As Die Skoen Pas teasers for October 2021: What is Defne’s big reveal?

As Die Skoen Pas teasers for October 2021: What is Defne’s big reveal?

Since making its debut in January 2021, As Die Skeon Pas has been one of the most thrilling dramas to follow on eExtra. The Turkish telenovela will air its last episodes this October, and viewers should get ready for a fulfilling ending. Below are As Die Skoen Pas teasers on what to expect.

As Die Skoen Pas teasers
As Die Skoen Pas is a Turkish telenovela that airs on eExtra from Mondays to Fridays at 7.30 p.m. Photo: @etv
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What started as a contract to repay the debt owed by Defne’s brother resulted in an unbreakable bond between waitress Defne and shoe designer Ömer. What is the fate of their relationship in As Die Skoen Pas series finale?

As Die Skoen Pas teasers for October 2021

As Die Skoen Pas characters strive to achieve happiness, but it does not come easy. How do they make things work in As Die Skoen Pas October episodes? Here are the soapie’s teasers on what is coming up.

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As Die Skoen Pas teasers for October 2021
Ömer wants Defne to inform her family about their relationship but things are complicated. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

1st October 2021, Friday: Episode 183

Ömer would like Defne to inform her family about their relationship, but the situation seems more complicated. Koray and Neriman are excited when the latter is appointed at Passionis as they begin working on their endless mischief. Elsewhere, Pamir makes up her mind to find a solution for Seda and Sinan’s situation.

4th October 2021, Monday: Episode 184

Ömer’s unpredictable behaviour makes Defne worried, while Pamir is partly responsible for reuniting Sinan and Seda. Elsewhere, Neriman creates chaos in the office, resulting in a catfight.

5th October 2021, Tuesday: Episode 185

Defne’s increasing worry regarding Ömer’s nightmares results in a series of events that ruin Serdar’s celebrations. The situation becomes intense when Neriman, Koray, Seda, and Sinan go to Ömer’s office uninvited.

6th October 2021, Wednesday: Episode 186

Koray goes to see baby Iso with presents and persuades Nihan to let him take the baby for a stroll. Meanwhile, Ömer manages to strike a lucrative business deal with a new client despite experiencing severe headaches. When things do not work out at Passionis, Neriman decides to work at Stil.

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7th October 2021, Thursday: Episode 187

Defne continues to grow apart from her family, and her grandma feels overstrained when she learns about Defne’s secret. Defne’s determination to uncover the reason for Ömer’s nightmares causes more tension. On the other hand, there are two individuals intruding in Sinan’s love life.

8th October 2021, Friday: Episode 188

Defne does all she can to make up with her family. Despite having an uncertain position at the company, Neriman has lots of relationship advice for Seda and Sinan.

As Die Skoen Pas teasers for October 2021
Defne starts to worry when Ömer starts exhibiting strange behaviours. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

11th October 2021, Monday: Episode 189

Ömer’s peculiar behaviour makes Defne restless, but he is not ready to open up to her. Sinan unsuccessfully tries to get rid of Koray, who follows him on a fishing adventure.

12th October 2021, Tuesday: Episode 190

Sadri’s advice regarding flow makes Defne and Ömer settle on going to Rome, Seda breaking Sinan’s heart and Pamir deciding to leave town. Meanwhile, Nihan and Ismael do all they can to set aside their differences with Defne. Can they stop her from going?

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13th October 2021, Wednesday: Episode 191

Sinan makes an obvious conclusion while Seda sees as little Lara breaks down when her dad Ilker leaves their lives again. Meanwhile, Ömer and Defne have everything ready for their getaway, but a family intervention is waiting for them before they go.

14th October 2021, Thursday: Episode 192

Seda gets devastating information that is likely to have a negative effect on her daughter’s future, and Senan is not sure how to assist. Defne and Ömer return to work as the latter sees a social side of Defne he has never experienced before.

15th October 2021, Friday: Episode 193

Ömer goes away after making a secret phone call, and his sudden disappearance drives Defne crazy. Elsewhere, Koray interrupts when Sinan proposes, and his actions have a surprising outcome.

As Die Skoen Pas teasers
As Die Skoen Pas series finale airs this October. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

18th October 2021, Monday: Episode 194

Sukru’s is ready to become Koray’s driver for six months but on condition that he persuades Ömer to put on his Christmas hat. Meanwhile, Neriman is doing all she can to convince Defne to have a baby for her to have fun.

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19th October 2021, Tuesday: Episode 195

Koray attempts to put himself on fire when Ömer does not want to put on a Christmas hat. Seda and Sinan’s wedding preparations proceed smoothly, but the situation is very different regarding Defne and Ömer’s plans. Meanwhile, there is more strain in Defne’s family.

20th October 2021, Wednesday: Episode 196

Defne is happy when she discovers that Ömer is collaborating with a wedding planner. She decides to join their conversation but is disappointed to learn that they are working on Seda and Sinan’s marriage ceremony.

21st October 2021, Thursday: Episode 197

Ömer opens up to Defne regarding his childhood with his mom. Meanwhile, Seda and Sinan disagree regarding raising a family of their own. How will the disagreement affect their future plans?

22nd October 2021, Friday: Episode 198

Defne learns about a detail that makes her cut Ömer from her life forever. Sinan makes a commitment to Seda that is likely to bring delight to their wedding.

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25th October 2021, Monday: Episode 199

Ömer manages to relocate Defne and tells her the truth about Eda. Elsewhere, Ismael discovers details regarding the recent events in the life of Aysegul.

26th October 2021, Tuesday: Episode 200

Defne comes across life-changing information during Seda and Sinan’s marriage ceremony. However, she is unsure how she will tell Ömer the news, much to Neriman’s annoyance.

27th October 2021, Wednesday: Episode 201

Everybody tries their best not to spill the beans to Ömer as they leave it to Defne to do it her way.

28th October 2021, Thursday: Episode 202 - Series finale!

Everybody gets an invitation to attend Emine’s birthday celebrations while Koray and Neriman have an argument regarding who has the best gift. Sinan and Seda have news to break as the atmosphere all around is filled with joy.

As Die Skoen Pas teasers
Sinan and Seda hold their wedding in As Die Skoen Pas October episodes. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

What happens to the As Die Skoen Pas cast?

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As Die Skoen Pas is ending in style as viewers get to witness unpredictable outcomes. What will happen to your favourite cast members as the show airs its finale episodes this October? Here is a look at how the drama unfolds during the month.


Ömer wants her to inform her family about their relationship, but the situation is complicated. Defne is not in a good relationship with her kin and tries all she can to change the situation. She is later worried when Ömer starts experiencing nightmares and exhibiting strange behaviour. Will she focus on mending her strained family bond or making things work with Ömer?


He is able to reunite with Seda after Pamir’s intervention. He later proposes to her, but their future together is almost ruined when they disagree regarding having a family. He later makes a commitment to Seda, and their wedding proceeds as planned.

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As Die Skoen Pas Turkish telenovela is going to have a satisfying ending, as seen from the above teasers. What big reveal does Defne have for Ömer? Do not miss the series finale on eExtra from Mondays to Fridays at 7.30 p.m.

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