100+ dragon names and meanings for your baby boy or girl

100+ dragon names and meanings for your baby boy or girl

Chinese mythology describes dragons as intelligent, wise, fearless, and powerful creatures that fly and breathe fire. Doesn’t it sound cool naming your child after these magical creatures? There are more than 100 dragon names to choose from. Be assured that you will find a dragon name that captures everyone’s attention.

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Life is too short to tolerate a name you hate. You have a chance to adopt a new name as long as you are alive. Since changing names on identity documents is a complicated legal procedure, why do not you use dragon names as nicknames?

Dragon names and meanings

The dragon's synonyms include a firedrake, a windigo, a wyvern, a basilisk, a mythical beast, or a winged serpent. Dragon names are not scary as most people presume. There are cool dragon names you will wish they were yours. It is rare for people who have these unique names to find namesakes. So, what is a cute name for a dragon? Find out below:

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Red dragon names

Most people are moving away from ordinary names. You need something unique for your baby. Use a dragon name generator when you are short of names. What are good dragon names? These red dragon names will excite you.

  1. Adamek: Born on the red earth
  2. Almandine: Deep red mythical beast
  3. Crimson: Deep red beast
  4. Dutheleilth: The red
  5. Edom: Red firedrake
  6. Ferno: Fire
  7. Flanna: She-beast
  8. Phoenix: Fire-breather
  9. Qyvissir: Leader windigo
  10. Rauthuell: Wise
  11. Sorrel: Reddish-brown beast
  12. Spessartine: Orange-red
  13. Neg: Wise
  14. Moonga: Brave
  15. Oirsoid: Blessed
  16. Onnalth: The cautious one
  17. Otassainth: Powerful
  18. Peirreoray: Eternal fire
  19. Pyre: Fiery eyed
  20. Sear: Beautiful young red firedrake
  21. Shurass: Lady of the red
  22. Tazir: The GreatVesuvi: Precious
  23. Tyssantan: Protector of Xilith
  24. Tirsynth: Barbarian
  25. Tosinth: The swift
  26. Shyrlonay: Destroyer of Life
  27. Unniass: Powerful
  28. Utiss: The eternal one
  29. Voaldrodos: The slow one
  30. Vulcan: Champion of the red

Male dragon names

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Most Dragon names describe the character of a dragon or a specific species of dragons. Others are drawn from anything related to these beautiful creatures. What are good male dragon names? Check out these lovely names:

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  1. Aetonth: Champion of the Blue ones
  2. Aidan: A tiny winged serpent
  3. Anguis: Strong
  4. Baedairaerth: Young
  5. Bazzoit: Gifted
  6. Blaze: A little fire breather
  7. Brantley: The beast’s fire
  8. Bryddris: The black one
  9. Cadmus: A windigo's cold teeth
  10. Connasdaim: Powerful
  11. Cusoass: The dark one
  12. Danym: Rabbit slayer
  13. Dezenym: The voiceless one
  14. Dracon: Understanding
  15. Draco: Name of a winged serpent
  16. Drake: The beast’s power
  17. Doryu: The ways of a basilisk
  18. Eimuth: The scary one
  19. Etag: Men’s champion
  20. Ezorreod: Strong Minded
  21. Frerryry: Powerful
  22. Gavnith: The insane one
  23. Grivacre: The taker of life
  24. Grymre: The loud one
  25. Jergintarth: The fire-starter
  26. Jiress: The puny
  27. Jommed: Adorable
  28. Kiddra: Brave
  29. Knucker: A winged water monster
  30. Lammy: Calm
  31. Maevnussut: Lord of Fire
  32. Nervem: Warm hearted
  33. Pendragon: The chief beast
  34. Pyro: Red-eyed
  35. Qymintin: The bunny killer
  36. Reirsyphys: Tender
  37. Rizontie: Ice breathe
  38. Shysyt: Champion of the Green ones
  39. Tienyntoass: Tyrant
  40. Tiesurraelth: Stubborn
  41. Qyrdur: Rabbit Slayer
  42. Vomrayn: Warm-hearted
  43. Ymmodio: The careful one
  44. Ziselaer: Champion of the Black ones
  45. Zysyss: Immortal

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Female dragon names

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Are you excitedly waiting for your baby girl’s delivery date but wondering what dragon name you should choose for her? Don't worry about it because there are countless names to select from. These are the best dragon names for princesses.

  1. Aevnass: Gentle heart
  2. Anguisa: Virtuous
  3. Cilli: Strong
  4. Chance: A lucky baby basilisk
  5. Chumana: Serpent-like beast
  6. Chusi: Beautiful dragon flower
  7. Daenerys: Female beast of hope
  8. Dalinda: Noble
  9. Devlin: My lucky mythical beast
  10. Dracona: Female firedrake
  11. Drayce: Independent
  12. Draken: A stable family
  13. Druk: Thunder basilisk
  14. Errier: Fierce
  15. Ezzussi: Men’s destroyer
  16. Fafner: Dynamic, versatile, and optimistic
  17. Fyghinti: The puny
  18. Frirsussa: The young one
  19. Hapi: The Youngling
  20. Hikyn: Immortal
  21. Hydra: Headed-water winged serpent
  22. Hyrainth: Sharp mind
  23. Irad: An empire wyvern
  24. Ju-Long: A mighty winged serpent
  25. Kayda: Looks like a young dragon
  26. Ladon: A hundred-headed wyvern that guarded the Hesperides Garden
  27. Libelle: Dragonfly
  28. Naysein: The clean one
  29. Tanwen: The one who spits white fire
  30. Tatsuo: A female firedrake
  31. Tatsuya: A Japanese sign of the winged serpent
  32. Hydra: Many headed water-windigo
  33. Kimba: Fire
  34. Kaida: Little firedrake
  35. Khuzaimah: A dragon tree
  36. Khuzaymah: An Elba dragon tree
  37. Nuri: Fire
  38. Rytys: Lady of the Yellow
  39. Ryoko: A woman who is like the firedrake
  40. Ryu: A winged serpent

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Is your search for a dragon name over? Use this dragon name generator for more names. Remember to blend the names with those from your culture. It is great to have future generations that adopt unique names but also maintain their cultures.

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