100+ cool anime girl names and their meanings with pictures

100+ cool anime girl names and their meanings with pictures

Anime girl names can be bold, charming, or uniquely creative. The best anime character names depict the awesome leading ladies of anime that inspire us and change our perceptions about animation altogether. This post offers 100+ anime girl names and pictures for you to select from, whether you are looking for a name for your kid, a character, or a loved one.

Anime girl names
What is the most beautiful anime girl name? This article has 100+ anime names for girls with meanings to choose from! Photo: @Isamu Macairan (Modified by author)
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Anime is a beautiful form of art that depicts an exciting plot, captivating protagonists, gorgeous imagery, and human emotions supporting the ideals of partnership and community, regardless of ethnicity, religion, or generation. The anime names listed here perfectly suit these characteristics.

100+ Anime girl names and pictures

From cute anime girl names like Erza Scarlet, Saber, and Kushina Uzumaki to strong anime girl names like Hinata and Rias, this article is packed with spunk. The female anime names below will certainly tickle your fancy.

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1. Asuka

The Japanese title Asuka stands for 'fragrance' or 'perfume.'

2. Akeno

The moniker Akeno defines a 'shining field.'

3. Akito

Akito is a Japanese name that translates to a 'smart person.'

4. Balalaika

Balalaika refers to a stringed instrument of Russian origin.

5. Akane

The Japanese title Akane means 'deep red colour.'

Anime girl names
What is the best anime name for a girl? This article has numerous Japanese anime girl names for you to browse and choose from. Photo: @itsuko (Modified by author)
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6. Boa

Boa is an Urdu name and it translates to a 'sister.'

7. Chika

This Japanese name means 'thousand,' as (chi) meaning 'wisdom, intellect.'

8. Ami

The name Ami is of Latin and Persian origin and it means 'beloved.'

9. Asami

The name Asami is Japanese and means 'hemp.'

10. Ayano

Ayano means 'colour.'

11. Fujiko

Fujiko stands for a 'child of wisteria.'

12. Daisuke

Daisuke implies 'assistance' or 'very helpful.'

13. Eiko

The title Eiko refers to 'prosperous' or 'flourishing.'

14. Aletta

The moniker Aletta stands for 'one with wings' in Spanish.

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15. Emi

This name of Asian origin translates to 'great blessing.'

16. Daiki

This Japanese name Daiki means 'noble and great.'

17. Ennis

The title Ennis is a girl’s name of Irish origin, and it stands for 'from the island.'

18. Etsuko

Etsuko is a Japanese name and means 'happy child.'

19. Emiko

Emiko is a name of Japanese origin that means 'blessed young one.'

20. Galaxia

Derived from English origin, it is a variation of Galaxy and means ‘higher galactic level’.

Anime girl names
What is a badass name for a girl? Listed here is 100+ cool anime girl names and their meanings with pictures! Photo: @reineer
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21. Hideko

The Japanese name Hideko means 'excellent child.'

22. Hikari

This Japanese name Hikari means 'light.'

23. Haruhi

Haruhi refers to 'spring day.'

24. Hannya

Hannya means 'a place to rest; to be happy' and is a form of Hania or Hanna in Hebrew, Arabic.

25. Ichigo

Ichigo means 'strawberry' in Japanese.

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26. Hiruka

Hiruka is a Japanese moniker that means 'distance.'

27. Hana

The vivid name Hana means 'bud,' or 'blossom,' and is of Japanese origin.

28. Himiko

Himiko means 'sun princess' in Japanese.

29. Izumi

Izumi stands for 'spring' or 'fountain.'

30. Isamu

The name Isamu has a Japanese origin and means 'courageous.'

31. Junko

Junko means 'obedient' or 'pure' in Japanese.

32. Itsuki

This Japanese moniker Itsuki means 'timber trees.'

33. Kazuko

The title Kazuko means 'peaceful child.'

34. Kokoro

Kokoro in Japanese stands for 'heart'.

35. Kaede

Kaede means 'maple tree' in Japanese.

36. Konan

Konan means 'warlike' in old English.

37. Kurumi

Kurumi is of Japanese origin and means 'walnut.'

38. Kaeda

This Japanese name means 'maple leaf.'

39. Kuroha

Kuroha is of Japanese origin and means 'expert.'

Anime girl names
Anime names that make a difference. Photo: @galaxiaanime
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40. Kameko

The Japanese title Kameko perfectly defines a 'little goddess.'

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41. Kanon

Kanon stands for 'sound.'

42. Kaoru

Kaori is Japanese, and it defines 'fragrance.'

43. Kasumi

Kasumi defines 'mist' and it is of Japanese origin.

44. Masami

The name Masami is of Japanese origin and defines 'becoming beautiful.'

45. Maiyu

The Japanese word Maiyu defines 'true gentleness.'

46. Lina

In Arabic, 'Lina' refers to a ‘young palm tree,’ and 'tender,' or 'tenderness.'

47. Mei

The Romanised spelling of the Chinese surname, Mei, stands for 'beauty.’

48. Michiko

The Japanese name Michiko means 'child of wisdom.'

49. Misaki

The Japanese name Misaki means 'beautiful bloom.'

50. Minori

Minori is a Japanese name that means 'truth.'

51. Miyuki

Miyuki stands for 'a wonderful blessing.'

52. Mizuki

The title Mizuki defines the 'beautiful moon.'

53. Natsuki

Natsuki is a combination of the Japanese words (na) for 'vegetables' and (Tsuki) for 'moon.'

54. Nao

Nao perfectly defines 'affection' or 'love' in Japanese.

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55. Nanami

Nanami stands for 'seven oceans.'

56. Naru

The name Naru is of Japanese origin, and it means 'to become.'

57. Naomi

The title Naomi is of Hebrew origin, and it stands for 'pleasant.'

58. Nami

Nami defines a 'beautiful, red apple,' and is of Japanese origin.

59. Nana

Nana is a French word that signifies 'grace.'

Anime girl names
You can never go wrong with a cute anime name for your loved one. Photo: @cuteanime
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60. Noa

Noa is of Hebrew origin and stands for 'motion.'

61. Nezuko

The title Nezuko stands for 'snowball flower'.

62. Nori

This name of Japanese origin means 'doctrine or seaweed.'

63. Noriko

The moniker Noriko defines as 'law and order.'

64. Nobuko

The Japanese name Nobuko means 'trustworthy.'

65. Oiwa

In Japanese legend, Oiwa is the name of a wicked female ghost.

66. Raynare

It is an Anglo-Saxon moniker from the German Raginhari, which means 'council' or 'army.'


Rias stands for 'drop of the sea,' or 'star of the sea.'

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68. Reiko

The Japanese word Reiko means 'gratitude.'

69. Rikko

Rikko is a title that stands for 'truth.'

70. Revy

Revy stands for a ‘sea of kindness.’

71. Rikka

This word is of Teutonic origin, and it means 'tranquil leader.'

72. Rika

The moniker Rika means ‘fragrance’ or ‘eternal ruler.’

73. Sakura

Sakura translates to ‘Cherry Blossom.'

74. Rine

Rine stands for 'dignity.'

75. Sora

The Japanese moniker, Sora, implies the 'sky.'

76. Shizuru

This is one of the most beautiful anime girl names and it stands for a ‘precious stone.’

77. Torai

Torai of Japanese origin, and it means ‘tigress.’

78. Tamami

Tamari implies a ‘beautiful gem or jewel.’

79. Tsubasa

Tsubasa is defined as ‘flying wings’ in Japanese traditions.

80. Tomiko

Tomiko defines 'wealth' or a 'happy child' and is of Japanese origin.

Anime girl names and their meanings with pictures
The name Emiko is primarily a female name of Japanese origin that means 'smiling child.' Photo: @careanime
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81. Uzume

Uzume is Japanese and in English translates to 'whirl.'

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82. Umeno

The title Umeno translates to ‘plum fields.’

83. Usagi

In Japanese, Usagi implies a ‘rabbit.’

84. Wakana

This moniker signifies ‘harmony’ or ‘music.’

85. Utsumi

The Japanese title Utsumi means 'sky.'

86. Yumi

Yumi is defined in English as an 'archery bow.'

87. Wataru

The title Wataru translates to ‘cross over’ and is derived from Japanese.

88. Wakumi

Wakumi is of Japanese origin and implies ‘spring water.’

89. Yuna

Yuna stands for 'kindness' or 'night.'

90. Yasu

This Japanese moniker stands for 'calm' or 'peace.'

91. Yumi

The title Yumi translates to 'archer.'

92. Yoi

Yoi defines a 'birth at night.'

93. Zuiko

This Japanese title implies 'Godly light.'

94. Zynko

This Japanese title stands for 'genuine' or 'pure.'

95. Zakuri

Zakuri translated from Japanese to English is 'fruit.'

96. Zabbon

The correct meaning of Zabbon in English is 'immoral.'

97. Zala

The meaning of Zala is 'beautiful.'

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98. Yoshiko

Yoshiko stands for a ‘virtuous and beautiful child.’

99. Zanza

Zanza is an African musical instrument.

100. Zarbon

The moniker Zarbon stands for 'elite warrior.'

The term anime is derived from the English word ‘animation’ and describes anything animation related, regardless of the origin or style. Anime is a unique blend of graphic art and other creative ways that feature genres such as magic, adventure, romance, supernatural aspects, fantasy, and action to provide a fun diversion from the harsh reality of everyday life.

Anime girl names
100+ Cool anime girl names and their meanings with pictures. Photo: @gerardanime
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The anime girl names listed in our article are all specially chosen to represent mystery, passion, mythical creatures, and divine mythology to create a delightful redirection from the hardships of ordinary living. Let us know in the comments section which anime name is your favourite!

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