100+ Cute African girl names - meaning & origin

100+ Cute African girl names - meaning & origin

Are you expecting a girl child or have you just given birth to a cute baby girl and you need befitting African girl names that you can choose from for her? Well, the search is worth it as names are influential and can determine the future of a child. Here are 100+ names and their origins to choose from.

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Africans have different meaningful names, some of which are a result of their experiences, exploits that some people did, and various encounters. Because some people believe that a person's name follows him or her throughout their existence on earth, this is why parents are meticulous in choosing a name for their kids. To learn about different female African names and what each of them means, read the following paragraphs.

African American girl names

1. Akilah

Interpretation: Intelligent or logical

Source: Arabic

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2. Brianna

Meaning: Virtuous and strong

Origin: Celtic

3. Capria

Interpretation: Musical and whimsical

Origin: Italian

4. Cedrica

Interpretation: Bravery

Origin: Celtic

5. Dazzline

Significance: Luminous

Source: French

6. Edith

Interpretation: Blessed

Source: English

7. Fatema

Interpretation: Captivating

Source: Arabic

8. Fayth

Interpretation: Absolute trust

Source: English

9. Gabrielle

Interpretation: Woman of God

Source: French

10. Gail

Meaning: My father rejoices

Source: Hebrew

11. Hazell

Significance: The Hazelnut tree

Origin: British.

12. Hannah

Meaning: Grace

Source: Hebrew

13. Hanita

Connotation: Divine Grace

Source: India

14. Indigo

Interpretation: Colour Indigo

Source: Greek

15. Imani

Significance: Faith

Source: South Africa

16. Ida

Interpretation: Labour or work

Origin: Germanic language

17. Jashanna

Connotation: Celebration

Origin: India

18. Kimani

Interpretation: Sweet and beautiful

Source: Hawaiian

19. Lian

Significance: Youthful

Source: Italian

African baby girl names

20. Adanna

Interpretation: The daughter of her father

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Source: Igbos of Nigeria

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21. Adanne

Interpretation: Daughter of her mother

Origin: Igbo

22. Addiah

Interpretation: A gift from God

Origin: Swahili

23. Funeka

Interpretation: The one who is needed

Origin: Xhosa

24. Adeola

Significance: Crown has wealth or crown has honour

Origin: Yorubas of Nigeria

25. Aluna

Connotation: Come here

Source: Kenya

26. Sagal

Meaning: The Morning star

Origin: Somalia

27. Zev

Significance: The older twin

Origin: Uganda

28. Neela

Meaning: Beautiful

Origin: Ethiopian

29. Akachi

Meaning: God's hand

Origin: Igbo

30. Chikaodili

Connotation: It is left for God

Origin: Igbo people in Nigeria

31. Fundiswa

Significance: An educated person

Origin: Xhosa

32. Chinazaekpere

Meaning: God answers prayer

Origin: Igbo

33. Mmasinachi

Meaning: Beauty comes from God

Origin: Igbo

African girl names and meanings
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African girl names and meanings

If you are looking for beautiful African girl names that your cute angel will grow to love, here are some:

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34. Nuru

Significance: Born during the day

Origin: Ethiopian

35. Chisom

Connotation: God follows me

Origin: Igbo race

36. Afia

Meaning: Born on Friday

Origin: Ethiopia.

37. Adaku

Significance: Daughter of wealth

Origin: Igbo

38. Aida

Meaning: happy

Origin: Ethiopia

39. Nyala

Connotation: A mountain goat

Origin: Ethiopia

40. Zala

Significance: Someone from Southwest Ethiopia

Source: Ethiopia

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41. Mazaa

Meaning: Aroma

Source: Ethiopia

South African girl names

African women names of South African origin are with deep meanings. They reflect their beliefs, culture, and traditions. Go through the list to see some pretty African girl names.

42. Ankia

Meaning: God's grace

43. Lerato

Significance: A call to love another person

44. Madalitso

Connotation: A blessed person

45. Naledi

Meaning: A shining star in the sky

46. Retha

Significance: Excellence and righteousness

47. Rudo

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Significance: A feeling of love

48. Rufaro

Interpretation: A feeling of true happiness

49. Rutendo

Significance: The one who has faith

50. Mncedisi

Interpretation: A helper has indeed come

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51. Mthobeli

Connotation: The obedient one

52. Nandipha

Significance: The one who has good taste

53. Nceba

Meaning: Mercy

54. Ndiliswa

Connotation: The respected one

55. Nobomi

Meaning: Life

56. Nocawe

Significance: Girls born on a Sunday

57. Nomthandazo

Interpretation: A prayer

58. Nomuula

Interpretation: Rain

59. Babalwa

Interpretation: Someone who is graced

Source: Xhosa

60. Babalwa

Meaning: Someone who enjoys grace

Origin: Xhosa

61. Cebisa

Interpretation: One who can give advice

Source: Xhosa

62. Fezeka

Interpretation: Being fulfilled

Origin: Xhosa

Unique African girl names

63. Nofoto

Significance: Someone who is like her grandmother

Origin: South Africa

64. Aphiwe

Significance: They are given

Origin: South African

65. Abena

Meaning: Born on Tuesday

Origin: Ethiopia

66. Chioma

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Connotation: A good God

Source: Igbo

67. Subira

Significance: Patience

Source: Ethiopian

68. Chidimma

Meaning: God is good

Source: Igbo

69. Buhle

Meaning: Beauty

Source: South African

What are some girl African names?

Check out the following names. They are suitable for a child from any tribe in Africa.

70. Amarachukwu

Meaning: Divine grace, God's favour, and mercy of God

Origin: Igbo

71. Amne

Meaning: Safe and secure

Origin: Swahili

72. Ama

Significance: Baby girls born on Saturday

Origin: Ghana

73. Dalia

Meaning: A flower

Source: Tanzania

74. Hakizimana

Connotation: God is our saviour

Source: Rwanda

75. Bathandwa

Meaning: Beloved

Source: South Africa

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76. Jafari

Connotation: A version of Jafar

Origin: Swahili

77. Jendayi

Significance: Thankful and grateful

Origin: Zimbabwe

78. Oni

Meaning: Born on holy ground

Origin: Yoruba people of Nigeria

79. Rashidi

Significance: Thinker and counselor

Origin: Egyptian and Swahili

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80. Shani

Meaning: Wonderful

Source: Egyptian

81. Khunjulwa

Significance: The one who will be remembered

Source: Xhosa

82. Bongani

Connotation: To be thankful

Source: Zulu

83. Hasani

What name means beautiful in Swahili? Hasani is the right name to consider giving your cute baby angel.

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What is a badass girl name?

Names are influential in passing a message. Some girls who wish to appear tough, fierce and as a badass go for names that depict them as such. They need to tell everyone that they cannot be messed with. These are some African names for such.

84. Ruby

Connotation: The power of a bad girl

Source: Latin name

85. Lola

Connotation: A sly temptress who loves going against the rules

Source: Spanish

86. Angelina

Connotation: Angel

Source: Italian

87. Aella

Meaning: Whirlwind

Origin: Greek

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88. Lilith

Significance: Night monster, ghost or storm goddess

Source: Hebrew

89. Aiden

Meaning: Little and Fiery

Source: Irish

90. Blair

Significance: Different revenge schemes

Source: Scottish Gaelic

What are some African boy names?

91. Adem

Meaning: Red earth

Origin: Afrikaans

92. Mandela

Connotation: Troublemaker

Origin: Xhosa

93. Ajayi

Significance: Born with face down

Source: Yoruba

94. Bast

Significance: The city of Bubastis

Source: Egypt

95. Bern

Meaning: Peace

Source: Afrikaans language

96. Bokamoso

Meaning: The future

Origin: South Africa

97. Bayode

Meaning: He comes with joy

Origin: Yoruba

98. Ade

Significance: Royal

Source: Yoruba

99. Abeer

Connotation: Fragrance

Source: Arabic

100. Absko

Meaning: Power and strength

Source: Kenyan

Now that you have gone through these beautiful African girl names, there is no doubt in the fact that you must have found a few ones that caught your attention and can befit your baby.

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