As Die Skoen Pas Teasers for August 2021: Defne is distraught after Ömer leaves

As Die Skoen Pas Teasers for August 2021: Defne is distraught after Ömer leaves

In As Die Skoen Pas Turkish soapie series, the fascinating story is about romance and familial bonding. It portrays a hardworking lady willing to do anything to save her brother from a substantial financial debt. The August edition unveiled by these As Die Skoen Pas teasers further explain the characters' pursuit of happiness through love.

As Die Skoen Pas Teasers
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In As Die Skoen Pas Turkish series, a lady, Defne Topal, falls in love with a guy, Ömer Iplikçi, after he kisses her to escape the trauma of an unfortunate blind date. In the process, she gets an offer from a desperate woman, Neriman. Neriman promised to give Defne a whopping 400,000 Liras, which was double the amount she needed to pay off her brother's debt. Nevertheless, her job was to marry Ömer and leave him afterwards, but love is a complex game.

As Die Skoen Pas teasers for August 2021

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The complicated nature of love is highlighted in the August As Die Skoen Pas teasers. A woman must choose between two men at her place of work. Although one of these men was her lover until fate struck, will they find their way back together? You are about to find this out from this series.

Episode 141 - Monday, 2nd of August, 2021

Ömer's decision to remain in solitary confinement breaks Defne's spirit, and Neriman must rise to the occasion. Nevertheless, Defne finds out a crucial truth, but it is time for Koray to say his goodbyes.

Episode 142 - Tuesday, 3rd of August, 2021

Ömer's departure leaves Defne in a terrible state, while Sinan, Sude, and Ömer think about their childhood fun. Then, multiple rings are returned.

Episode 143 - Wednesday, 4th of August, 2021

Türkan is loyal to Defne's decision without fearing the consequences, while everyone except Ömer kicks against Defne's resignation.

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Episode 144 - Thursday, 5th of August, 2021

Ömer decides to go and see his father about the Ipikcli secrets that Sadri exposed, while Defne waits for the dramas to die down before getting out of town. Then, Koray plays Sinan and Yasemin.

Episode 145 - Friday, 6th of August, 2021

Koray is displeased with news about Yasemin and Sinan's upcoming wedding ceremony. However, Ömer links up with Defne in the countryside, and love reigns.

Episode 146 - Monday, 9th of August, 2021

Turkman's refusal to give the go-ahead for the wedding almost results in a battle of fists with Neriman at the bathhouse. However, Koray's involvement in the matter seals the deal, and Turkan refuses to go back on her words.

As Die Skoen Pas Teasers
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Episode 147 - Tuesday, 10th of August, 2021

Koray's guests have different plans concerning the end of the year party. Elsewhere, the intention for a party is thwarted, and the family calls for a peacemaking meeting between Turkan and Neriman, but the result leaves everyone surprised.

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Episode 148 - Wednesday, 11th of August, 2021

It is the wedding day, but the groom is nowhere to be found. Nevertheless, Koray finds a way to disrupt the ceremony because he is displeased that he is not the best man. Also, the crowning of the day's misadventures occurs when Defne opens up to Ömer about something as they walk down the aisle.

Episode 149 - Thursday, 12th of August, 2021

Ömer is having the time of his life in Rome, but Defne remains close to his heart. Meanwhile, Neriman's trickery increases after Hulusi reveals plans for his wealth, while Defne regains her confidence, although it took some time.

Episode 150 - Friday, 13th of August, 2021

Neriman's new strategy involves Defne. Meanwhile, Sinan and Ömer meet without prior notice, and they are surprised. Also, Ismail rescues a lady from trouble, and unknown to Defne, her new boss is part of Neriman's plot.

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Episode 151 - Monday, 16th of August, 2021

Sinan and Ömer decide to move Passionis into a building that Sinan's mother put up for rent, while Ömer is unaware of Defne's presence in the building where she works for Seda. Elsewhere, Ömer's cousin, Palmer, is the company's chief executive officer, and he has other plans aside from business.

Episode 152 - Tuesday, 17th of August, 2021

Ömer and Defne finally meet under uncomfortable circumstances, and Ömer listens attentively to Sukuru's fatherly admonitions. Besides, Passionis is in logistical trauma.

Episode 153 - Wednesday, 18th of August, 2021

Ömer and Neriman engage in a face-off, and Neriman is displeased with Ömer's decisions. However, Defne's career is at the mercy of a successful proposal, while Koray tricks his way into becoming part of Pamir's firm. Then, Seda hustles between being a mother and a working-class woman.

Episode 154 - Thursday, 19th of August, 2021

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Sinan and Seda engage in a heated argument, while Nihan and Ismail have varying opinions about loyalty to close associates. Meanwhile, Defne does not want to be part of Ömer's talk about the past, while Defne assumes the role of the logistics manager for two companies: Passionis and Stilvagonu.

Episode 155 - Friday, 20th of August, 2021

Sinan and Seda are at loggerheads, and Ismail meets a despicable human being. Nevertheless, Neriman is excited about sharing the news with her man. Unfortunately, Ömer's attempts at getting closer to Defne hits a brick wall when he catches her with another man.

As Die Skoen Pas Teasers
Ömer's attempts at getting closer to Defne hits a brick wall when he catches her with another man. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episode 156 - Monday, 23rd of August, 2021

Defne has a challenging business choice to make between Pamir and Ömer. Elsewhere, Neriman is forever the busybody and decides to go and see Pamir. However, Pamir is unhappy with Defne's decision even though Ömer's confidence influenced it.

Episode 157 - Tuesday, 24th of August, 2021

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Being caught between Pamir and Ömer makes taking decisions very difficult for Defne. Nevertheless, Ismail's complicated love for Aysegul continues to grow with time, while Ömer discovers Defne's true feelings for him, and it gladdens his heart.

Episode 158 - Wednesday, 25th of August, 2021

Seda falls into depression after hearing news of her ex's impending marriage, while Defne finds the courage to ask Ömer for a needed chart to avoid looking like a coward. But then, Neriman is hell-bent on making a couple out of Defne and Pamir.

Episode 159 - Thursday, 26th of August, 2021

Seda's marriage heads towards divorce, and it terrifies her, although someone offers to help her out. Meanwhile, Koray is in for a difficult time with Pamir, while Ismail's secret lover surprises him in the oddest of places.

Episode 160 - Friday, 27th of August, 2021

Iso and Aysegul's love continues to grow. Pamir's evil genius foils ömer's plan to surprise Defne with a gift, and the party at Passionis proves to be a thriller.

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Episode 161 - Monday, 30th of August, 2021

Defne is devastated by her decision to end things with Ömer, but Pamir shows up and plays the perfect gentleman. However, the result is both funny and appalling. Ömer saves the day, but this only sends Defne into a more confused state.

As Die Skoen Pas Teasers
Iso and Aysegul's love continues to grow. GIF:, (modified by author)
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Episode 162 - Tuesday, 31st of August, 2021

Trouble is brewed in Passionis when Ömer's shoe design looks like Vanni's own. Honour, prestige and reputation are on the line, but then, did Pamir initiate the leak? Defne is on Ömer's side, and this new situation brings both of them closer than ever.


Ömer is a young man whose love life takes a complicated turn. He is in love with Defne, but circumstances drive them apart. First, however, a change in location clogs the wheel of a possible love story. Then, the next time he meets his heartthrob, they sit on opposing sides of a business deal. Will Ömer luckily win his lover back?

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Defne has always been in love with Omer and was devastated when he had to leave. She gets over him and resumes work at a firm, where she becomes a logistic manager. However, fate and a business deal present her old lover but under strange circumstances. She tries as much as possible to keep the relationship strictly about business, but you know what they say about love.

The As Die Skoen Pas teasers for August 2021 present the intrigues of love. For example, old lovers are reunited under a new kind of relationship, so will they mix business with pleasure and let love win? Do not miss the exciting episodes of your As Die Skoen Pas soapie as they broadcast on eExtra at 19h30 from Mondays to Fridays.

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