Venda royal surnames and their actual meanings | Everything you need to know

Venda royal surnames and their actual meanings | Everything you need to know

Like most cultures worldwide, Venda royal surnames are significant to their bearers. The Venda people do not take the naming of a child lightly. Since they strongly believe in names holding more than the child's identity, they are very particular about it.

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Tshivenda names
A close up of a man holding a baby's hand. Photo: @JGI/Tom Grill
Source: UGC

The Venda people are a South African Bantu tribe occupying the region near the borders with Zimbabwe. Like most South African tribes, they are precise about their culture and preservation. Naming a newborn is an important cultural process.

Venda surnames

Since time immemorial, in Venda culture, a newborn's paternal grandparents are vested with the power to name the baby. They are careful to convey inherent messages in their selections. They settle on options such as thanksgiving, praise, mockery or prophecy. However, in more modern times, parents have taken up the responsibility, even though the act has received so much resistance.

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Nonetheless, this Venda surname list would serve as a guide, especially if you are interested in the meanings of the names.

Venda surnames for boys

Venda names and meanings
A father kissing his son's forehead. Photo: @Ariel Skelley (modified by author)
Source: UGC

The Venda culture holds boys in very high esteem. They are considered the clan's protectors and household heads. Given their significance in society, the party vested with the power to name should be careful about the name's meaning.

Below are Venda names for boys and their meanings:

  • Alu - Be prosperous
  • Athiambiwied - Should not be talked about
  • Avhapfani - They do not get along
  • Azimmbavhi - I am not bothered
  • Dowe - Get used to it
  • Fhulufhuwani - Forget it
  • Mashudu - Luck
  • Mulalo - Peace
  • Tshanduko - Change
  • Thilivhali - One who does not forget
  • Thikhathali - One who does not worry
  • Tshifhiwa - Gift
  • Zwanga - Mine or that which belongs to me
  • Azihangwisi - It is unforgettable
  • Humble - Ask
  • Khathu - Forgiveness
  • Livhu - Thankful
  • Azwianewi - Unspeakable or something that cannot be told
  • Dakalo - Happiness
  • Maanda - Power
  • Mashudu - Lucky
  • Mulalo - Peace
  • Muambiwa - The one who is spoken of or about
  • Mukhethwa - The chosen one
  • Nduvho - Praise
  • Nkhangweleni - Forgive me
  • Phathutshedzo - Blessings
  • Rotshidzwa - We have been saved
  • Shandukani - To change
  • Tshifhiwa - Gift
  • Tshilidzi - Grace
  • Tshimangadzo - Miracle
  • Humbelani - Ask
  • Rudz - Console the suffering
  • Zwanga - Mine or that which belongs to me

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Venda surnames for girls

Meaning of last name
A woman holding a newborn baby in a hospital bed. Photo: @Ariel Skelley (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Even though the Venda people hold men in high regard, this does not mean women are relegated to oblivion. They are equally respected as home builders and people who ensure peace reigns. So, just like men, women's names are chosen with keen consideration, ensuring that careful thoughts are injected into their identities.

These are the unique Venda names for girls and their meanings:

  • Aluwanip - Be prosperous
  • Dowelani - Get used to it
  • Dzuvha - Rose
  • Fhatu - Be careful
  • Hulisani - Give respect to
  • Katleho - Success
  • Keneuwe - I have been given
  • Khathutshelo - Forgiveness
  • Koketso - Addition
  • Lindelani - Be patient
  • Lutendo - Faith
  • Mariha - Winter or cold season
  • Mpfareleli - Forgive me
  • Murunwa - Angel
  • Ndiene - It's God
  • Nnyawelleni - Recover after suffering
  • Nyambeni - Speak about me
  • Ndiyafhi - Where do I go?
  • Phathu - Blessings
  • Shandu - Change
  • Thinawanga - I have nobody
  • Tshepo - Hope
  • Tshiananeo - Tale or story
  • Sei - They are not amused
  • Rendi - Give praise
  • Vhonani - Watch or look

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Unisex Venda surnames list

Most common Venda surnames
A cute close up of a newborn holding a man's index finger. Photo: @Andria Patino (modified by author)
Source: UGC

It is interesting to note that there are many unisex Venda names. As expected, this category of names is laced with different meanings. They are given at birth with care to signify particular things or explain the parents' feelings about their bundle of joy.

Go through this unisex Venda surnames list for options:

  • Anesuishe - God with us
  • Anokosha - The important one
  • Ayibongwe - May God be thanked
  • Avhatendi - They do not believe
  • Bophelo - Life
  • Dembe - Miraculous
  • Fhulufhedzani - Be hopeful
  • Kuvhanganani - Come together
  • Lvhuwani - Be thankful
  • Masingita - Miracles
  • Mamello - Perseverance
  • Mutshidzi - Saviour
  • Ndaedzo - An order from above
  • Ndemedzo - A burden
  • Nnyawedzeni - Let me rest
  • Ntsako - Happy
  • Nokresimesi - Born on Christmas day
  • Nyeleti - A star
  • Odivhaho - The knowledgeable one
  • Tlholo - Victory
  • Tshediso - Consolation
  • Pfarelo - Forgiveness
  • Pfuluwani - Move
  • Rudzani - Console me

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Venda names for twins

Among the Venda people, giving birth to twins does not exempt you from giving them names that carry a message. These are the unique Venda names for twins you could consider. Their meanings have also been highlighted.

  • Bheka and Bhekani - Look and watch how things are done, respectively
  • Bontle and Lintle - Beauty of god and all things are beautiful, respectively
  • Ndiene and Nduvho - The chosen one and praise, respectively
  • Sipho and Siphokazi - Gift and female gift, respectively
  • Tshepo and Tumelo - Hope and faith, respectively

Venda surnames starting with M

Venda names list
A baby girl playing in the bathtub. Photo: @LWA/Dann Tardif
Source: UGC

If 'm' is your favourite letter, these are the names you could consider for your newborn:

  • Maduvha - Days
  • Marubini - A place where a family used to live before civilization, now used for ploughing
  • Matodzi - Tears; generally caused by death in the family
  • Mbula - Kill me, get rid of me, finish me off. Short for Mmbulaheni
  • Mpfarereli - Forgive me
  • Mudzimu una rine - God is with us, Emmanuel
  • Muneiwa - The given one
  • Murendeni - Praise Him
  • Mutali - Clever, bright
  • Mutshutshu - One who encourages

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Venda surnames starting with N

If you are looking for unique Venda names starting with 'n' these are the options to consider:

  • Naki - Something that brings shame to the family. Short for Azwinaki
  • Nale - Refusing to return something that belongs to them after a fight. Short for Naledzani
  • Naledzani - Refusing to take something that belongs to them back after a fight
  • Ndivho - Knowledge
  • Ndivhuwo - Thanks
  • Nkhumbudzeni - Remember me
  • Nndanganeni - Gang up on me
  • Nndileni - Mourn me
  • Nnyaweleni - Recover after suffering
  • Ntakuseni - Help me up
  • Ntanganedzeni - Accept me
  • Nthuseni - Help me
  • Ntodeni - Find me, look for me

Venda surnames starting with R

If you love the letter 'r', these are the Venda names you could consider:

  • Rabelani - Prayer or to pray
  • Ronewa - We are given or we are blessed
  • Rendani - Give praise, worship
  • Rinae mulisa - We have a shepherd in Jesus
  • Rofhiwa - We are blessed
  • Rokunda - Victory
  • Rolivhuwa - We are grateful
  • Rotondwa - Blessing, we are blessed
  • Rudzi - Console the suffering

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Venda surnames starting with S

These are the unique names starting with the letter 's':

  • Shoni - They are not ashamed, have no honour. Short for Avhashoni
  • Shudufhadzo - We are blessed

Venda surnames starting with T

If 't' is your lucky letter, consider these options as options for names:

  • Taki - Be happy
  • Tendani - Believe
  • Thabelo - Player
  • Thanyani - Be careful
  • Takalani - Be happy, rejoice
  • Thendo - Praises, faith
  • Todi - Find me, look for me. Short for Ntodeni

Venda names meaning love

These are the most common names that mean love:

  • Funi - Love one another
  • Mfuneni/Mphuneni - Love me
  • Lufuno - Love

Negative connotation names in Venda

Not all names have a positive meaning; some scold or mock the bearer. These are the negative connotation names in Venda.

  • Tshidino - Annoys or bothers
  • Nnyadzeni - Disrespectful
  • Phusu - Disturbance
  • Mphedziseni - Kill me, finish me off, get rid of me
  • Nndini - I do not care
  • Ntshengedzeni - Torture me
  • Ndanga - Gang up on me. Short for NndangeneniNdeme - A burden. Short for Ndemedzo

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