Benny Mayengani bio: age, real name, songs, albums, Xitsonga music, house, profile

Benny Mayengani bio: age, real name, songs, albums, Xitsonga music, house, profile

Benny Mayengani has been one of the most prominent Xitsonga artists of Mzansi. This biography has the most important information about the musician, including Benny Mayengani new album, age, wife, songs, house, and more. Read on!

Benny Mayengani bio
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Benny Mayengani songs took over the airwaves years ago and continue going strong, and he has even gone into politics. But who is the man behind the name?

Profile summary

  • Real name: Bennet Skheto Baloyi
  • Stage names: Benny Mayengani, President Benny Mayengani
  • Date of birth: January 11th, 1978
  • Age: 42 years
  • Occupation: Musician, politician
  • Marital status: Married
  • Instagram: @bennymayenganiinternational
  • Twitter: @BennyMayengani
  • Facebook: @benny.mayengani2

When was Mayengani born?

Bennet Skheto Baloyi was born on January 11th, 1978. This places his current age at 42 years. He was born in the Tzaneen region of the Limpopo Province.


He has had a career in both music and politics.

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Career in music

He has become one of South Africa’s most prominent Xitsonga artists since the release of his first album, Tiba Ben, in 2011. Since then, he has gone on to work with artists such as Mr Jambatani, Prince Ranghani, Joe Shirimani, and Vana Va Ndoda under the Limpopo Poison umbrella.

He was nominated at the Xitsonga Music Awards for three awards in September 2013, namely Best Xitsonga Male Artist, Best Xitsonga Popular Song of the Year, and Best Xitsonga Album of the Year. However, his attitude towards these awards has changed, as covered later in this article.

Benny Mayengani bio 2020
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Career in politics

In 2016, he became the first Tsonga musician to be an official of the Johannesburg Chamber as PR Councillor for the city of Johannesburg under the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). However, he quit the position in June 2019, stating the reason to be that fellow musician Ringo Madlingozi was preferred over him to go to Parliament as one of the EFF’s 44 Members of Parliament after the elections in May.

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In February 2020, he officially joined the African National Congress (ANC), being welcomed by ANC Limpopo chair Stanley Chupu Mathabatha.

Benny Mayengani albums

They are as listed below:

Tiba Ben (2011)

  1. Tiba Ben
  2. Mixalaphungwani
  3. Nwana U Tiva Mutswari
  4. Vasati Va Lomu (featuring Nurse)
  5. Ziroya
  6. Byalwa
  7. Sesi
  8. Zwili Zwagha
  9. Mali
  10. Swifafa
  11. Tiba Ben (Remix)
  12. Ziyora (Remix)

President Mayengani (2012)

  1. President Mayengani
  2. Xikhale
  3. Nkulungwani Wa Dzonga
  4. Awuna Mali Xem
  5. Nave-Nave
  6. Misava Yima Ni Chika
  7. Zwiya Dhifa
  8. TiBhova
  9. Dollar
  10. Tshipatshi
  11. Pawu Ra n’wana
  12. Xem Remix

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Ntombi Yaku Xonga (2013)

This is the project that contains Benny Mayengani Jelly and Custard. The full tracklist is:

  1. Xikiripoto
  2. Mfuno Wa Valovisi
  3. Nhlalala
  4. Bomba Na Maseve
  5. Van’wildele
  6. Beautiful Girl
  7. Jelly Na Custard
  8. Lekhema
  9. Inga Wutwa Munyu
  10. Lengoma
  11. Beautiful (Remix)

December Revolution (2014)

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This is a joint album from Benny Mayengani and Mr Jambatani.

  1. Nkarhi Waku Tsaka
  2. Dadaradara
  3. Mr. Party (featuring Prince Rhangani)
  4. Wa Saka Joe (Remix) (featuring KHAZI SARILA)
  5. Bya Tshwa
  6. Nomzamo
  7. Marhungula (featuring Percy Mfana)
  8. N’wana
  9. Saka Joe (featuring (KHAZI SARILA)
  10. Katinga
  11. Nkarhi Waku Tsaka (Remix)
  12. Wa Saka Joe (Instrumental)
Benny Mayengani 2020
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Nkondo Wa Tuva (Page 5) (2015)

  1. I’m a Star
  2. Nkondo Wa Tuva
  3. Hi Hanya Kanwe
  4. Lento (featuring KHAZI SARILA)
  5. Saulo
  6. Kherobhe
  7. Misava
  8. Ngoho
  9. Mugabazi
  10. Ka Gawula
  11. Queeleth
  12. Sapayopa
  13. Lento (instrumental)

Vayuda (2014)

  1. Twerk
  2. Vayuda
  3. I Sorry
  4. N’wamelembe
  5. Atoyini
  6. Rhangani
  7. Solly
  8. Dubula
  9. Mali Ya Valungu
  10. Monate
  11. Kondelela
  12. Xikorokoro
  13. Remix

Vitanani Fire Brigade (2016)

  1. Swendlekile
  2. Vata Xi Kuma
  3. Maphalle
  4. Nkuzi Ya Mananga
  5. Satisfaction
  6. Madlaya Hi Swakwe
  7. Vaka Baloyi
  8. Go Benny Go
  9. Hondo
  10. Zulu
  11. Xalati
  12. Nghoma Ya Rirhandzu
  13. Na Kombela (Remix)
Benny Mayengani bio
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Tintoma (2018)

This is the album that contains Benny Mayengani Valongokile and Benny Mayengani Swani Fanela. The full tracklist is here:

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  1. Killing the Game
  2. Tintoma
  3. Swani Fanela
  4. Birimani
  5. Xigaza Ragga
  6. Marhanga Tshovela
  7. Vavenda Na Vatsonga (featuring Mudentas and Mzwale)
  8. Valongokile
  9. A Vuakatini
  10. Nsati Kaya
  11. Makhadha (featuring Vuyelwa)

Ni Happy (2019)

The full Benny Mayengani Ni Happy tracklist includes:

  1. Munhu
  2. Nwananga Wa Rila (featuring Sunglen Chabalala)
  3. Ni Happy
  4. Byala Vana Va Mina
  5. Ku Hava
  6. Caroline
  7. Siloko
  8. Zwikhoto
  9. Njelina
  10. Mali Ni Khulumele
  11. Lavo Paka
  12. Mun’we Na Mun’we (featuring Makhadzi)
  13. Hi Helerile (featuring Sunglen Chabalala
  14. Ni Happy Remix
  15. Munhu Remix
Benny Mayengani 2020
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Volume (2019)

This is the album that contains Benny Mayengani Huma Ka Swona. The tracklist of Benny Mayengani Volume is:

  1. One Man Show
  2. Phuza Ni Famba
  3. Volume
  4. Vusiwana
  5. Valoya
  6. Swingwiringwiri (featuring Mr Jambatani and PERFECT BALOYI)
  7. Vutomi I Buku
  8. Swaku Nandzika
  9. Everything I Do
  10. Huma Ka Swona
  11. Kiss

Balobedu (2019)

  1. Motho
  2. Mapula
  3. Balobedu
  4. Ma-Sheng-Sheng (featuring JUNIOR MKHALI)
  5. Re Etseli
  6. Mabarebare
  7. Modhefo
  8. Call Centre
  9. Baloya (featuring Clive S.)
  10. Bophelo

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Mali (2019)

This is the project that has Benny Mayengani Khisimusi Bokisi. The full tracklist of Benny Mayengani Mali is:

  1. Mali Ni Khumele
  2. Ringa Se Ku Pelela
  3. Khisimusi Bokisi

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Benny Mayengani 2020
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Who is Benny Mayengani’s wife?

He recently married his long-term girlfriend named Cynthia Ngobeni. In April 2019, he paid lobola and held a flashy bridal traditional family welcoming ceremony in the village of Shawela outside Giyani in Limpopo.

What happened to Benny Mayengani?

His music career has not come without challenges. For example, he had a campaign when promoting his performance at the Giyani Stadium, which used the hashtag #FillUpGiyaniStadium in 2018. Cassper Nyovest felt that this infringed on his own brand, which also used the same format for stadium performances and sent a cease-and-desist letter.

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There was an investigation that revealed Cassper did not own the rights to the #FillUp hashtag. However, the damage was done, and Mayengani was unable to reach his goal of attendees.

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In January, he publicly withdrew from the SABC’s Munghana Lonene Xitsonga Music Awards, saying that it hurt his brand. He and his manager, King Chauke, said it did this by only awarding certain artists all the time and was therefore not credible.

This came after there was an incident in 2015 when he did not show up to perform at the awards ceremony, and his fans were demanding for him while throwing cans when Joe Shirimani was on stage. At the time, the two artists were not on good terms.

Benny Mayengani house

He has shared pictures of his house that is under construction and is shown in the clip below.

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That concludes our biography of Benny Mayengani. If you find it informative, consider sharing your thoughts in the comment section below.


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