100+ African boy names and meanings from A to Z

100+ African boy names and meanings from A to Z

One of the ways to identify someone from Africa is by the name he or she bears. The names connect them to their tribe or origin, and apart from that, a peculiar thing about those names is that they have specific meanings. So, if you are looking for perfect African boy names for your baby or just researching about the topic, there are lots of things to learn in this article.

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Africans believe that the right name stays with the bearer for the rest of his or her life. This is why African parents are always careful and picky when it comes to naming their children. Below is the list of beautiful African names and their meanings.

Male African names

Do you need names that your little handsome man will grow to appreciate you for? These are black baby boy names and meanings that you can consider:

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  1. Azzam – Determined, resolved
  2. Addae – Morning sun
  3. Azhar – Shining, Luminous
  4. Abdulrahman – Servant of the merciful
  5. Adom – Help from God, God's blessing
  6. Ameer – Prince
  7. Amin – Trustworthy, faithful
  8. Ade (Male) – Royal
  9. Adebayor – He came in a joyful time
  10. Akanni – Our encounter brings possession
  11. Abiola – Born in wealth/honour
  12. Amani – Trust; Safety
  13. Azizi – Precious
  14. Babafemi – My father loves me
  15. Bobo – born on Tuesday
  16. Bem – Peace
  17. Baruti – Educator
  18. Bhekizizwe – Looking for nations
  19. Barasa – Meeting people
  20. Bursar – Practical wisdom

What African name means warrior?

In some African cultures, people believe that when a child is named after a warrior, the child imbibes such a spirit. Below are common African warrior names:

  1. Shomari - Forceful
  2. Zuberi - Strong
  3. Adofo - Warrior
  4. Ajamu - He fights for what he wants
  5. Ajani - He fights for possession
  6. Bomani - Warrior
  7. Fenyang - Conqueror
  8. Gamba - Warrior
  9. Harb - War
  10. Hondo - War
  11. Jabari - Brave
  12. Jelani - Mighty
  13. Kamau - Quiet warrior
  14. Khalfani - Destined to rule
  15. Kondo - War
  16. Lutalo - Warrior
  17. Nangwaya - Don't trifle with me
  18. Nassor - Victorious
  19. Ojore - A man of war
  20. Runihura - One who smashes to bits

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Popular African boy names meaning king

As a part of Africa's rich culture, peculiar names are given to heirs to the throne. So, when you hear certain names, it is easy for you to trace them to royalty. Here are some examples of African names meaning king:

  1. Oba - King
  2. Eze - King
  3. Malik - King
  4. Kgosi - King or chief
  5. Chibueze - God is the king
  6. Mandlenkosi- Strength, power, and king
  7. Tafari - He who inspires awe
  8. Sultan - Ruler or king

African names for twins

African boy names
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In the past, some African tribes saw twins as a bad omen, hence the killing of twins. However, some other African tribes find them as messengers of the gods. Below are peculiar names twins in Africa usually bear:

  1. Odion - Elder of twins
  2. Oko - Elder of twins
  3. Atsu- Younger of twins
  4. Kpodo - The older of twins
  5. Ochen - One of the twins
  6. Ochin - One of the twins
  7. Opiyo - First of twins
  8. Taiwo - First Born of twins
  9. Magomu - Younger of twins
  10. Odongo - Second of twins
  11. Zesiro - Elder of twins
  12. Akwetee - Younger of twins
  13. Kehinde - Secondborn of twins
  14. Ovbhokhan - Second of twins
  15. Akhere - Younger of twins

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African baby boy names

Parents from this continent love to give their baby boys cute African boy names. Below are some that you may want to consider:

  1. Adeben - 12th Born Child
  2. Adebowale -Return of the crown
  3. Ademola - Crown is Added to My Wealth
  4. Osaro - There is God
  5. Oziegbe - Exercise Patience
  6. Nnamdi - My father still abides
  7. Ndwiga - Kenyan word for giraffe

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African American baby boy names

Africans in America are usually influenced more by western culture when naming their children. Examples of African American boy names are as follows:

african male names
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  1. Calvin - Little bald one
  2. Caleb - Devotion to God
  3. Craig - From the rocks
  4. Daran - Great
  5. Autry - Noble strength
  6. Booker - Scribe
  7. Busta - Fellow or friend
  8. Jamal - Handsome
  9. Jaylen - Jaybird
  10. Joshua - Yahweh is salvation
  11. Elijah - God is powerful
  12. Farrell - Superior man or heroic
  13. Gabriel - God is my strength
  14. Hampton - High settlement
  15. Herold - To rule or be a warrior
  16. Isaiah - Yahweh is salvation
  17. Izaak - Laughter
  18. Ahmed - Highly praised
  19. Asaad - Lion

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African unisex names

In this part of the world, some unique African names can be given to either a male or a female child. Below are some common African unisex names:

  1. Boitumelo - Joy
  2. Chidiebere - God is merciful
  3. Chidiebube - God is glorious
  4. Chifundo - Mercy
  5. Chifuniro - Will wish
  6. Enitan - Person with a story
  7. Enu - Fifth born child
  8. Akpofure - Life is peaceful
  9. Akuchi - Wealth from god
  10. Boipelo - Proud

What are South African names?

If you are considering a name for your child, South African names are beautiful. Apart from that, they have lovely interpretations. Therefore, here are some African names for boys that you can go for:

  1. Refilwe - We were given
  2. Rudo - Love
  3. Rutendo - Faith
  4. Sandile - We increased
  5. Sekani - Laugh
  6. Sibonakaliso - Sign, token, proof
  7. Sibusiso - Blessed
  8. Sifiso - Wish
  9. Sizwe - Nation

What name means beautiful in Swahili?

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In Swahili, different names connote beauty. You can consider naming your little king Hassian, which means handsome. If you do not want that, you can also choose between Kenyatta, meaning Jewel or Kamili, which stands for a child that is perfect and without flaws. Then, Jamal is another name which means handsome or beautiful.

Hopefully, you have found some names that interest you and will be perfect for your little king from the African boy names that have been listed above.

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