Health and safety courses in South Africa and institutions that offer them

Health and safety courses in South Africa and institutions that offer them

Did you know that health and safety officers are the most sought after workers in well-paying companies? These professionals are particularly resourceful in coming up with safety management policies and health regulations. The rising demand for health and safety officers has attracted several learners making the program locally competitive as a mainstream career. So, which South African institutions offer health and safety courses?

Health and safety courses in South Africa

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It is a rule that all firms having more than twenty workers must fulfill all the health and safety standards by appointing one or more permanent workers as health and safety representative. Health and safety officers play an essential role in promoting workplace safety especially within construction, engineering, and mining firms. Additionally, they provide expert knowledge on strategic projects to help companies minimize financial implications resulting from onsite injuries. These workers also liaise with environmentalists, making sure that all due projects are safe and environment-friendly.

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Occupational health and safety training

There are several South African colleges and universities where interested individuals can enroll to acquire a health and safety certificate or diploma. These institutions provide holistic training geared towards the drafting, improvement, and implementation of safety management policies. Health and safety officials must also make sure that they monitor safety standards, investigate safety incidents, maintain safety of equipment in their best condition, report hazards, and safety occurrences, and carry out regular inspections.

South Africa institutions that offer health and safety courses

Wondering where to study occupational health and safety in South Africa? These most sought after health and safety courses in local colleges and universities, where you can enroll and complete your course, will ease your search.

1. Safety Management Program (diploma)

  • Institution: UNISA

How do you become a safety officer? Safety Management Program is among the most competitive diploma of occupational health and safety courses in South Africa. The program is critical about the science that surrounds safety management as well as responsibilities. It is an introductory course for staff members that would love to broaden their knowledge on risk assessment, management of safety, as well as incident analysis.

1. First level

  • ENN103F: English for Academic Purposes
  • EUC1501: End-User Computing I (Theory)
  • FAC150: Introductory Financial Accounting
  • MNO1501: Safety Management IA
  • MNO1502: Safety Management IB
  • OHS101S: Occupational Health and Safety Law I
  • RMN111Z: Risk Management I
  • EUP1501: Ethical Information and Communication Technologies for Development Solutions

2. Second level

  • BSM1501 - Business Management IA
  • BSM1602 - Business Management IB
  • HRD1501 - Introduction To Human Resource Development
  • HRM1501 - Introduction To Human Resource Management
  • MNO2603 - Safety Management IIA
  • MNO2605 - Analysis of Safety Incidents
  • OHS2601 - Occupational Health and Safety Law IIA
  • OHS2602 - Occupational Health and Safety Law IIB

3. Third level

  • MNO3704 - Environmental Management
  • OHS301S - Occupational Health and Safety Law III
  • SMN301S - Safety Management III
  • STA1610 - Introduction to Statistics

The program ranks top among other UNISA health and safety courses taking about 12 months to complete at an estimated cost of R6 000.

2. DCC Safety, Health, and Environment Practitioner short course certificate

  • Institution: Damelin Correspondence College (Pty) Ltd

The program is suitable for people that would love to explore health and safety environment for compliance purposes. The course is also expository on workplace management of health and safety standards.

The course takes 12 months with a minimum entry requirement of Grade 10 or equivalent. Applicants with at least two years of relevant field experience are also encouraged to enroll.

3. DCC Safety, Health, and Environment Coordinator short programme certificate

  • Institution: Damelin Correspondence College (Pty) Ltd

The course is one of the best occupational health and safety courses Damelin offers. Besides health and safety compliance, the program is thorough on the management of incidents and emergencies. The course takes one year to complete.

4. DCC Safety, Health, and Environment Representative short programme certificate

  • Institution: Damelin Correspondence College (Pty) Ltd

This safety management course takes 12 months and is mainly about workplace risk assessment, environment safety functions, and management through continual monitoring, reporting and advising on safety standards.

5. Occupational Health and Safety (Saiosh)

  • Institution: South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (Saiosh)

Saiosh offers robust occupational health and safety courses purposely to empower the prevention and minimization of workplace incidences across South Africa. It offers workshops and seminars on related topics regularly for its members. Further, Saiosh seeks to promote professionalism by developing and nurturing a broad network of health and safety workers through updating and informing members on latest happenings in the field.

6. Certificate in Health and Safety

  • Institution: OHS Institute South Africa

Interested learners can now unlock their potential with OHSISA occupational health and safety courses. It guarantees a certificate within 12 months. The course entails a vast space of knowledge, including first aid, environmental safety, firefighting skills, investigation of incidents, risk assessment, hazard identification, working in heights, working in confined spaces, construction regulations, as well as evacuation and emergency planning.

Health and safety courses in South Africa and institutions that offer them

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7. Occupational Health and Safety courses

  • Institution: Occupational Health & Safety Training (OHST)

The college is SETA accredited and recognized for its high-quality training in health and safety. The institution offers the following workplace oriented courses among others.

  • Safety officer course
  • Legal liability
  • Incident investigation
  • CPR Awareness Course
  • Risk assessment
  • Health and safety reps
  • First Aid Level 1, 2, 3
  • Basic firefighting

8. Health and Safety course

  • Institution: KBC Health and Safety

The college is highly critical about workplace safety and prides for its safety legacy in the industry. Among its key areas of interest are site and project compliance. The institution offers various training programs including:

  • Basic safety programs
  • Height safety
  • Behaviour based safety
  • First aid and firefighting

9. Health, Safety, and the Environment

  • Institution: Health and Safety Exodec Training

The college maintains a closer focus on short professional courses in first aid, evacuations, firefighting, and project compliance with safe environmental practices.

10. Occupational Health and Safety course

  • Institution: Skillfull Accredited Occupational Health & Safety Training

The course is handy for professionals that would love to broaden their knowledge and skill base regarding workplace health and safety.

11. Short course on health and safety

  • Institution: Phoenix Health & Safety (UK) Limited

Graduates from Phoenix Health & Safety training center benefit significantly from an experienced team of trainers. The school courses are also accredited and recognized by IOSH and NEBOSH.

12. Health and Safety Representatives Training

  • Institution: National Occupational Safety & Health Consultancy

You can now enroll for a healthy and safety train program and become a safety representative in less than a year. The National Occupational Safety & Health Consultancy also offers other competitive courses, among them the forklift training, overhead crane training, training on accident investigation, dangerous goods training, and emergency planning among others.

13. Certificate and diploma courses on health and safety

  • Institution: SHEilds (South Africa)

The school offers a wide selection of training programs, among them IOSH courses, NEBOSH courses, and NVQ courses.

14. Occupational health and safety training

  • Institution: College South Africa

The college aims to produce competent workplace representatives who can reliably handle all health and safety concerns. It also aims at helping its graduates in career advancement.

15. Occupational Health and Safety online short course

  • Institution: University of Cape Town (UCT)

This online-based course is available now for applications and enrollment and will start on the 27th of January 2020. The course comes with a wealth of resources to help you complete your study successfully without leaving your home.

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There are endless health and safety courses you can enroll in to advance your career and professional skills. These programs are now becoming competitive amid rising conflicts of interest in the sector. Learners should, therefore, make informed choices because health and safety course prices and requirements vary considerably across institutions based on the level of study and duration.



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