The Ultimate Braai Master: All you need to know about season 7

The Ultimate Braai Master: All you need to know about season 7

Do you love cooking and getting adventurous while at it? Would you mind a challenge to measure your grit and how good you are at teamwork? Taking part in The Ultimate Braai Master Season 7 might be it. How about reading on for more details on what is required for you to participate?

What happened to Neo from Ultimate Braai Master?
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The Ultimate Braai Master is a reality TV show that runs for 13 episodes. It involves teams competing against each other in several braai challenges and teams being eliminated along the way. The winning team stands a chance to walk away with R1 million in cash and other prizes. The winning team also brands itself the much-coveted title, the season's Ultimate Braai Master!

The Ultimate Braai Master Season 7

How do I get into The Ultimate Braai Master? If you would love to be part of the adventurous barbeques and the great outdoors, you should check out these facts. The details will enlighten you about what is needed for a participant and how to apply. You might be the winner of the title, so stop sitting on your talent.

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The competition involves a fully paid braaing challenge featuring teams of two. The teams travel to different parts of the country and compete by cooking various dishes on an open flame. During these trips, the teams are supposed to cook to a standard of culinary excellence. Therefore, the meals should exceed the stereotypes of the meals produced on an open fire.

During the trips, the teams will be required to source their ingredients amidst harsh conditions occasionally. Therefore, for the thirteen episodes of the competition, one team will be eliminated every week.

The Ultimate Braai Master host

The seventh season of the show will be one of a kind, and it will be graced by the return of the sensational Justin Bonello. Justin is a self-proclaimed cook and author of several recipe books. Apart from his unbeatable humour, Justin is known for his insatiable appetite for adventure.

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The Ultimate Braai Master judges

Who Won Ultimate Braai Master 2020?
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The other reason to make you excited is that the competition's judges are the most coveted and successful chefs. Pete Goffe-Wood and MasterChef SA foondi's Benny Masekwameng will be the judges, and they will decide which teams will proceed to the next step, and finally, become The Ultimate Braai Master winners.

The Ultimate Braai Master prize

The winning team will brag of bagging the 2021s Ultimate Braai Master title and walk away with a prize. In addition, they will win up to R1 million in cash and other awards of unconfirmed value.

How to enter Ultimate Braai Master 2021

The Ultimate Braai Master season 1 winner
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How do I get into The Ultimate Braai Master? If you believe you have an eclectic mix of personalities, are a passionate cook, restaurant owner or professional chef, you might want to consider this opportunity. Your team should compromise two members, preferably someone who complements your skills. It would be best if you worked seamlessly to bring different talents to a braai.

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These are the bare minimums that any applicant should fulfil before applying.

  • You must be 18 years or older as of 1st April 2021.
  • You must be a legal resident living in South Africa.
  • You must not have a record of being convicted of any offence or be subject to any court order on matters of sexual misconduct, assault, harassment or violence.
  • You should submit a video of you and your teammate.

The Ultimate Braai Master application video

The 3-5-minute application video should be interesting and unique enough to convince the panel why they should choose you. You should start by introducing yourself by talking about your occupation, hobbies, and anything that might capture the panellists' attention. You should ensure to be audible, and if possible, display your barbequing abilities. You should also convince the panellists of how energetic and enthusiastic the team is.

The application process involves filling in and submitting the online application form. The application process started on 22nd April 2021 and close at 23:59 on 7th May 2021. Applications that will be submitted later than the stipulated deadline will not be considered. Successful applicants will be contacted for a second audition.

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The Ultimate Braai Master Netflix

If you miss out on securing a chance on the show, you could catch it on Netflix. Meanwhile, as you prepare to participate in the competition, you could check out The Ultimate Braai Master Season 1 for insight into what to expect.

The Ultimate Braai Master is a fun and adventurous competition that tests so many aspects of someone passionate about cooking. You could be the best cook, but not the best team player, or the best team player but not the best cook. Finding the delicate balance between the two could quickly increase your chances of winning the R1 million grand prize.

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