flare of emotions. As such, think carefully about the questions to ask a girl you like. You do not want to be friend-zoned even before you make your intentions known. This would mean that you know which questions to ask first.

Best questions to ask a girl

Among the questions to ask girls, it is advisable to categorize them. You may want to tread carefully with personal questions that inquire about her life, family, and the things she may be insecure about. You should also have questions that are general such as those that seek to find out what her likes and dislikes are, what her fears entail, the colours and foods she enjoys and everything else you may consider general. Then there is the category of her emotions and past love life. This one could also evoke emotions that she has carefully hidden. You need to tread very cautiously on this one to avoid making her cranky or awakening old wounds.

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21 questions to ask a girl

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These could be the random questions you ask your girl in order to get to understand her. You should be making mental notes of these for future references. Chances are that she will be answering you in such a manner that she expects you to remember when the occasion calls for it. Check out some of the questions you could ask in this category. Some of these questions will attract obvious answers while others will be a direction for you to know what to expect.

  1. What is your favourite colour?
  2. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
  3. Do you have a pet?
  4. Tell me more about your hobby?
  5. What would make you happy and excited?
  6. What is your favourite hang out joint?
  7. Where would you rather spend your birthday?
  8. When is your birthday?
  9. What annoys you the most and you would rather do away with?
  10. What is your best memory that you would rather go back to?
  11. What is the silliest thing you have ever done?
  12. What creeps you out?
  13. Would you give people a second chance or right them off immediately?
  14. Who has been your worst guest?
  15. What are you passionate about in life?
  16. Do you love to travel?
  17. What's your favourite sports?
  18. How best would you describe your lazy moments?
  19. Are you an organized person or one that manages?
  20. How best would you describe yourself?
  21. Are you a realist or a perfectionist?

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Intimate questions

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While this is an area you should be careful when venturing into, it is definitely one that you must have an honest conversation about if you are to have a healthy relationship. Here are good questions to ask girls that will help you cover the subject respectfully and adequately. The last thing you want is to make her feel uncomfortable.

22. Whom have you not talked to in a long while and wish you had a chance to?

23. Would you rather have children or spend time with your lover only?

24. What makes you feel your best when intimate?

25. Would you say when something is not right intimately?

26. What would you consider inappropriate and too much intimately?

27. Would you describe yourself as a freak or reserved in bed?

28. Playgirl or laid-back and relaxed?

29. What is a no go zone area for you intimately?

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30. How often would you get intimate?

31. How big is your family?

What to ask a girl when dating

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Well, you need to be interesting here. You are getting to know her and the last thing you want to do is to annoy her. If possible, throw in a few funny questions and see if she can loosen up. This is also the opportunity you have to annoy her an gauge her reaction. You want to check out her temperament too. Here are a few examples to consider.

32. What is your ideal date night?

33. What would you rather do on a date, movie night or fine dinner date?

34. Would you prefer a homemade meal or take out?

35. Hiking and camping or a resort getaway?

36. What is the biggest deal breaker for you?

Here you want to know which traits turn her off completely so that you can avoid them.

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37. Would you date a man without a job?

38. Would you support your boyfriend through a financial crisis?

39. Would you stick around a boring, consistent man?

40. How long did your longest relationship last?

41. Are you a commitment type or a wait-and-see kind of girl?

42. Have you dated anyone from online sites?

43. Can you cut a date short?

44. Can you stand someone up?

45. Do you believe that a man must be a gentleman on a date?

You want to find out what standards she has set for herself on how she wants to be treated.

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Funny questions to ask a girl

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These could be random questions to ask your girlfriend especially if you are familiar with each other. They may not be your typical first date concerns more so if you are not the blunt type. Some of them could border on personal questions to ask a girl, but since you have used some humor, it would not be difficult to get away with them. Here are a few examples of funny questions to ask her.

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46. Would you fart in my presence?

You definitely want to know how she would answer this as it may determine how free she is around you.

47. What would interest you to a snob like me?

You want to know if she feels any different about you despite your shortcomings.

48. What weird smell really turns you on?

You want to know the other side of her that could be freaky and not so collected.

49. What warning should come first, when you are too cold or too hot?

This will get her cracked up and of course you want to know if she can loosen up a bit.

50. What is the one thing that totally makes sense now but was absurd 5 years ago?

She will smile and even laugh at herself for the things she once dismissed.

51. Describe the best practical joke you have ever pulled?

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Interesting questions to ask

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Even as you learn how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend or even how to keep her interest, you may want to pick her brain and know a few things that would not be ordinarily asked. This is one of the easiest ways of how to make her want you more. These questions will make her get fascinated with you. In fact, they can be considered as fun questions to ask her. They include:

52. What is that one thing you secretly hope for when you go out on a date?

53. How long should people date before moving in?

Her opinion on this matter will help you know what her stand on this subject is.

54. What innocent mistake have you ever made that landed you in trouble?

55. What's your story?

This is an open question that gives her room to decide which direction to take when narrating.

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56. When last did you cry or laugh so hard?

57. Do you trust your gut feeling or ignore?

58. Has your gut feeling every failed you when you chose to follow it?

59. What is the biggest lie you have ever been told?

60. Which problem would you dedicate your life to solving if given the chance?

62. How best do you meet people?

63. A book or a movie?

64. Music or dance?

65. What annoys you the most with people?

Questions to ask your crush

Even as you figure out ways on how to get a girl, asking the right questions will always bring you closer to your goal. Be careful about asking this or that questions as it may seem as though you are directionless. As you sharpen your skills on how to get a girl to like you, make sure you use inquiries she can easily answer without being too forward as this will turn her off. Here is a simple way of how to get a girl to fall in love with you. Here are examples:

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66. Would you pick if I called you really late at night?

67. What song speaks to your heart?

68. Can I sing to you?

69. How best do you spend your time?

70. What makes you tick and alive?

72. What is the best way to ask someone out?

73. How best would you describe your ideal man in five words?

74. What are the three best things you would do on a weekend out?

75. What gift have you always dreamt of receiving?

76. Would you go for long-term dating or a casual fling?

77. Have you ever liked someone and they didn't like you back or you were not sure if they did?

78. What would you do if the pros you liked didn't like you back?

79. What is the best action you take when you get super nervous?

80. What unsettles you most?

What to talk about with your girlfriend

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Questions can be icebreakers and conversation starters. In case you have nothing to say and are wondering how to ask a girl out, using a random question to set the pace could be all you need to do. Check out the following excellent conversation starters in forms of questions. Make sure you choose appropriately all the topics to talk about with your crush. After all, the conversation should not be strained in any way. Here are examples:

81. Are you superstitious about anything?

82. What would you pick, a blissful love-life or life as a millionaire?

83. What scares you the most?

84. What is the one thing which when done for you will make you the happiest woman?

85. What would you say is your worst habit?

86. Choose a world destination today, where would it be?

87. Who is the closest relative around you?

88. What would you say is your greatest goal in life?

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89. Would you consider yourself modern or traditional?

90. What is it you want in a relationship?

91. Are you a tea or coffee person?

92. Are you an owl or morning person?

93. Whom do you think should make the first move in a relationship?

94. Would you rather consider yourself smart or sexy?

95. What do you wear to bed?

96. Would you consider yourself fun?

97. Do you fancy tattoos?

98. How would you describe your very fast date?

99. Would you go out with me?

100. How about we go out tonight?

By now you should have an idea of how to make a girl fall in love with you. It is easy to make her convinced that you are the best fit for her. Make her feel that 'the closer I get to you the better it is for you'. Fortunately, all this can be achieved by knowing which questions to ask a girl. While most of the questions above would require a straightforward answer, a good number of them are for your own good. Listen carefully as she responds to know where you stand with her. Inasmuch as you like her, it does not make sense to waste time with someone that you stand no chance with.

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