225+ original Afrikaans names and meanings for boys and girls

225+ original Afrikaans names and meanings for boys and girls

Afrikaans names are quickly becoming a favourite among modern parents. Your Afrikaans name is a unique identifier that will stick with you for life. Consequently, people are slowly gravitating away from the common names and are instead looking for unique ones from different languages. For example, in South Africa and worldwide, people are realizing the uniqueness of Afrikaans' names and thus look for cute ones to give their children.

Cute Afrikaans names and meanings
Afrikaans culture is known for having unique names. Photo: @PublicDomainPictures/pixabay.com (modified by author)
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Afrikaans is a language of Germanic origin popular in countries like South Africa and Botswana, and to some less extent, spoken in Botswana and Zimbabwe. Over the years, it has evolved by incorporating other languages like Portuguese, Malay, and a few of the Bantu languages.

Afrikaans baby names

Fascinated by this language and want your kid to have an Afrikaans name? Or do you simply find these names cute? The list below has a mixture of fascinating and funny Afrikaans names that will blend with your child's character.

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Afrikaans boy names and meanings

Popular Afrikaans names and meanings
Which Afrikaans name will suit your baby boy? Photo: @esudroff/pixabay.com (modified by author)
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Expecting a baby boy? Having a boy is one of the greatest bundles of joy that a mother can get. Giving them a unique moniker is, therefore, what every woman looks forward to. You can scroll through this list of Afrikaans boys' names and select one that excites you.

  1. Abu: Father
  2. Ade: Royal
  3. Adam: Like Adam in the Bible meaning red earth
  4. Adiel: Goat
  5. Adonis: God of peace and love
  6. Adriaan: From Adria
  7. Aidan: Strong/Fight
  8. Ajanie: This Afrikaans name means he who wins the struggle
  9. Anton: Praiseworthy
  10. Alake: One to be honoured
  11. Amri: Prince
  12. André: A variation of Andrew meaning man
  13. Arno: Eagle
  14. Broer: Brother
  15. Ben: Short for Benjamin and it means son of the right hand
  16. Bertus: This name of Germanic origin stands for strength
  17. Botha: This is an Afrikaans surname often used as a name
  18. Beyers: The name is derived from the Old English word byre, which means cattle shed
  19. Brandon: This Irish name refers to a brave prince.
  20. Bernardt: It is of Old German origin, and the meaning is strong, brave bear
  21. Bekker: This is another Afrikaans surname commonly used as a name
  22. Braam: A variation of Abraham and means father of a multitude
  23. Christiaan: A variant of Christian
  24. Christo: Follower of Christ
  25. Clementius: Merciful
  26. Daniel: God is my judge
  27. Danté: Enduring
  28. Dawie: Beloved
  29. Dedrick: Gifted ruler
  30. Dirk: People ruler
  31. Dian: Divine
  32. Emil: It is of Latin origin, and means rival, laborious, or eager
  33. Eugene: Noble
  34. Eben: The meaning of the name refers to a foundation of stone
  35. Everhart: Brace boar
  36. Ferdie: venture, voyager, traveller
  37. Francois: A variation of Francis meaning free man
  38. Frederich: Peaceful ruler
  39. Gazali: Mystic
  40. Gerhardus: A variation of Gerard
  41. Gidea: Was neglected for long but has started to climb now
  42. Godewyn: Good friend
  43. Gregor: Vigilant
  44. Harold: Strong fighter
  45. Hansie: God is gracious
  46. Heinrich: Home of the king
  47. Helouise: Healthy/wide
  48. Henrick: Rules the home
  49. Henrico: State ruler
  50. Imka: Water
  51. Isabeau: Pledged to God
  52. Izaac: Laughter
  53. Jaco: Supplanter
  54. Jacques: Supplanter
  55. Jaivyn: Light spirit
  56. Jan: A variation of John and means God has been gracious
  57. Janco: Jehovah has been gracious
  58. Jaquan: This Afrikaans name can either mean loving spirit or raised by Yahweh
  59. Jengo: One with a reddish complexion
  60. Johan: God is gracious
  61. Junior: Young
  62. Kabili: Possession
  63. Kai: Sea
  64. Kaikara: A god
  65. Kaikura: Ground squirrel
  66. Kamogelo: Acceptance
  67. Kian: Ancient
  68. Kores: Throne
  69. Lateef: Civilized
  70. Leeto: Journey
  71. Lencho: Lion
  72. Lethabo: Joy
  73. Lodewikus/Louw: War or battle
  74. Lolonyo: Love is beautiful
  75. Loyiso: Victory
  76. Luan: White lion/fair/justice/transparent
  77. Luca: Man from Lucania
  78. Maghiel: A variation of Michael and means who is like God?
  79. Maarten: Fondness of war
  80. Mattys: A variation of Matthis
  81. Michel: Another variation of Michael and means Who is like God?
  82. Mpho: Gift
  83. Nicolaas: Victorious army
  84. Nelius: Horn
  85. Paulsen: This Afrikaans name can either mean little or son of Paul
  86. Pieter: A variation of Peter and means a rock
  87. Philippus: Lover of horse
  88. Riana: Little king
  89. Ricus: Sovereign ruler
  90. Roosevelt: Field of roses
  91. Ruan: A variation of Ruadhan
  92. Ruben: Behold, a son
  93. Rutger: Renowned spearman
  94. Rylond: Ruler/counselor
  95. Sebastian: Person from the ancient city of Sebastia
  96. Shakir: Grateful
  97. Schuyler: Scholar
  98. Stille: Silent
  99. Thys: Gift of Yahweh
  100. Tiebout: Bold
  101. Tjaart: People watcher
  102. Tyrese: Talented leader of the well-being
  103. Upendo: Love
  104. Vanderpool: This Afrikaans name means from the pool
  105. Vogel: Bird
  106. Wasaki: The enemy
  107. Yaro: Son
  108. Yerodin: Studious
  109. Zander: Defending men
  110. Zea: Light

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Afrikaans girl names and meanings

What is the most common Afrikaans name?
Afrikaans female names are some of the cutest in Southern Africa. Photo: @Virvoreanu Laurentiu/pixabay.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Daughters are beautiful flowers and therefore deserve cute Afrikaans names for girls. No matter how choosy you are, you will surely find the perfect Afrikaans girl name from the list below.

  1. Aba: Girls born on Thursday
  2. Abebi: We asked and got her
  3. Abiba: This Afrikaans name is given to a girl born after her grandmother's death
  4. Abina: Born on Tuesday
  5. Adelheid: Nobility
  6. Adowa: Noble
  7. Adrie: From the Adriatic
  8. Aileen: alone
  9. Agretha: Good woman
  10. Aia: Eternal mother
  11. Akpena: Thanks to God
  12. Aletta: Truth
  13. Alizea: Joyful
  14. Amahle: The ancestors are here
  15. Amogelang: Welcoming
  16. Amore: Love
  17. Andrietta: Strong and manly
  18. Aneke: Grace
  19. Anika: Sweet-faced
  20. Anja: Grace
  21. Annalie: This Afrikaans name is a variation of Hanna and means grace
  22. Annemie: Bitter grace
  23. Arabella: Yielding to prayer
  24. Ava: Life
  25. Azelle: Reserved
  26. Aziza: Precious
  27. Behati: She who brings happiness
  28. Berhane: My light
  29. Betje: Devoted to God
  30. Bibi: This Afrikaans name can either mean lady or grandmother
  31. Brunelda: Armor/protection
  32. Cazimira: Destroyer of peace
  33. Cezanne: Big flower
  34. Charlize: Free woman
  35. Christien: Follower of Christ
  36. Collien: Girl
  37. Corli: Horn
  38. Dane: This Afrikaans name is a variation of Danae
  39. Dian: A variation of Danae
  40. Dolinde: A variation of Adelinde
  41. Edda: Poetic
  42. Elize: Consecrated to God
  43. Elna: A variation of Eleonora meaning beloved
  44. Elsabe: A variation of Elizabeth and means consecrated to God
  45. Elspeth: Another variation of Elizabeth and means consecrated to God
  46. Elzebe: Another variation of Elizabeth and means consecrated to God
  47. Emmarentia: Universal
  48. Erco: Eternal ruler
  49. Esca: A creek
  50. Estia: Associated with Greek Goddess of home, heart, and chastity
  51. Estie: A variation of Esther and means star
  52. Fleur: Flower
  53. Francisca: Free
  54. Genevieve: Juniper tree
  55. Gizelda: Hostage
  56. Hanneleen: This Afrikaans name has two monikers, Hanne and Leen
  57. Hanneli: A variation of Hannah and means grace
  58. Hendrika: Rules the home
  59. Imka: Water
  60. Isebel: A variation of Jezebel and means not exalted
  61. Itha: Industrious one
  62. Jacomien: A female variation of James meaning supplanter
  63. Jan: Gift of God
  64. Johanika: God is gracious
  65. Juane: Lord is gracious
  66. Kaatje: Pure
  67. Kayla: Crown or laurel
  68. Kerina: Dark-haired
  69. Klara: Bright and clear
  70. Krisoijn: Curly-haired
  71. Landi: Violet
  72. Lesedi: Light
  73. Liandri: Precious gift
  74. Lieve: Loved by the gods
  75. Lina: Pure
  76. Linda: Soft and tender
  77. Loraina: From the province of Lorraine
  78. Lorelei: Associated with mermaids
  79. Lou: Renowned warrior
  80. Lusea: Light
  81. Maliné: High tower or woman of Magdela
  82. Maretha: Lady
  83. Marieke: A variation of Marie meaning bitter
  84. Mariëtte: Another variation of Marie meaning bitter
  85. Marietjie: Wished for a child
  86. Melissa: Honeybee
  87. Merinda: Admirable
  88. Mia: Bitter
  89. Miekie: Water
  90. Miems: Protection
  91. Mina: Protector
  92. Minenhle: Beautiful day
  93. Mienkie: Midnight
  94. Mischa: Who is like God
  95. Naomi: Pleasantness
  96. Nelleke: A horn
  97. Ottoline: Wealth/fortune
  98. Petra: Rock
  99. Quintilla: Fifth born
  100. Qumé: This Afrikaans name is associated with Quinton and Amy
  101. Rachela: Ewe
  102. Retha: A variation of Margaretha meaning pearl
  103. Rethabile: We are glad
  104. Rosalie: Rose
  105. Saartjie: Princess
  106. Saskia: Saxon woman
  107. Simone: The listener
  108. Skye: Heavens
  109. Skylar: Fugitive
  110. Sofie: Wise
  111. Sybella: Oracle/prophetess
  112. Thandi: Our love
  113. Theolene: This Afrikaans name can either mean people or soft
  114. Trudene: Spear of strength
  115. Tshegofatso: Blessing
  116. Violett: Violet color
  117. Vivette: Alive
  118. Wilhelmina: Helmet/protection
  119. Winnifred: White/fair
  120. Sonja: Wisdom

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Which baby moniker did you find fascinating from the above Afrikaans names? It is hard to pick one because they are all beautiful. Welcome to the fascinating phase of motherhood and happy naming!

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