100+ unique Korean girl names and their meanings (for your baby)

100+ unique Korean girl names and their meanings (for your baby)

Why is your consent necessary before a name is printed on your child's birth certificate? A name is a word you use to identify your baby and describe to the world what they mean to you. Furthermore, it creates a connection between the parent and the baby. Korean girl names are perfect for your daughters because they have precious meanings behind them.

Korean girl names
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The words (names) you use to define your children will have an eternal impact on how they feel about themselves. Never name your child after a negative thing, no matter the situation. You do not want to regret it in future when it is too late or too costly to change the name on the birth certificate or other essential documents. Why look elsewhere for attractive names when there are many cute Korean names for you to choose from?

The best female Korean names

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Adults born within a timeframe that a particular name was trending have uncountable namesakes. It often happens when a unique and breathtaking name pops up, and every couple or parent jumps at it. Researching about female Korean names helps you find something that stands out from your daughter's agemates' names.

Unique Korean girl names

Your self-esteem grows when someone remembers your name. Do you want your child to experience the same? Arouse people's curiosity about the meaning and origin of your daughter's name by giving her a unique Korean name. The name will surely stick their minds and hearts for years.

1. Aera: Love

2. Aeri: The family has gained

3. Ahin: Benevolence

4. Ahnjong: Tranquil

5. Bong Cha: The last girl

6. Bon-Hwa: Glorious

7. Bae: Inspiring

8. Bitna: Shining

Korean girl names
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9. Chaewon: The beginning

10. Chanmi: Praise

11. Dae: The great one

12. Hana: My favourite

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13. Heeyoung: Prosperity

14. Hiah: Glad

15. Hyo: Filial duty

16. Jae: Reverence

17. Jeong: Silent

18. Jia: Precious

19. Jieun: Treasure

20. Joon: Talented

21. Jung: Innocent

22. Ki: The risen one

23. Kwan: Strong

24. Kyung: Valued

25. Kyong: Brightness

26. Kyunghu: City girl

27. Kiaraa: God's gift

28. Ok: Treasure

29. Ora: Purple

30. Oung: Heir

31. Sae: Wonderful

32. Sanghee: Benevolent

33. 109. Seohyun: Auspicious

34. Seolhee: A child

35. So: Smile

36. Sohee: White

37. Sunhee: Pleasurable

38.Suseonhwa: Daffodils

39. Whan: Always growing.

40. Yeon: A little queen

Korean girl names
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41. Yon: Powerful

42. Yoonah: The light of God.

43. Young: Valiant

44. Yuri: Crystal clear

45. Yumi: Friend

46. Yera: Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus.

47. Yoon: Authority

48. Youngjae: Eternal success

49. Youngsoo: Forever rich

Korean female names that mean beautiful

What is the most popular Korean girl name? Naming children after flower species is part of Korean culture. Koreans are Asia's largest consumers of flowers. It is their tradition to decorate events' venues and gift each other flowers. Here are several pretty Korean girl names that mean she is beautiful.

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1. Ayoung: Refined

2. Ara: Beautiful

3. Areum: Beauty

4. Baegicho: The zinnia flower

5. Bongseon: Flower

5. Cho: Gorgeous

6. Chija: A flower garden

7. Deiji: A daisy flower

8. Eunjoo: A little flower

9. Gaeun: Elegant

10. Haebaragi: Sunflower.

11. Haw: A young flower

12. Heiran: Stunning orchid

13. Hwayoung: Flower

14. Hyuk: Radiant

15. Kyungsoon: Fair

16. Kyungmi: Charming

17. Jangmi: A rose

18. Mee: Pretty

19. Mindeulle: Dandelion flower

Korean girl names
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20. Micha: Gorgeous

21. Miyoung: Everlasting beauty

22. Migyung: Lovely

23. Nari: A lily flower

24. Seong: Polished

25. Sooa: Lotus flower

26. Soogook: Hydrangea flower

27. Tyullib: Tulips

28. Woong: Magnificent

29. Yanggwibi: Poppy flowers

30. Yoonsuh: Forever young

31. Youngmi: Good looking

Korean baby girl names that mean intelligent

Every parent looks forward to having an alert, curious, and active baby. You feel proud of her when she sits, crawls and hits other developmental milestones. Give your princess names that mean she is intelligent to show that you believe she is a smart child.

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1.Hye: Brilliant

2. Hyejin: Sensible

3. Hyun: Understanding

4. Jee: Wise

5. Ji: Wisdom

6. Minji: Brainy

7. Soomin: Clever

Cute Korean girl names from nature

Do your like outdoor activities and appreciate the beauty of nature? If yes, let nature be your inspiration when looking for a name for your unborn daughter. Nothing is lovelier than naming a baby after the most beautiful things in nature.

1. Ailiseu: An iris

2. Bong: A mythological bird

3. Byeol: Star

4. Bada: Ocean

5. Baram: Wind

6. Bom: Fountain of water

7. Choonhee: Born in the Spring season

8. Eun: Silver

9. Haeun: Summertime

10. Hae: Sea

Korean girl names
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11. Haneul: Heaven/clouds/sky

12. Haru: Daytime

13. Hayoon: Sunlight

14. Heejin: Precious pearl

15. Hosook: A clear lake60.

16. Ho: A lake of luck

17. Iseul: The morning dew

18. Kaneisyeon: Incarnation

19. Nabi: Butterfly

20. Paenji: A sacred plant

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21. Sena: Beautiful world

22. Seo: A rock

23. Sora: Sky

24. Taeyang: Sun

25. Uk: Sunrise

26. Wook: Dawn

27. Yepa: Winter princess

28. Yona: Dove

29. Yoora: Silk

Korean names for girls that mean she has virtues

A name with an embarrassing meaning evokes negative emotions in the child when she is old enough to understand its definition. Therefore, it is wise to give your daughters Korean names that mean she is a virtuous person.

1. Aecha: Loving

2. Chinsun: Truthful

3. Chohee: Joy

4. Chul: Firm

5. Chungcha: Noble

6. Da: Winner

7. Dasom: Affectionate

8. Daeun: Kind

9. Eui: Righteous

10. Eunae: Graceful

11. Eunji: Merciful

12. Gi: Brave

13. Goo: Complete

14. Gyeong: Honourable

15. Gyunghui: Respectable

16. Hyeon: Virtuous

17. Hyojoo: Obedient

18. Kamou: Pure

19. Konnie: Steadfast

20. Min: Clever

Korean girl names
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21. Misun: Good

22. Molan: Peony

23. Moon: Smart one

24. Myunghee: Cheerful

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25. Sarang: Passionate

26. Seung: Victorious

27. Sung: Triumphant

28. Yeong: Courage

29. Yojin: Obedient

30. Yeona: Heart of gold

31. Yong: Brave one

32. Yena: Peaceful

Have you found Korean girl names to give to your princess? Do not reveal it to anyone. They might now like what you have settled for and try to convince you to pick another one. These people mean well, but you know what is best for your daughter. Please do not allow them to make this decision for you.

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