Suidooster Teasers for November 2021: Will AB forgive Nazeem?

Suidooster Teasers for November 2021: Will AB forgive Nazeem?

Donovan becomes the target of Zoe and Tim’s newly discovered investigative prowess. Elsewhere, Elana and Susan have plans to bring their desire to have a baby come to pass, but nothing good comes easy. So, how will things work out? The Suidooster teasers for November episodes give an idea of what to expect. The teasers also offer a new twist of love in Sudan’s love life by introducing a lovesick, Justin. You will also get to know if Nazeem’s intentions are pure evil or plain good.

Suidooster Teasers
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Jaco Lounser and Bradley Joshua initially produced the Suidooster South Africa series, while Heleni Handt wrote the captivating twist of fate that the characters must experience. The Suidooster teasers for November 2021 are a continuation of the intrigues that have made the series among the fans' favourites.

Suidooster soapie teasers for November 2021

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With over 1,300 Suidooster episodes and counting, the South African series is the proverbial wine that gets better with time. The new episodes are out, and you can now treat yourself to unravel some of the biggest questions you had about the previous episodes. This month's drama series offers the right dose of curiosity that will keep you glued to your screen.

Episode 1399 - Monday, 1st of November, 2021

Ruiterbosch is a beehive of celebratory parties, but everyone was surprised at the turn of events. Then, finally, sister Graff comes bearing news.

Episode 1400 - Tuesday, 2nd of November, 2021

Mymoena is conflicted about her conscience, while Zoe finds more reasons to suspect Donovan. The whole of Ruiterbosch is excited about an upcoming event, but a surprise twist doused the excitement.

Episode 1401 - Wednesday, 3rd of November, 2021

Elana continues to desire offspring while Zoe digs into Donovan's dark secrets. Meanwhile, Rhafiek is mad at Siya while Nazeem pleads with AB for forgiveness.

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Episode 1402 - Thursday, 4th of November, 2021

Elana goes ahead with a plan while leaving Susan in the dark about it. However, Zoe and Tim are bent on digging up dirt on Donovan; the deeper they dig, the dirtier they get. Finally, AB vows to take a pound of flesh out of Nazeem, but Mymoena settles the beef.

Episode 1403 - Friday, 5th of November, 2021

AB is finding it difficult to understand Mymoena's actions. Meanwhile, Susan and Elena plan to have their babies, and the news travels faster than light to some ears. Also, Bridgette must make a tough choice.

Episode 1404 - Monday, 8th of November, 2021

AB finds it hard to reconcile with Mymoena and is in a tough place regarding making a decision. Elsewhere, Zoe and Tim send Donovan packing from the workplace, while Susan and Elana get the fertility test result.

Suidooster Teasers
AB finds it hard to reconcile with Mymoena and is in a tough place regarding making a decision. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episode 1405 - Tuesday, 9th of November, 2021

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Zoe is flabbergasted by Brigette's decision, and AB experiences another issue. Elana is finding it hard to face her disappointment.

Episode 1406 - Wednesday, 10th of November, 2021

Ruiterbosch has several couples, but a particular one stands out with their happiness. AB and Mymoena do not see eye to eye anymore, while Bridgette makes a final decision about Donovan.

Episode 1407 - Thursday, 11th of November, 2021

There is agitation amongst the Samsodien following the surprise visit. Nonetheless, Zoe has great doubt about the intentions of Donovan. Meanwhile, Elana and Susan strive to keep their marriage in place.

Episode 1408 - Friday, 12th of November, 2021

Susan wants to get out of the association with Justin, while Zoe plans to send Donovan into no man's land. Meanwhile, AB is happy that everything is back.

Episode 1409 - Monday, 15th of November, 2021

Elana and Susan's search for a proper donor is more complex than they had envisaged. Meanwhile, Bridgette is furious after overhearing a conversation, while Nazeem acts in a way that catches everyone by surprise.

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Episode 1410 - Tuesday, 16th of November, 2021

Everyone is going about with startling news. For instance, Donovan is surprised about Bridgette's unfriendliness towards him, while Justin becomes remorseful for his thoughtless comments.

Episode 1411 - Wednesday, 17th of November, 2021

Justin believes there is a spark of attraction between Susan and himself; he does not want it to end. However, Nazeem challenges AB about his treatment of Mymoena and Donovan and Bridgette iron out their differences in a conversation.

Episode 1412 - Thursday, 18th of November, 2021

Susan struggles with her emotions for Justin while AB takes a new approach to his relationship with Justin. Meanwhile, Tim and Zoe discuss with a member of Donovan's family.

Episode 1413 - Friday, 19th of November, 2021

Lee-Ann and Bridgette dissociate themselves from Nazeem. Elsewhere, Greg attempts to cajole Bridgette, while Mymoena finds out that Nazeem is hiding a lot of information.

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Episode 1414 - Monday, 22nd of November, 2021

Nazeem's plots become known to Mymoena while Susan wants to keep her emotions for Justin controlled. But, unfortunately, Donovan begins to smell something fishy going on.

Suidooster Teasers
Susan wants to keep her emotions for Justin on a low. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episode 1415 - Tuesday, 23rd of November, 2021

Susan attempts to overcome temptations of love. Nevertheless, Nazeem does not find it easy to reach a candid decision about Zoe and Tim's offer, even though his future looks bleak.

Episode 1416 - Wednesday, 24th of November, 2021

Mymoena contacts AB while Nazeem toys with a dangerous situation. Elsewhere, Wade tries to talk some sense into Justin, while Elana is concerned about Susan.

Episode 1417 - Thursday, 25th of November, 2021

Ty believes that Nazeem has succeeded in making situations even worse. Although Justin is determined to have a conversation with Susan, Kate discovers that Mrs J is not joking.

Episode 1418 - Friday, 26th of November, 2021

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Nazeem decides to take desperate actions while Justin continues to believe that something can be done about the situation with Susan. Nonetheless, Donovan's relationship with Bridgette grows fonder and better.

Episode 1419 - Monday, 29th of November, 2021

Mrs J and Kate's rivalry becomes fiercer. Susan struggles with the mutual feelings between Justin and herself, while Donovan's activities surprise Bridgette.

Episode 1420 - Tuesday, 30th of November, 2021

Bridgette wants to make a grand announcement and brings the family to one place for that purpose. However, Susan wants to end the association with Justin while the rivalry for the quiz heightens.


Susan finds it difficult to get a baby as she desires. She tries several methods, including running a fertility test at a clinic and looking for an appropriate donor. However, her efforts appear futile before she comes in contact with someone who catches her fancy romantically. She tries hard to subdue the emotions, but it is a difficult task, especially because the other party is not ready to let go of the emotions they have for each other. What will she do?

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For reasons best known to her and a few other associates, Zoe seems to have great suspicion of someone at the workplace. She finds more reasons to be suspicious and makes it a duty to unravel the secrets of that individual. In the process, she gets help from a colleague who feels the same way and together, they launch into an operation "dig up the dirt." Zoe finds something to implicate her target and is at the forefront of her target's sack from work.

The Suidooster teasers for November 2021 are fresh insights for the upcoming episodes of the South African drama. Unfortunately, for instance, the Ruiterbosch community's excitement about upcoming events soon turns into a tale of suspicion and an effort to keep the old flame in the dark. Therefore, do not miss the show as it broadcasts on kykNET and kykNET & Kie from Mondays to Fridays at 18h30.

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