110+ best Swahili names for babies and their meanings (boys and girls)

110+ best Swahili names for babies and their meanings (boys and girls)

Arguably, Swahili names are the best due to their incredible meanings. Well, Swahili is a beautiful native language in the coastal parts of East Africa, which comprises a better part of the continent. Most parents from this side of Africa and other parts of the world prefer Swahili names for their deep meanings and traditional significance. If you are an expectant parent looking forward to giving your child a Swahili name, then we have plenty of options for you.

Best Swahili names
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Swahili naming is often prevalent in African countries such as Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), and Rwanda. Interestingly, it may shock you to know that some of the Kiswahili words you know are potential monikers for children.

It is essential that you do not mess around when choosing a name for your newborn baby. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the top beautiful Swahili names and meanings you do not need a Swahili name generator anymore. In other words, our comprehensive list will come in handy to ensure your naming process is smooth.

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Best Swahili names for babies and their meanings

Most names come with a unique meaning that you must always check to ensure your choice is the most appropriate. Luckily, there are enough Swahili names out there for both genders and even twins. So proud parents can flexibly pick one that resonates well with the love of their young ones.

Swahili names for boys

What are some African boy names? Male children are so cute when called after these head-turning Swahili names. Notably, these names are common even among non-Swahili communities.

Cool Swahili names for boys

What are common Swahili names to name a newborn baby? Here is a list of some of the best to pick from:

  • Akili: Learned or wise
  • Amani: Peace
  • Asante: Gratitude or thanks or thank you
  • Bahati: Fortune
  • Balozi: Ambassador
  • Baraka: Blessings
  • Haki: Truthful/justice
  • Hodari: Skilful
  • Issa: The Lord is my salvation
  • Jafari: Creek
  • Jata: Celestial star
  • Jela: Father suffers during wife's labour
  • Johannes: God is gracious
  • Kamari: Moonlight
  • Kheri/ Khari /Khary: Better
  • Msia: Wise man
  • Muhammed: Praised
  • Mune: The rules
  • Mwando: Efficient worker
  • Neema: Grace
  • Njowga: Shoes
  • Nuru: Light
  • Okapi: Related to the giraffe
  • Rajabu: Born in the seventh Muslim month
  • Ramadhani: Born during the month of Ramadan
  • Rashid: Rightly guided
  • Sadiki: Faithful/loyal
  • Sentwaki: The courageous one
  • Tumaini: Hope
  • Zubery/Zuberi: Powerful

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Deep-meaning Swahili boy names

Swahili girl names
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While all the above Swahili male names are preferable, these carry a deeper meaning and perfectly fit your young one.

  • Abedi: Worshipper
  • Akina: Solidarity
  • Asani: Rebellious
  • Bakari: Promising and lovely
  • Jaleel: Noble or grand
  • Jalil: Exalted or sublime or great
  • Jamal: Handsome or beautiful
  • Jamba: A hero
  • Jelani: Strong
  • Kijana: Youth
  • Kwanza: First
  • Muraty: Friend
  • Musa: Saved from the water
  • Safiri: A journey
  • Salehe: Good
  • Sefu: Sword
  • Shani: Marvellous or wonderful
  • Shomari: Forceful
  • Simba: Lion or a strong person
  • Sultan: Ruler
  • Tabia: One of good character
  • Taji: A crown
  • Tamu: Sweet and delightful

Top Swahili girl names

Baby girls often take endearing names that reflect their angelic looks. So you will never go wrong with our selection of Swahili names for girls.

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Common Swahili names for girls

These are some of the top Kiswahili names for female children in Swahili-speaking nations. They include:

  • Afiya/Afia: Health
  • Alix: Defender of men
  • Bahiya: Beautiful/ fine-looking
  • Doli: Beautiful like a doll
  • Fujo: No-nonsense
  • Hiba: A gift from God
  • Imani: Belief or trust
  • Imara: Strong one or resolute
  • Imarisha: Establish and stabilize
  • Itanya: Hope
  • Jaha: Dignity
  • Jama: Friend
  • Jamaa: Friend
  • Jamba: A hero
  • Jina: Name
  • Juma: One born on Friday
  • Kakena: The happy one
  • Kali: Intense
  • Kaluwa: Forgotten one
  • Kamara: Moonlight
  • Kamaria: Like the moon
  • Kanika: Black cloth
  • Keva: The beautiful one
  • Murati: Friend
  • Mwamini: Honest
  • Nigesa: Born during the harvest season
  • Onyesha: Show or lead
  • Otesha: Dream
  • Pili: Second child

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Pretty Swahili names for girls

Swahili baby girls' names
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If you are still stuck on finding an ideal Swahili name for your girl child, then it is about time you checked closely. These female Swahili names are simple and yet exceedingly favourite.

  • Aza: Strong
  • Deka: Satisfying/pleasing
  • Gamila: Gorgeous
  • Ibby: Goddess
  • Inira: To sing
  • Inithia: Leads in song and dance
  • Issa: The Lord is my salvation
  • Jahaira: Dignified
  • Jamaa: Kin or relation
  • Jiona: To glow with pride
  • Julisha: The advisor or one who gives advice
  • Kai: From the sea
  • Kalere: A short woman
  • Lulu: Beauty of a pearl
  • Mtupeni: Not very welcome
  • Mwanahamisi: Born on Thursday
  • Mwanaidi: Born during Idd festival
  • Mwasaa: Timely
  • Mwatabu: Born during sorrow
  • Mwinyi: One who summons
  • Mzuzi: Inventive
  • Nadira: Rare
  • Najuma: Abounding in joy
  • Nbushe: The godly one
  • Oyana: Uplift and inspire
  • Penda: Loved
  • Shamfa: Sunshine
  • Sune: Angelic
  • Ujana: Youth
  • Zahra: Beautiful, lovely, cheerful, and strong

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Unique Swahili last names

Are you looking for more good Swahili names? Here are some of the most common and unique Swahili last names for boys and girls.

  • Abara: Spirit
  • Afumba: When they plan
  • Akida: Firm
  • Chacha: Eagle
  • Faraji: Consolation
  • Imamu: Spiritual leader
  • Juma: Born on a Friday
  • Kanumba: A small house
  • Kasongo: Bushbuck
  • Mambwe: The Lord is gracious
  • Muchumba: Sweetheart
  • Omari: Uncertainty
  • Sauda: Dark complexion
  • Zuberi: Strong
  • Zubira: Patience

Swahili names for twins

What are some African boy names and girl names for twins? The list of cute Swahili baby names and their meanings is endless. Twins have a fair share of adorable names that match. Here is our quick random pick for you.

Swahili baby boy names for twins

Swahili baby name
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Below are sweet Swahili names for male children:

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  • Abasi: Stern
  • Ahmed: Worthy of praise
  • Ali: Exalted
  • Annan: Fourth son
  • Azizi: Precious
  • Chane: Reliable man
  • Chui: Leopard
  • Hasani: Handsome
  • Kondo: Warlike

Swahili baby girls' names for twins

If the twin is female, then you may consider choosing one of the following gorgeous names.

  • Hasana: First-born female twin
  • Radhiya: Pleasant and friendly
  • Ramla: One who can see the future
  • Rehema: Compassionate
  • Rukiya: To arise
  • Safiyya: Best friend
  • Salama: Security
  • Sanura: Kitten
  • Subira: Patience
  • Tabia: Talented
  • Tisa: Ninth child

What name means beautiful in Swahili?

Several Swahili baby names mean or imply beauty at their best. Among these are Jamal (boy) and Hasani (boy). But, of course, you can always choose between the two names to ensure that your child is named after their impressive looks. Another name for beauty in Swahili is Zuri (girl).

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What does Zuri mean in African?

Zuri is a female Swahili name that means beauty. The name is prevalent for its alluring meaning that suggests good looks in the Swahili language. Most East African parents prefer the name for its deep-founded sense. There is no doubt that most ladies named Zuri are outrightly gorgeous.

What does Zazu mean in Swahili?

Are you a fan of Lion King? If so, why not name your daughter Zazu? Zazu is a name that means movement in English.

What name means awoken in Swahili?

Swahili names and meanings
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Kuamsha is a Swahili heritage name for a girl that means awaken. You may find this name appropriate and fun if your baby is always awake or has sleeping issues. Besides its meaning, it sounds great and is easy to remember.

What do you consider when choosing Swahili baby names?

Naming is an essential aspect of African heritage. Thus, there are a few considerations to remember when selecting a name for your baby. Some of them include:

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  • It should be an easy name to pronounce. There is no need to pick a complex name that will be hard to say it loud and remember. Mostly, sophisticated names are hard to remember.
  • Ensure the name rhymes with the middle name and surname. If it is not, then you may consider picking another one.
  • Ease of generating a nickname from the name. How easy or difficult is it to come up with a possible nickname? If it is difficult, then go for another one.
  • The name should reflect the personality you intend to instil in the baby. In other words, you do not want to give your son or daughter a name that is associated with negative energy.

Is Kiara a Swahili name?

Kiara is a name that has both Italian and Irish roots. It is also derived from Hindi and Swahili.

What does Kai mean in Swahili?

Kai is a female name meaning one who is lovable or loved by many people.

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Indeed, there are several Swahili names to suit your naming needs. Choosing the best name without first knowing its significance is difficult. You are probably aware that every child, regardless of gender or parental wishes, could have a beautiful Swahili name that boasts deep meaning.

Briefly.co.za, in a related post, shared a detailed article on uncommon Xhosa names for boys and girls with their meanings. The names are beautiful and carry deep meanings. They also reflect the Xhosa culture.

In the Xhosa culture, naming is a great occasion. Often, naming is done based on certain cultural practices. Whatever you call your kids can have a significant impact on them as they grow into adults.

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