Barron Trump bio: age, education, pictures, friends, profiles, latest news

Barron Trump bio: age, education, pictures, friends, profiles, latest news

Barron Trump is one of the most pampered kids in America, and he is definitely taking after his father. He has lived life with a silver spoon in his mouth, and his mother, Melania Trump, is very protective of her only child. This may be why you have not seen several pictures of him and why there are no official Barron Trump social media accounts. Find the scoop on how his life is, what he does, and so much more.

Barron Trump education
The whole family at Donald's inauguration. Photo: barronupdate
Source: Instagram

At just 14 years old, Barron is one of the most famous teens on the planet. Since the day he was born, he was in the limelight because of his father's status in society. Get to know interesting facts about the former president's child below.

Barron Trump biography

  • Full name: Barron William Trump
  • Date of birth: 20th March 2006
  • Place of birth: Manhattan, New York, United States
  • Barron Trump age: 14 years
  • Siblings: Ivanka, Tiffany, Donald Jnr. and Eric
  • Barron Trump Parents: Donald and Melania Trump
  • Education: Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School, St. Andrew's Episcopal School
  • Languages: English, Slovene, French

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Early life and extravagant childhood

Not many people can expect that living in the Whitehouse would be a downgrade from their previous lives, but that is exactly what it was for the youngest in the family, a downgrade. He was born in New York, but he was baptized in a Palm Beach church in Florida.

Barron Trump friends
Barron at a few months old. Photo: first_trump_family
Source: Instagram

As a result of having a famous dad, Barron spent his younger years in the spotlight, appearing in hit shows like The Apprentice and The Oprah Winfrey Show. He lived a lavish life in Trump Tower and even had an entire floor to himself in their apartment when his dad became president. He was 10 years old at the time.

Barron Trump birthday
Barron Trump showing up for his dad's hit TV series the apprentice. Photo: @gsxrchezza
Source: Twitter

Expensive private school education

Barron did not immediately move into the White House after his father won the presidency. Instead, he and his mom remained in Manhattan until completing the 2016/2017 school year. At this time, he attended the Colombia Grammar and Preparatory school in New York City.

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Breaking tradition that has been in place for decades, the family confirmed that Barron would attend St. Andrews Episcopal School in Potomac, Maryland. This would be a first for a president's child. The Obamas, Clintons, Nixons and Roosevelts all sent their children to Sidwell Friends.

Barron Trump career
Barron Trump as a young boy. Image: @BasedMobster
Source: Twitter

Since Joe Biden won, Barron is expected to attend school in Florida where the family will settle. The young man is similar to his dad in many ways, so he was nicknamed Little Donald. He is strong-willed and is very opinionated, just like his dad.


His grandfather, was a hardworking businessman who cut several corners and eventually made it one of the greatest real-estate moguls. He instilled his killer instinct into Donald Trump, who eventually became his successor and built an empire of his own for his large family.

Donald Trump has married three times and has a total of five children with all his wives.

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Barron Trump girlfriend
The entire extended Trump family sending off Donald and Melania. Photo: SuddenlyMary
Source: Twitter

His first wife was Ivana; they were married from 1977 to 1992. Barron has three step-siblings from this marriage, Donald Junior, Ivanka, and Eric. His second wife was Marla Maples; they were married from 1993 to 1999. They only have one child, Tiffany. His last and current wife is Melania Trump, a Slovenian fashion model. Barron is their only child.

Interesting facts about Barron

One of the most striking things about his life is that he had an entire floor to himself growing up, but there are more surprising things about the 14-year-old:

  • He is taller than his father, who stands at a grand 6'2. Barron Trump height is not accurately measured because he is still growing. An internet predictor says that his height will peak at 6'7.
  • He loves playing soccer. His father denied him from playing American football because of its usual major injuries, such as concussions and more.
  • He is the first male child to live in the white house since John.F. Kennedy junior back in the early 60s. The sons of other presidents were too old and had already moved out of home when their parents were in the White House.
  • Barron is rarely photographed.

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Barron Trump pictures

He seems camera shy but still takes amazing pictures. Find a collection of some of his best pictures below.

Barron Trump twitter
A young Barron on Christmas. Photo: Photosbarron
Source: Instagram

He is holding a New York taxi set and looking very adorable with his ocean blue eyes.

Barron Trump Instagram
The family at the Republican National Convention in April 2020. Photo: Jack Vinck
Source: Twitter

The stunning family posing for a photo at the RNC, with Melania's bright green dress stealing the show.

Melania Trump
Barron and his dad back from a trip to New Jersey. Photo: @HispanicGr0yper
Source: Twitter

The family on air-force one coming to Washington D.C after a visit to New Jersey.

Donald Trump Jnr.
Baby Barron, his parents and Donald Trump Jnr. at the Hollywood walk of fame. Photo: fanpageforbarron
Source: Instagram

Barron standing on his dad's star at the Hollywood walk of fame before his dad became the president.

Barron Trump latest news

It came as a surprise to everyone when he was not present at his family's departure from the White House on Wednesday morning. He is usually seen boarding Marine One with his parents, but he was nowhere to be found on inauguration morning.

His absence sparked several rumours and memes on social media insinuating that his parents forgot about him, or that he will soon release the sequel to Home Alone. This left Barron Trump trending on Twitter.

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Another user assumed that Barron would wake up later on to an empty white house.

Barron Trump is his father's son, as shown by their uncanny resemblance. Do you think he will follow his father's footsteps and run for office in the future? Engage us in the comments below.

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