100+ Sotho names for boys and girls | Beautiful local names for your children

100+ Sotho names for boys and girls | Beautiful local names for your children

Every tribe has a unique way of naming their newborn babies. The Sotho tribe in South Africa is not an exception; they give spectacular Sotho names to boys and girls, which connote rich meanings and add to their character. If you are looking for beautiful local monikers for your children, check this out.

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A list of unique Sotho names for girls and boys. Photo: @omarlopez1, unsplash.com (modified by author)
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Sotho or Sepedi language is spoken by the Buntu ethnic group, native to Botswana, Lesotho, and South Africa. It has three dialectical differences: Sepedi, also known as northern Sotho, Setsotho, and Setswana. But then, these groups all have the same culture and traditions. Hence their names and meanings for babies are the same.

They prioritise their naming ceremonies because they believe names shape an individual character, and according to their tradition, the names are the thoughts of Sotho elders. As a result, most of these monikers are distinctive in meaning and pronunciation.

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Sotho names for girls

A baby girl's name signifies domestic duties like fetching water in the Sotho tribe. This is by the ritual of soaking a father in water if he has a first child as a girl. However, some of the monikers are biblical and based on the circumstances related to their birth. So, check out these Sesotho names and meanings:

  • Sesi - Sister
  • Nyakallo - Joy
  • Atile - Increasing family
  • Bina - To dance or freshness
  • Bertha - Bright
  • Bokang - Rejoice or praise
  • Ntsoaki - A girl amongst boys
  • Pula - In or during the rain
  • Tlhokomelo - Care
  • Mosela - Tall
  • Nthabiseng - Make me happy
  • Tloltiso - Honor
  • Dineo - Gifts or talents
  • Tebello - Expectation
  • Ramatia - Strength
  • Palesa - Flower
  • Liseho - Laughter
  • Naleli - Star
  • Matseliso - Consolation
  • Mpho - Gift
  • Lindelani - Be patient
  • Moipone - Self-admirer
  • Lisebo - Whisper
  • Bonolo - Ease
  • Libiko - Praises
  • Dipuo - Rumor
  • Masimong - At the field
  • Tsepiso - Promise
  • Ratsebo - Knowledge
  • Arabang - A poetic name meaning reply
  • Lebadi - Birthmark
  • Ausi - Sister
  • Futsana - To look alike
  • Mantso - The dark one
  • Lorato - Love
  • Mosetsanagape - A baby girl again
  • Rethabile - We are happy

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Sotho names for boys

best sotho names for babies
Sotho is a Bantu language of the Sotho-Tswana group, spoken primarily Lesotho, South Africa. Photo: @jillsauve, unsplash.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Different Sotho names for boys signify various things. Nevertheless, its predominant significance is that a father performs the ritual of being beaten by a stick if his first child is male, and this signifies the life of a male is occupied by warfare. Some of these monikers are:

  • Tuma - Immortal
  • Addington - Old English name for Eaddington, which means Eadda town or Eddington
  • Khusi - King
  • Tlahi - Lightening
  • Dino - Spearman
  • Teboho - Gratitude
  • Thuso - Help
  • Matsimela - Roots
  • Litsehoana - Little Laughter
  • Rapuk - Father of rain or giver of rain
  • Lebohang - Be thankful
  • Mohavi - Victor
  • Lewatle - Ocean
  • Letsatsi - Sun
  • Moshoeshoe - South African king
  • Amohelang - Receive
  • Tlotliso - Honorable
  • Tsotang - Amazement or astonishment
  • Sontaha - Sunday
  • Pheijna - Youngest child
  • Potso - Ask
  • Pule - in the rain
  • Tsietsi - Predicament
  • Motsumi - Seeker
  • Sello - Wailing
  • Nku - Sheep
  • Kweda - Crocodile
  • Lerumo - The edge of a spear
  • Letsatsi - Sun or day
  • Matla - Strength
  • Lebogo - Giving thanks
  • Mokhasi - Crawler
  • Fefo - Storm or tempest
  • Hlano - Five or born on the fifth month
  • Fenya - Conquer
  • Thebe - Shield
  • Atlarela - To receive glory with open hands

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What is a girl's name?

A girl's name is peculiar, and there are tons of that. Beautifully, there are religious and biblical Sotho names for girls. Some of the various religious Sotho monikers are these:

  • Estere - Esther
  • Majobo - Mother of job
  • Most - Grace
  • Mathapelo - Mother of prayer
  • Ruthe - Ruth
  • Maria - Mary

Sotho names for twins

Where can I find a baby's name?
In 2002, studies revealed 7.9 million Sotho speakers in South Africa. Photo: @fallonmichaeltx, unsplash.com (modified by author)
Source: UGC

The Sothos see the birth of a twin as a good omen and a special blessing from God. In the olden days, twins answer the same name, with the first child bearing the real name and the second bearing a smaller version of the first name. So some of the monikers could be any of the following:

  • Mapho and Maphonyana
  • Mashiko and Mashikoana
  • Thabo and Thabang
  • Tshepo and Tshepisco

Sotho names starting with K

Sesotho baby names have varieties in alphabetical order, including those starting with the letter k. Some of them have a mix of northern Sotho names, but then, a boy or a girl could be given any of the monikers. So, check these out:

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  • Kabelo - Inheritance/given
  • Kamohelo - Acceptance/ Welcome
  • Karabo - Answer
  • Katleho - Success
  • Kelebogile - I am grateful
  • Keneiloe - I have been given
  • Kekeletso - Addition
  • Kerefese - Derived from the English name Griffiths
  • Kgethang - Choose
  • Kgotso - Peace/Tranquility
  • Khotosofalang - Be satisfied
  • Kutloano - Mutual understanding
  • Kutloisiso - Understanding
  • Kutlwano - Mutual understanding
  • Kutlwisiso - Understanding
  • Keromang - One who was sent

What are Setswana names?

Setswana names are those that reflect the great work of God. They also represent culture, faith, and family. Baby girls are attributed with aesthetic reference in their monikers, while the boys are attributed with power and intellect.

Interestingly, Setswana is the Tswanas' Bantu language. It is similar to the Sotho languages, and more than four million people in southern Africa speak it. It is one of the official languages of South Africa. Some of the monikers in this language are:

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  • Amogelang - Accept, make peace with the work of God and learn to accept it
  • Enele - It has fallen rain to wash away the sordid deeds of the world
  • MaBontle - Mother of beauty
  • Peo - Crops planted by the almighty
  • Ratanang - Love each other
  • Itumeleng - Rejoice
  • Fatlhgang - Beware/ see the light
  • Gaopalelwe - God never fails
  • Ontiretse - He has done great things for me

What does Opelong mean?

Opelong means in my heart you reside. It is of Tswana (Setswana) origin in South Africa and has a neutral gender.

Where can I find a baby's name?

There are name books available for sale. Better still, the internet is filled with several websites that suggest unique and powerful names you can consider for your little world. You can also work with baby name generators like The bump, Bounty, and Pampers.

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Sotho names for boys and girls are not only for South Africans, but you can also use them for your babies if you wish. The good thing is that most of these names have been transmitted from ancient to modern but are still believed to play a great role in a child's future and character.

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