ICESA online application, courses, fees, faculties, requirements, and contact details

ICESA online application, courses, fees, faculties, requirements, and contact details

ICESA institution in South Africa is the place to be if you intend to establish short and long term career goals. Through its credible tertiary education courses, the private institution equips learners with the relevant skills and knowledge to succeed in their chosen career paths. Here is all you need to know about joining ICESA.

icesa online application

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Are you looking forward to perusing a rewarding career course or increasing your skills in your current business? If so, ICESA is your one-stop private education institution. It guarantees you affordable and marketable courses while imparting you with highly demanded job-market skills.

Why study at ICESA?

ICESA is committed to nurturing individuals to become a part of a wider global community of experts in various career fields. You are guaranteed the following while at the institution:

  • Competent teaching staff and professional training
  • World-class facilities, including the latest learning resources
  • Opportunities for planning and timely career growth
  • Free career guidance to enhance student satisfaction and selection of the best career path of choice
  • It has two major campuses that are easily accessible through road transport. These are namely Durban and Pietermaritzburg campuses.
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What can I study at ICESA?

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The institution offers a wide range of courses where one can always choose a path that best suits their career goals. The institution offers courses under the following subclasses:

  • Matric School- offers grades 10, 11, and 12 subjects.
  • Private Higher Education Institution- offers Higher Education and Training (HET)

ICESA matric school

ICESA College, through its technical and vocational training programs, provides matriculation subjects in their Durban and Pietermaritzburg Matric Schools. The subjects offered are from grade 10 to grade 12. The qualifications obtained from the matric schools can be used as a pathway to tertiary education.

To get an insight into the program details, including individual subjects, please view their informative and updated institution website.

ICESA higher education

As an accredited institution of higher learning, it is well-positioned to offer university-level education. The ICESA courses are all industry-relevant.

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The college offers both main courses and short courses. Courses available at ICESA include:

  • National N Diploma in Human Resource Management - 2 years on a full-time basis
  • A short course in Storekeeping and Stock Control - 52 hours on a part-time basis
  • A short course in Fundamentals of Microsoft Office (FOMO) - 42 hours on a part-time basis

Diploma and certificate courses are offered under the following faculties:

  • Faculty of Commerce; School of Business
  • Faculty of Humanities; School of Creative Arts
  • School of Vocational Training
  • Faculty of Education; School of Education
  • Faculty of Science and Technology; School of Engineering

To view individual program details in the school, consider the school's official website for more comprehensive information.

icesa fees 2020

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How to apply

To be part of the ICESA community, the first step would be to submit an application. Once you confirm that you meet the minimum admission requirements, you can proceed to apply. Potential students can make applications either through an online application system or by visiting one of the campuses to fill an application form.

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ICESA online application

When applying for a course, an application form is requested, obtained, and downloaded. After filling all the required data, it is submitted to the university together with other accompanying documents as established in the ICESA Terms and Conditions.

You do not need to need a National Benchmark Test (NBT) before application. Only the accompanying documents listed are used to determine your eligibility.

The registration is said to be fully completed once the form is duly signed, completed, and accepted by ICESA. Moreover, the registration agreement comes to effect once students pay the minimum deposit and registration fees.

ICESA application closing dates

The institution offers courses in two semesters. It is advisable to apply and enrol before the semester you intend to study commences.

Enrolment for first semester studies ends by the end of January while that of the second semester ends by the end of July.

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ICESA fees

The costs for specific programs have been uploaded at the university’s website alongside the course’s details. The site is updated and provides ICESA fees in 2020.

ICESA contact details

To get in touch with the institution, below are their contact details:

ICESA Higher Education and Training (HET) campuses

1. ICESA City Campus - Durban

  • 563 Anton Lembede (Smith) Street
  • Durban, 4001
  • Tel: 031 307 7071
  • Email:

2. ICESA City Campus - Pietermaritzburg

  • 426 Langalibalele (Longmarket) Street
  • Pietermaritzburg, 3201
  • Tel: 033 342 9737
  • Email:

ICESA Matric school

1. ICESA Matric School – Durban

  • 40 Dr AB Xuma Street, 9th Floor
  • Commercial City, Durban, 4001
  • Tel: 031 301 7217
  • Email:

2. ICESA Matric School – Pietermaritzburg

  • 426 Langalibalele (Longmarket) Street
  • Pietermaritzburg, 3201
  • Tel: 033 342 9737
  • Email:
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Management and Leadership Academy (MLA) campuses

1. MLA – Durban

  • 563 Anton Lembede (Smith) Street
  • Durban, 4001
  • Tel No.: 031 307 7071
  • Email:

2. MLA - Pietermaritzburg

  • 426 Langalibalele (Longmarket) Street
  • Pietermaritzburg, 3201
  • Tel No.: 033 342 9737
  • Email:

At ICESA, efforts have been put forward to provide students with a conducive learning environment to enhance their holistic growth. Upon graduation, individuals become fully ready to join the existing workforce in society. Take advantage of the ICESA vacancies and start your career course today.

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